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Vagn was a Viking who organized and oversaw Raven Clan raids on the rivers around the British Isles during the 9th century.


A raider in his youth, his adventures took a toll on him, keeping him boat-bound as captain by the time he and his crew sought to join the Ravensthorpe settlement for friends and feasting. He met first with Sunniva and then the shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir to discuss it, with Eivor saying that the only requirements were hard work and loyalty. Vagn also proposed something profitable for all parties: to share their knowledge of secret routes of England's coasts with the Raven Clan. Eivor was initially suspicious of the generosity but was placated after Vagn explained his reasoning and invited her along on a raid on the River Exe.[1]

When they returned, Vagn tallied their looted supplies and asked Eivor to have a Jomsviking Hall built so as not to bother Eydis, whose reputation as a fighter and as a trainer he was aware of.[1] After Eivor had the Hall built, Vagn shared with her the rumors he'd been hearing for months, about how the legendary armor of Saint George had been divided and hidden across England. He provided her with a map his scouts had brought, with the Rivers Exe and Severn marked.[2]

Eivor went on raids on both of those rivers, recovering parts of Saint George's armor and two clues she gave to Vagn. Vagn deciphered the clues and discovered they mentioned the River Dee located on the northern border of Powys. He warned Eivor the area was well-guarded, but he believed that she was strong enough to take on whatever happened.[3] When she returned from her raids along the Dee, she met with Vagn to tell him she had retrieved the missing pieces of Saint George's legacy. He was elated by these news, calling it a deserved prize for a true warrior.[4]



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