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Welcome to the guide for the Assassin's Creed Wikia.

This guide is meant to help those new people in need, if you are new to the Assassin's Creed Wiki, this guide will help you get a better understanding of it.

What is the Assassin's Creed Wikia?

The Assassin's Creed Wikia is a gateway into the knowledge of the Assassin's Creed series, there are many different features besides the process of editing on this wiki. These features include:

  • The IRC Chat (The link will be down below)
  • The Apprentice Initiative (We will see more about that later)
  • The Voting process (More information is still to come)
  • The Talk Page
  • Blogs
  • Userpage (Information still to come)
  • The Istruttorium, Sysops and The Bureaucrat

And many more. This guide should help you have a better understanding of the wiki entirely and its many assets. This was my use of the Center alignment feature which will be explained later on.

The Basics of Editing

The basics of editing can be easy to learn but for those who don't know how to use it and some of the features, this is the part that you will need to focus on. I will show how to use each of these features from left to right.

Text Appearance

You may notice a small box with an arrow pointing downwards with the writing Normal next to it. That is for the font of the edit, it makes headers or just enables the writing that you're reading right now. Lets take a look.

Normal is this type of writing, I just have it on bold to make it look nicer, we'll get to the bold afterward.

Notice the content box on the top of the screen! Clicking on one will send you down here!

The header that says "The Basics of Editing" is in

Header 2. Now, you'll notice many examples of this heading on the pages of Ezio Auditore, Nikolai Orelov and Altair's page. You may notice as you go along that the headers get smaller and smaller.

Header 3 (Example)

Header 3 is slightly smaller than Header 2 but bigger than Header 4 and Header 5.

Header 4 (Example)

There is only one last header before it moves onto coding which is Header 5.

Header 5 (Example)

Now, there's a lot to know about coding. We will talk about that in the NEXT sandbox.

This is the example of coding.

Now the next step we're going to take is Bolding, now bolding will turn this text into this. You can change it by pressing the B next to the header option.

Now, the leaning i stands for Italic and can change this normal text into this. See the difference?

The U with the line underneath is the underline feature. It changes the normal text and just underlines it.

The S with the line running through it is the STROKES feature. It puts a line through the text.

Now the next 2 options will allow you to compile a list like so:

  • Example 1
  • Example 2
  • Example 3

The option on the left with the dots will make it like the dot points above. The option on the right will make replace the dots with numbers, for example:

  1. Example 1
  2. Example 2
  3. Example 3

Now the next feature is using links, you'll notice how one (chain) is broken in half. Clicking that while highlighted over the link itself will take off the Hyperlink. When you click on the unbroken chain a box will pop up telling you what you're linking and if the page exists or not. To small buttons will appear below saying "To a Wiki page" or "External link" when you choose to a wiki page it'll show you a list of options as you type until there is no more chance of the page existing. When you press on External link, on the top text box, put in the page title of any website and once either one of the options are done and they boxes are filled, press the blue button in the bottom right corner.

The next 2 options either decrease or increase indent, an example of indent is:

Examples, examples and examples

That is clearly an example of increased indent. An example of decreased indent is the text in which your reading now. No space separating the left side from the right side.

This example is alignments, there are 3 types of alignments which are Left, Center or Right.

This is an example of left alignment.

This is an example of the right alignment, see the difference?

This is an example of center alignment.

Now, those are the basics of Text Appearance and next we'll be covering the Inserting options.

Inserting Options


Example of the caption feature

The first option of inserting will allow you to insert images you'll get the option to either add a picture from the wiki or upload your own. When picked (either one) you'll get an option to choose the size, where it will be (either left or right) and what the caption will say. While in edit mode you'll get two options to either modify or remove it. The picture on the right is an example of the appearence once published.

The next option with the multiple frames (3 to be exact) is the option to add a gallery. Now, there are 3 types of galleries.

  • Create a Gallery
  • Create a Slideshow
  • Main Page Slider

The gallery option will make it turn out like:

Gallery Example

Slideshow Example

The example of a Slideshow:

Add a Video

The add a video option allows you to.. well... add a video, it's icon is a roll of film and it looks like this when placed.


The next option is to insert a table. You can add anything to the table whether it be userboxes, images or just plain texts. You can choose the dimensions of the table itself while choosing how much columns or rows you want there to be in the table. An example of it is here:

Food Flavor
Doughnut Jam
Muffin Choc Chip

Now the next option I will not give an example of because there are many options. The next option is templates, it will allow you to choose from a variety of templates. These templates may include infoboxes, welcome, delete and Wikipedia templates.

