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  • My occupation is Community Developer on Assassin's Creed® Initiates
  • I am Watching.

"Mary, flick on the kettle, we have guests"

Hey guys, welcome to my Chatterbox!

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Demotion Notice

Hello Steen.
As you well know, I have been unhappy with your performance for a long time on the postion of ComDev. The lack of any palpable Ubisoft relation, the constant action supposely "on behalf of the wiki" without any of us knowing and the lack of support or even reaction from you regarding the ACR incident we had a couple of months ago have been the final draw.
I've been patient, and asked you on no less than 3 separate ocasions to change your ComDev attitudes, but you never took them to heart -- apparently the wiki isn't among your priorities.
Even so, as recommend by my consiglierie, before taking action I have brought this question to most members of the staff, and they unanimously supported this decision. As such, I am hereby removing the position of Community Developer on ACWiki, adn your rank and position on staff among it -- you've been absent from the wiki for a long time, and making Facebook posts does not require a Staff rank. I would also request one more time in addition to my previous unrequinted requests that you share the passwords of the Twitter account and similar to a few if not all of the staff.
I'll give you 48 hours to answer this before taking action, at the end of which your staff access will be terminated. If you have any arguments, now is the time to make them. Take care. -- D. Cello 05:21, March 31, 2012 (UTC)

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