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'''--<u>Leave all your shorties here!</u>'''
'''--<u>Leave all your shorties here!</u>'''
'''<u>This page is an atrocity, who ever made this didn't think things through.</u>'''
=='''''Get Your Ass on the IRC'''''==
=='''''Get Your Ass on the IRC'''''==

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"Mary, flick on the kettle, we have guests"

Hey guys, welcome to my Chatterbox!

Click 1 to leave a short message. Click 2 to request my presence on the IRC. Click 3 to leave an image request. Click 4 for anything else.
Thanks for stopping by!

Archive 1

Short Messages

--Leave all your shorties here!

Get Your Ass on the IRC

--Request my presence in the IRC here- Provided I'm on!

Image Requests

--Leave all your image requests here - I can't promise I will get everything, but I'll sure try :D


--Well as it says on the tin really!

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