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Uteh was a Greco-Egyptian date farmer whose agricultural successes drew the envy of the wealthy Alexandrian Sophronios. As a consequence, Sophronios tried to steal his property: first through a fraudulent deed of sale and when that failed, a detachment of soldiers to seize it by force. Uteh and his entire family, save his daughter Iras, were murdered by Sophronios' men, although with the help of the Medjay Bayek of Siwa, Iras was able to secure her farm and rebuild it in peace.


Uteh descended from a long line of Greeks who had settled in Egypt centuries before. His family had owned a farm on the road from Alexandria to Yamu by Lake Mareotis for all those centuries, yet up until it fell to him, it had always lain barren. When Uteh at last inherited the farm, he changed the tradition and finally set upon cultivating it. This seemed to have been a wise decision, as in time, the farm came to be prove quite profitable for his family. However, a wealthy Alexandrian by the name of Sophronios caught wind of Uteh's successes and grew eager to reap its rewards for his own.[1]

In 48 BCE, Sophronios presented Uteh with a fraudulent deed of sale, but the farmer was quick to point out the deception. For his act of obstinacy, Uteh's farm was later set upon by Sophronios's soldiers who were given explicit orders to massacre the entire family. Uteh, his wife, and their son were all killed, but his daughter Iras managed to survive.[1]


Thanks to the perseverance of Iras, Uteh, his wife, and his son, were all handed over to the Temple of Sekhmet in Yamu for proper mummification and burial after their deaths. When the case came to the attention of Bayek, the Medjay took it upon himself to intervene, saving the life of Iras when Sophronios's soldiers returned to finish her. After Bayek assassinated Sophronios in his Alexandrian residence, the safety of Iras was guaranteed. Thus, although Uteh failed to defend his farm, his daughter was able to claim her birthright and see to it that it was rebuilt in their name.[1]



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