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So I've decided to make this blog for the simple reason that nobody seems to be talking on any of the others. I understand that debate about the next AC game has been done to death, but with the recent release of Freedom Cry, I see now as a good time to continue this debate. I wouldn't really see any links to the next game had Ubi themselves not brought it up, so throughout the DLC I kept a keen eye out for any subtleties.

I will warn you that this blog may contain some major spoilers regarding the DLC, but do be aware that the DLC is quite short & the bulk of the plot revolves around slavery, which I will not be getting into as it has no relevance to what I want to say.

Freedom Cry

Before I begin, I would like to talk about my experience with the DLC & what I thought of it. It's kind of like a review in a way, but it won't contain any spoilers, so don't worry.

So let me start by saying that Freedom Cry is awesome! If you have yet to purchase it, don't wait around any longer. Adewale is brilliant, with a very strong cast of supporting characters (all with very strong voice acting might I add). And I absolutely love the plot! It is much better than Black Flag's plot, with a much stronger lead character, & some very heavy themes that make you really think. Keep in mind that I thought Black Flag was the best AC since AC2, so to beat that is really impressive.

But you must also take into account how good characters & a good story don't make a game; the gameplay does. And this is where the DLC falters. It's not necessarily that the core mechanics are broken in any way, but they are hindered by Ubi's dependence on eavesdropping & tailing missions. These are the missions I find boring - they hinder the game & make me want the mission to end; that's a really bad thing considering the short length of the DLC. And despite what Ubi try to make it seem like, there is very little to do. The map is much smaller, which also destroys some of the appeal of Black Flag & instead diminishes it. Having 100% completed Black flag, I was slightly disappointed that there wasn't more to keep me entertained. Most of the locations around the caribbean are just small islands with one chest of worthless money. And the islands that are larger generally tend to be plantations that need to be liberated, & once you've liberated the 500 slaves needed to get all those upgrades, there's really no incentive to keep doing these anymore; that is unless you have a huge moral compass.

I'm sorry if this sounds like I don't like it, because I really do. I just felt that people needed to know what they're going to be getting. But, like I said, Freedom Cry is awesome. The core mechanics of the game still remain fun, with some really interesting weapons to play around with (I really like the machete). And, being the massive AC fan I am, I believe the good outways the bad, & I definitely believe that Freedom Cry is the best AC DLC ever made & they should continue to expand side-characters into DLC for future AC titles!


So, enough with the DLC, let's move on to the links. Yes, this is the part that will contain spoilers. Turn away now if you haven't played the DLC to completion.

If you have completed it by now, you should be well-aware that the DLC ends with Adewale giving the package to Bastienne that he retrieved at the start of the DLC. By this point Adewale has clearly opened the package & it is revealed to be a box. But think back to Shao-Jun & Embers & you will remember a very similar looking box given to Shao-Jun by Ezio. Is this the hint we were told to look out for? Is it possible that the next game could follow Shao-jun's history with the Brotherhood? I sure hope so...

It would make sense for Shao-Jun to make a return. Her plot was left on a cliff-hanger that needs to be answered. It would also be a good way for Ubi to take a step back in time, which I'm pretty sure we all want.

So what do you guys think? Would you like to see Shao-Jun step into the light for her own title, or would you rather a new character be created for the next AC?

Please leave your thoughts below...