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Good Work

Only dropped by to say good work. It is rare for new users to adapt fast and be determined and dedicated. Well done. You've been doing some good work here. We're keeping a close watch on you (Good way). Happy editing. Assassino de Roma 13:10, June 19, 2011 (UTC)

I second Rome's statement. Formidable work so far! You revamped the Modern weapons page quite a lot, but I'm not very sure why you added the weapons from the Middle Ages and Renaissance when the article is about the weapons from modern times. Anyways, your high quality edits and undoing of noob edits has not gone unnoticed. Have been thinking about joining the apprentice initiative? -- Master Sima Yi 12:12, June 21, 2011 (UTC)
Yeah, it's a start, and a good one. Ah well, we all noobed when we first got there. It's not that hard, you'll figure it out quite quickly. -- Master Sima Yi 12:41, June 21, 2011 (UTC)
I third that.. great work..... I'd recommend you too join us... after all you have done so far :) Nanu Nanu
TheSt0ryTeller 12:57, June 21, 2011 (UTC)
Im beginning to see a trend here :P Anyways, great work, I hope you join us as my *associate* said above. Subject 12 14:07, June 21, 2011 (UTC)
"Ah well, we all noobed when we first got there." You noobed, I was already awesome from the start XD -- D. Cello 15:14, June 21, 2011 (UTC)
Your replies never cease to amaze... -- Master Sima Yi 15:17, June 21, 2011 (UTC)
I know, sometimes, I amaze even myself ^^ -- D. Cello 15:20, June 21, 2011 (UTC)
I'm sure you do... -- Master Sima Yi 15:23, June 21, 2011 (UTC)
To further elaborate on the above, you should drop by the IRC some time... Fun stuff goes on over there, occasionally. :) --Elchzard (Talking is fun.) 21:57, June 21, 2011 (UTC)
Good job with the "scar" article. --THIEF 05:52, June 22, 2011 (UTC)

Why not Sign Up?

I see you've reached 100 edits... good job and I must say that you'd be a great addition to the Apprentices, sign up and get interviewed on the IRC Chat... I assure you that you'll enjoy yourself on there :) <---- Sign Up area

Assassin's Creed Wiki IRC Channel <--- Well... the name says it all....

Just show up... talk and wait for the interview to begin! :)

TheSt0ryTeller 12:33, June 22, 2011 (UTC)

My God... stop bothering this user, people! -- D. Cello 16:39, June 22, 2011 (UTC)


what could we classify the memory corridor glitch as? IU classified it as a bug. Tyler D'Ambrosio 16:14, July 8, 2011 (UTC)

It's not a bug, it's done purposely. It's part of the gameplay. -- Master Sima Yi 16:17, July 8, 2011 (UTC)
They are already classified as Glitches. They are intentional glitches in Assassin's Creed. --VatsaGentek 16:18, July 8, 2011 (UTC)
No it is something different, It's more of a bug, it's where you hit the lock on button while your target is speaking and your target will be standing up, with no neck wound, as if nothing happened. You can only do this in AC I. Try it now, You'll see. Tyler D'Ambrosio 04:15, July 9, 2011 (UTC)
>.> It is one of the intentional glitches. I know what you mean and I say it is, no matter where you look, it will state that it is. The Reaper 05:43, July 9, 2011 (UTC)


Hi there, Amnestyyy here. The information about Ezio traveling back to Villa Auditore was no speculation. He hid the apple, and the password was hidden in a secret passageway in the Villa. Who could have done that? Only Ezio knew where the Apple was hidden, and we know he came back to the Villa. So it could only have been him, right? Of course, if you think otherwise, I'll respect your opinion. Amnesty 14:55, July 10, 2011 (UTC)

It wasn't directly implied, therefore it's still speculation; he could've gone there for multiple reasons, not just to put the password there. But we do know it's Ezio. UDITORE 15:50, July 10, 2011 (UTC)

Illario page

i see you deleted my post on the illario wiki page, thats wat i intended ta happen, but upon doing so i expected ta get a response/answer... do u have the answers im looking for??? Valogan2 19:49, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

No, because the answers simply don't exist. UDITORE 19:53, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

Metal Cestus Article


I'm not angry or trying to pick a fight with you, but you said that I used real-world references which I understand should not go on any Wikia article. That being said, I didn't believe that I made a real-world reference when I edited. If you could point out what I did that was a real-world reference in that article that would be great as I'm still attempting to improve my editing.

Thanks for rectifying that article,

Nostalgia AC 04:36, July 18, 2011 (UTC)

You have to write articles as if you're in the AC-universe. So, for example, don't say this: "This dagger was used by Ezio in Assassin's Creed II and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood". Instead, you could use something like this: "This dagger was used by Ezio in the 15th and 16th century". I can explain it better later, after I get some sleep. xD UDITORE 04:57, July 18, 2011 (UTC)

XD Thank you for that explanation I completely understand articulating your writing to make it seem less informative and more of an article if that makes sense XD. C

Congratulations on your apprenticeship also. Your doing a great job with articles from what I've seen.

Thanks again UDITORE,

Nostalgia AC 05:08, July 18, 2011 (UTC)

Ann Lemay's Bio

Hi - the info changed on the bio is verified. I didn't want to undo your undo of my edit without letting you know, however (endless undo wars would be a bit silly?). =)

Perilune 01:25, July 19, 2011 (UTC)


I would like to leave a message of apology. I am extremely ashamed of my conduct towards you and you saw of me. I hope you can accept it. But first impressions always stick. You were extremely kind to me and I did not redeliver that sentiment (Kindness... sentiment? No...) the action I guess you could say, you trusted me with your kidness and I broke that trust. I do not expect that trust or respect back but I do hope you can accept my apology. But I would understand if you do not. Le KajaTalk 06:14, July 22, 2011 (UTC)

Article Stubs

Safety and peace lady;

I appreciate you give a description of why you undo something instead of giving a "No!" in the description box.

