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Valdis was a Viking from Denmark who reigned as Queen of East Anglia as the wife of King Oswald. The younger sister of Brothir and Broder, she and her brothers were cousins of the Viking jarl Halfdan Ragnarsson.[1]


Early years

Originating from what become Denmark in continental Scandinavia, Valdis was at one point married to the Viking chieftain Rued. Unhappy with her marriage of at least five years, Valdis left and emigrated to England in 868 with her brothers to escape from Rued.[2]

Valdis and her brothers settled in East Anglia, a former Anglo-Saxon kingdom that became dominated by the influence of the Vikings led by the Sons of Ragnar, which included Valdis' cousin Halfdan and his brothers Ivarr the Boneless and Ubba Ragnarsson. By this time, East Anglia had been left without a stable kingship following the deaths of King Edmund in 869 and the Viking-appointed Æthelred.[3] Halfdan thus assigned Finnr as the steward of East Anglia in his absence, and Valdis was bethrothed to the last remaining thegn Oswald, grooming him to become the East Anglian king with the marriage as an alliance between the Saxons and the Norse.[1]

However, Valdis' brothers, Brothir and Broder, were not receptive to the engagement. They deemed the Oswald, who had no fighting experience, too weak and unfit to rule East Anglia, thus refusing him permission to marry Valdis. As a result, Valdis was often left stranding in between the brothers' conflicts with Oswald, while Oswald struggled to prove himself and present a strong impression.[1]

Conflict against Rued's clan

Rued: "(snort) Who called for me? Was it you, Valdis... my love?"
Valdis: "Why would I call you now, after five happy years away from your stinking balls?"
—Valdis and Rued during the confrontation in Dunwic, 873.[src]-[m]

Valdis trying to convince her brother to accept Oswald's efforts

This changed with the arrival of the shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan, who had came to East Anglia to seek the raiders who attacked her settlement. After a disastrous dinner involving Valdis' brothers and Eivor,[1] Oswald underwent numerous tests and trials to improve his fighting ability and prove himself worthy.[4] Back in Northwic, Valdis was presented and impressed with loafs of gifts from Oswald which he had recovered from a raid alongside Eivor and Finnr. However, Broder was still unconvinced of Oswald's abilities, believing that he would never be able to lead the East Anglians into battle. Before the argument escalated, Brothir arrived carrying the body of a Norse warrior, revealed to be a scout from the clan of Rued's, Valdis' former husband.[2]

Following the capture of another scout by Eivor, Valdis and the rest learned that Rued had been planning an attack on Northwic, by rallying and attacking the town through its weakest wall. Determined to prove himself once again and protect the village, Oswald made the decision to confront Rued at Dunwic, with Valdis and others agreeing to follow. After Eivor cleared the castle of the Vikings and lit the brazier, the group awaited the arrival of Rued and his clan.[2]

Valdis and the group regrouping after Oswald's sacrifice

When Rued did arrive, Valdis and others bore witness as Oswald struggled to defend and combat against Rued, who largely overwhelmed the thegn with his strength. As Rued held Oswald by the edge of a cliff, Oswald made the last desperation attempt to eliminate Rued, by biting him in his neck and pulling both him and himself off the cliff. With both Oswald and Rued seemingly falling to their deaths, Valdis and the Vikings fought their way through Rued's men and escaped from the castle. The group then made the decision to return home and prepare for future attacks by Rued's men, with Valdis inspired by Oswald's sacrifice.[2]

Queen of East Anglia

Oswald: "I fought poorly. I melted under the heat and anger of that brute. And I never—"
Valdis: "Oswald, stop. You fought. With all your heart and soul. That is all you need ever do."
—Oswald and Valdis after the former's rescue, 873.[src]-[m]

The next day, Valdis met with Eivor and Finnr in Northwic, supporting the former's plan to raise a fyrd comprising of the East Anglian farmers to stand against the remnants of Rued's clan. To prove the point of Oswald's sacrifice inspiring the East Anglians, Valdis called to two passing residents, who voiced their support for Oswald and willingness to fight in his honor. Later on, while Eivor headed off to Theotford to gain the support of reeve Wynnstan, Valdis travelled off to Elmenham, recruiting the villagers[5] before rallying with the others in a forward camp north of Burgh Castle.[6]

On the night of the assault, Eivor, Finnr and the Saxons launched the assault from the sea, laying siege to the castle at the back. Meanwhile, Valdis and her clan launched their assault from the front, attack both sides simultaneously. During the assault, the group learned that Oswald and Rued survived their falls, with Rued holding the young thegn prisoner. Rued was soon by Eivor, allowing Oswald to be freed and the defeated of Rued's clan. With Valdis reunited with Oswald, their plans for marriage and coronation resumed.[6]

Valdis and Oswald crowned as monarchs of East Anglia

A few days after these events, Valdis and Oswald were wed in Elmenham, attended by their closest friends and family that included Broder, Brothir and Eivor. Finnr presided over the coronation and wedding ceremony, while reeve Wynnstan served as his aide. As Finnr gave the crown to Oswald, and both Oswald and Valdis placed a mark of red paint above the each of their heads, the two were officially announced as a couple and crowned the king and queen of East Anglia. At the end of the wedding festives, Valdis handed Eivor an arm ring, officially swearing their clan's friendship and loyalty to her and the Raven Clan.[7]

Soon after being wed, Valdis became pregnant with Oswald's child.[8]

Personality and characteristics

During the Burgh Castle raid, Valdis has the rune tiwaz tattooed on her chin, a rune usually associated with the god of war Tyr.[6]

Behind the scenes

Valdis, a character appearing in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, has an Icelandic name derived from the combination of the Old Norse words valr, meaning 'the dead', and dís, meaning 'goddess'.




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