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Using the Ol' Noggins was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno met Marie Tussaud, who tasked him with recovering the severed heads of three prominent figures.


  • Tussaud: I am Madame Tussaud. I'm adept at making wax figures and death masks. I promised the Assembly I would make masks of famous victims of the guillotine. It's grisly, but it was the only way to get out of prison! And now, someone has stolen the heads I was given! Could you please find them for me?

Arno spoke to one of Tussaud's assistants.

  • Assistant 1: A friend found out something you might find important. She sent me this letter.

Arno read the letter.

  • Letter: Chère Madame,
    I have learned that a certain politican, flushed with pride in his role over-throwing the Girondins, has procured the head of Jacques-Pierre Brissot, recently stolen from you. He works near the Conciergerie.
    - Your devoted friend.

Arno spoke to another of the assistants.

Arno spoke to another of the assistants.

Arno retrieved the head of Jacques Hébert. If he stole a key from LeNôtre, he would find a letter on Lemaitre.

  • Letter: "M. Lemaitre,
    I have retrieved the package. Fear not, I have hidden both our objects within the walls of the Conciergerie, each locked within a chest. I possess the single key that opens them both.

If Arno stole the key from Lemaitre, he would find a letter on LeNôtre.

  • Letter: "Captain LeNôtre,
    I have purchased both heads from our friend. They are kept in chests in the Conciergerie. I have the single key that opens them both.
    -- M. Lemaitre"

He then infiltrated the Conciergerie. There, he recovered the heads of Olympe de Gouges and Jacques Pierre Brissot, before returning to Tussaud.

  • Tussaud: You have them! I can make the death masks and be safe. Oh! What a world in which we live!


Arno recovered the heads for Tussaud, allowing her to keep her promise to the Assembly.


Marie refered herself by her married name, but she was married in october 1795, after the end of the Assembly, which it refered in this memory.


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