Before I added Nancy Nilop to the Category:Article stubs I had checked if other articles in the category necessarily need more information or not. And I realised that some of them are Abstergo employees and Borgia Captains that were just mentioned in somewhere, and they already had all the information needed. Here are some examples of category:stub that (if I'm not mistaken) do not need furthur information:

et cetera
-Imam of Alamut18:03, July 28, 2011 (UTC)

You were right about three of them, though I'm not sure about Badr since I've never heard of that character. xD I've deleted the Abstergo employee and Borgia captains from the Article Stubs and I'll go through that whole category page some time soon for more clean-up. Thanks for helping out. UDITORE 18:13, July 28, 2011 (UTC)

FGN comics

Sima told me you were hoping to do some articles about the French Graphic Novels for you apprenticeship and ask if I could help out. I've located some scanlations of the comics (i.e. they're written in English) for you: Tome One and Two. --Jasca Ducato Council Chamber Assassination record 19:02, July 31, 2011 (UTC)

Thanks for

Thanks for the corrections.

Pheopheonix1234 21:00, August 11, 2011 (UTC)pheopheonix

Charlatan Image

Hey there Uditore, I think the image on the Charlatan page might be the Champion instead. I re-watched one of the Deathmatch videos by IGN and I coupled it up with the beta info from the official forums, and it mentions that the Champion's favourite weapon is the Small Axe.

You can see the Champion perform a kill with the axe at around 9 minutes into this video: IGN Deathmatch Gameplay

And the beta info from the forums is here: Ubisoft Forum ACR Beta Information

Slate Orchid 21:23, August 12, 2011 (UTC)

Apprentice ranks

Hi this is maybe a dumb question but i'll ask it anyway cuz I wnat to know

Do you know the apprentice ranks the Wiki uses ? :)

Friibbe 12:39, August 16, 2011 (UTC)

You can find them here, under the heading "Sprint". I appreciate that you're curious, but do know that only Apprentices may use them. Uditore 13:33, August 16, 2011 (UTC)

I know that only Apprentices uses them, Thanks ! -- Friibbe 16:42, August 16, 2011 (UTC)

Where do you find all this stuff?

Excuse my ignorance if the answer to this is obvious, but I just read the Leandros article and I was wondering where the hell you found that information and the screenshot. JumpInTheFire13 01:11, August 18, 2011 (UTC)

Robert De Sable Voting

Sorry about that...I was just wondering because I see the requirement is 5 there's 7, and all Yay with no Nay, and just wondering when...I try not to put it up there next, and again sorry. - Dop3man 80 21:34, August 19, 2011 (UTC)


Why delete my page.

Sign your posts. And because it's here. Uditore 02:12, August 20, 2011 (UTC)

Database articles

Hi, Uditore. I have been told that you are in charge of database articles. I am wondering if I could help or if I need any kind of permission to do so.

The wiki is always everyone's, so no one's in charge of anything; though it is true that I've totally reshaped part of the article. You can do whatever you want with it, as long as it's an improvement. Uditore 11:59, August 22, 2011 (UTC)

Thief and Mercenary

Hey Udi, here are the links to some scans I did of the Thief and Mercenary. If they're not that great quality-wise, I could try and scan them again, but I hope it doesn't need it. Anyway, here they are:

Mercenary Thief

Hope they help. :) Slate Orchid 01:27, August 23, 2011 (UTC)

Well hello from Greece..I think your work is great.I just noticed something weird in desmond's page in the Trivia section...The image you uploaded there shows the scar that Altair,Ezio and Desmond share but...wasn't ezio the first to have the scar???It occured during the first sequence of AC II when Vieri or someone else from his men threw a stone towards ezio!!!Remember?Please correct me if I am wrong...Have a nice day!!!


Hey. Got something for you. Here you go. If you like them, feel free to use it for both wikis (and on here, to replace the ones displayed on the main page). And that's all from me. Cheers! --WarClown Dial-UpinFamous 10:20, August 30, 2011 (UTC)

are you from holland

Dont worry my friend

I am not doing the blog for badges, i am commited to this wiki, im pretty new around these parts anyway. And im kinda scared.. and thanks for the welcome kinda thing

Zephalian 06:47, September 5, 2011 (UTC)

Congratulations Udi

Hey Udi. ._. I see you got promoted and dropping by to say congratulations, guess you get your penguin after all aye? XD Anyway you did good work and got there fast, good job and look forward to see what you can do as a Staff. Nanu Nanu and Good luck. ^_^ Teller Words, On my Screen :O 21:27, September 15, 2011 (UTC)

What is this? A Userbox... for passing? No way! :O

Hiya Udi, Teller here. ^.^ I was given permission by Cello to make an Apprentice passing userbox which I did. So here you go and congratulations on passing it, you did great! ^_^ {{UserAppGrad}} Have a nice day, Nanu Nanu and Happy Editing ^.^ --Teller Words, On my Screen :O 23:05, September 21, 2011 (UTC)


Just wanted to say sorry for all those small mistakes in the newly added articles, thanks for cleaning everything up :P StPerkele 21:41, September 26, 2011 (UTC)

IRC stuffs

Come on the IRC, nig.

Don't take that 'come' too literally. Toppers (talk) 13:48, January 19, 2013 (UTC)

Like ErmahGerd

Are you Single? Lololol?



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