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Valencia is a city, in the autonomous region of the same name, in eastern Spain. A significant city and major Mediterranean trading port, the city was the birthplace of Micheletto Corella. The region was also home to the House of Borgia.


In 1489, the Spanish Brotherhood of Assassins infiltrated a Valencian abbey in search of a painting from a set created by Leonardo da Vinci that had been inadvertently gambled away by their associate, Jaime Del Rada. The paintings were obtained by the Inquisition captain Diego de Burgos, who separated them and gave one to each of his underlings. Among those people was his personal confessor, an abbot who kept it in the abbey.[1]

On 26 June 1505, Ezio Auditore, Niccolò Machiavelli, and da Vinci arrived in the city in pursuit of Corella.[2]



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