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"I dared to dream of better things. Behold what it has wrought."
―George Washington.[src]
ACIII-Pottsresidence 2

The encampment at Valley Forge

Valley Forge was a region of the Frontier located in Pennsylvania. It was the site of the Continental Army's winter camp from 19 December 1777 to 19 June 1778.


The Continental Congress chose Valley Forge as the army's winter camp to act as a buffer between their location in York and the British Army in Philadelphia. However, Commander Washington felt it would have been better to supply the army if they camped at a small town.[1]

ACIII-Pottsresidence 1

Connor encouraging Washington at Isaac Potts' House

There was initially no housing for the troops, while a third of soldiers did not have shoes. Mild temperatures led to damp conditions, spreading diseases and killing thousands of Patriots. The better-equipped soldiers took patrols while the others built log cabins. Washington and his twenty-five commanding officers lived in tents for a week before moving into Isaac Potts House. Although the house was rather cramped, Washington still felt uncomfortable living in better conditions than his men.[1]

As Washington expected, it became difficult to supply the camp. He informed the Assassin Connor of missing supplies and that the traitor Benjamin Church had disappeared after being released from prison, surmising the two events were connected. Connor and his father Haytham Kenway retrieved the stolen supplies all the way from Martinique. In the meantime, Nathanael Greene found supplies and organized the rationing of food.[1]

Conditions gradually improved. The Marquis de Lafayette and Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben drilled the troops in military tactics, and in basic camp layout and sanitation, preventing the spead of disease; Casimir Pulaski reorganized the cavalry.[1][2] The army was prepared by summer when Connor and Haytham informed them of British movement from Philadelphia to New York. As a result of these preparations, they emerged victorious at the Battle of Monmouth, despite Charles Lee's attempts to sabotage the plan of battle and make Washington appear foolish.[1]

Alternate timeline

In an alternate timeline shown by an Apple of Eden, Valley Forge was the base of King Washington's army in the Frontier, led by Benedict Arnold. Ratonhnhaké:ton learned Arnold had gone into seclusion in a fort and that Israel Putnam had taken command of the camp. The camp was guarded by officers with dogs, who could smell through his cloaking ability. From Valley Forge, Ratonhnhaké:ton followed Putnam to the fort and assassinated Arnold.[3]