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I want to propose something that isn't done much around here. You see, I spend a lot of time looking over battle threads on websites such as Comicvine & I always find people's views very interesting. So I want your opinions on who you would expect to win in a fight between AC characters. I know we have the pit in the Crimson polls & all, but I would like a more thorough opinion than just a name. If people like this, I would love to come up with new battles now & again.

So for this battle, I want to keep it simple (as in well-known characters) & large. Here are the fighters:

  • Ezio
  • Altair
  • Connor
  • Edward
  • Haytham
  • Aveline
  • Nikolai
  • Aquilus
  • Adewalé
  • Arbaaz Mir

So, this is an all out fight to the death. The location can be the memory corridor (because it's blank). All of them have their normal equipment. This is also when they are in their prime. Morals are on. I assume most people are familiar with battle threads, so just ask if you don't know what something means.

Please give me your opinions; I would love to debate about this :)

Edit: Oh yeah, I probably should have mentioned that they won't team up. They are all fighting even if they happen to all be assassins - except for Haytham that is. I probably should have mentioned that :)