The last option in Inserting is to insert a signature. Now, this is mandatory when leaving a message on a talk page. You can either enter 4 tildes (Tildes= ~) Now, an example of this is:

FailChef Words are Awesome 08:51, July 28, 2011 (UTC)

Control Options

There are only 3 options in control, 2 of them being undo and redo. These 2 can either revert or repeat. The very last option is known as Source mode, you can edit and although in normal edit mode you cannot see if you've made a spelling error, it shows the mistake with a red underlining. Source mode is a more simple way of editing if worried about spelling error.


The Assassin's Creed Wiki has it's own chat other than the wiki. The link to this chat will be shown on the front page or under the end of this section. The IRC server is moderated by Kaishiro, there are 5 different levels to obtain one of which is nearby impossible.

  • Owner (Nearby Impossible)
  • Administrator
  • Op
  • Half Op
  • Normal

All users have one of these levels and can be changed in some circumstances. The positions of each rank has a different role.

  • Owner
  • Administrator= Il Camerlango, Direttore, Rafiq and Sysop
  • Op= Istruttore
  • Half Op= Apprentice
  • Normal= No role.

Each channel has a bot, in this case, NukuServ. Many commands can be used with NukuServ and may be stated in NEXT sandbox. Good moments happen over the IRC and it will be the place where the interview for an apprenticeship take place. It is also where staff meetings take place and where people come to chat and even play Uno.

Link: Assassin's Creed Wiki:IRC

The Apprentice Initiative

"I swear above everything else that I'll obey my master and present my cute sister to Cello once she's reached a legal age"
―Apprentice Oath[src]
For more info: Apprentice Initiative

The apprentice initiative is a great opportunity where an average editor who has accumulated 100 edits will get interviewed for a position. They will get questioned on 3 categories which are Knowledge, Community and Editing. Once the interview has been compiled by a member of the Istruttore or a TRUSTED apprentice, the editor will wait until the voting process is finished. The editor will either fail and not be able to try again until a later time or they will succeed and wait to be picked by an Istruttore Master. Once picked the Apprentice will get tasked some assignments and have to go up to rank 15. The Apprentices are staff in training or are getting trained to become better editors. Once the apprenticeship is over the apprentice can either go for a staff position or remain as a regular editor.

If you want some tips, an apprentice and editor at this Wiki has written this helpful guide that will help you if you ever wish to try out, check it out: Uditore's Apprenticeship for Dummies

The Voting Process

The voting process is a process used to promote normal articles to Good or Featured status. Many people can vote but only the Istruttorium members votes count. During the voting process a template will be placed on the page stating that it's up for nomination, if the article meets the requirements than the members will vote Yay. If however it does not, they will vote Nay and the article will need to be fixed.

More information of the voting process is stated in the Apprentice and Istruttorium sections as the voting process will include the staff voting for the apprentice to get in or for the editor to make it into staff.

Talk Pages

A talk page can be used for messaging other users without going onto the IRC Chat or the Wiki Chat the only flaw in this option is that it's not private. The talk page can be used to request presence on the IRC or just allow you to say Hi. If you're an apprentice you'll get information on your assignments and codes for userboxes as you rank up on your talk page.


Blogs are a way to voice out your opinions, theories or fan fic ect... Anybody can comment on them unless the option is not checked. Most articles contain updates (Usually from staff) but they must have a point and it cannot be just for the badge for creating one because that is known as 'Badge Hunting' and is a bannable offense.


Userpages are your the users own personal space and can only be edited by the user of the page. Userpages can display information about the user (if the user chooses to show the information) and it can also contain userboxes, templates and even their own favorite pages.

The Bureaucrat, Sysops and The Istruttore

"Do you know what it feels like to determine another article's status fate?"
―Istruttore about nom process

The Istruttore are a group of people who are the Assassin's Creed Wiki's Staff Personnel. Down below you'll see a list of all the Istruttorium members, sysops and the Leader.

TOP ROW: The one on the very left is "The Big Cheese" D. Cello, he is the bureaucrat for the wiki. The 2 next to him are sysops War_Clown and Master Sima Yi and they help the other Istruttore members maintain order on the wiki.

SECOND ROW: The second row from left to right is the Direttore Assassin-Rayne, Il Camerlango Vatsa and the Rafiq Blaidd, these 3 are above the others that are still to come. The Rafiq is the head of the apprenticeship while Direttore and Il Camerlango are the First and Second in command.

THIRD & FOURTH ROW: The third and fourth row hold Sick-Steen (The ComDev), AssassinRome, Jasca Ducato, Guard Dog, Elchzard and TheSt0ryTeller.

These members train the apprentices, although some don't, most of them do. Over time more will enter the ranks until they're all filled up.

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