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Valeria was the wife of Aquilus, and lived together with her Assassin husband in Lugdunum, in the region of Gaul in the Roman Empire. Prior to 259, Valeria met and married Aquilus, becoming well aware of her husband's ties to the Assassin Order. Though not always supportive of the Assassins' goals, she encouraged her husband's endeavors for the Brotherhood. She is also an ancestor to Desmond Miles.

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In 259, Aquilus left for Rome to avenge his father Lucius' death at the hands of their former ally Caïus Fulvus Vultur. Upon his return to their villa in Lugdunum, Valeria was glad for his safe arrival, and the two shared a moment of intimacy.

Afterwards, Aquilus led Valeria to their villa's basement, where he explained the functions of the "Ankh", an ancient artifact previously stolen by Vultur. Upon Aquilus' touch, the Ankh started to play a message from Lucius, recorded moments before his death. The two were startled by a group of Roman soldiers, who were ordered to arrest them for the murder of Caïus Fulvus Vultur.

Valeria and Aquilus were bound and escorted to Rodumna to face trial. As the escort was making its way through a forest, it was ambushed by Aquilus' cousin and fellow Assassin Accipiter, in an attempt to rescue his family. In order to prevent Aquilus from escaping, one of the Roman soldiers swiftly slit his throat, and Valeria was forced to watch her husband fade into death. Accipiter routed the soldiers, and rescued Valeria.

Taking Aquilus' body with them, Accipiter and Valeria traveled to safety, and set up camp later that night. Valeria took the Ankh and explained to Accipiter that she forgot how to use it. Accipiter denied Valeria's request to take the artifact with him, saying that he was too busy coordinating the Alamanni forces in battle against the Romans, and asked Valeria to take it instead and hide it in a safe place.


  • The meaning of the name "Valeria" is "strong" and "healthy".