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  • Subject 16*

    Tea, anyone? (Part 1)

    October 8, 2012 by Subject 16*

    Fellow wikians, it's been far too long. But between the hectic fun of Initiates and a few other cool things I've been doing, I've finally found some time to touch back down. Assassin's Creed III edges ever closer with each sloth like day, so I'm sure in your hunger for intel you've all been diligently dissecting each morsel of information that's been appearing the past few weeks. Here's hoping a little retelling of my Boston adventure will send you into overdrive.

    Being one of the franchise's biggest fans means that I'm also one of its biggest critics, I'm sure you all can sympathize. Knowing the brand inside out also means that spotting its most minute flaws becomes somewhat of an involuntary compulsion. And to be perfectly honest, with so…

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  • Subject 16*

    Social Media expansion FTW!

    Hello and welcome to a very brief community related blog. I'm just writing to inform you that in accompaniment to our facebook and twitter page, we are now live on tumblr. I've been thinking about new ways to extend our external reach for some time now and after the great reception we've received on other social media sites, it seemed like the next logical step forward was to have a presence on yet another popular network.

    What tumblr will allow us to do, unlike facebook and twitter, is to post and blog more casually and with more frequency - helping to drive more traffic our way. This will be especially beneficial for our increasingly popular fan section, as I'll be posting featured fanons alongside links to some…

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  • Subject 16*

    What would you do with $700 and an insane amount of talent? That's right, make your very own kick ass Assassin's Creed fan film. Huzzah!

    So yes, it's that time again. Where we look at some of the wider community's most awesome peeps. This week I've had the privilege of catching up with Marcus Finkel and Josh Adams, the creators of arguably the best AC fan film we've ever seen - Assassin's Creed: Parallel. So sit back and enjoy.

    • Subject_16*: Hey guys, thanks again for taking part in this wikinterview of ours. How are you? Everything going well in that insanely creative world of yours?
    • Marcus & Josh: Oh wow, we're flattered! Things are great for us. We have a ton of projects on the table, set to be done the end of the summer. Busy? Yes. Creative?…

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  • Subject 16*

    *Slow motion dramatic walk*

    Hello and welcome to the first installment of what is to become a series of Assassin's Creed: Wiki community interviews. A series dedicated to putting questions to the community's most prominent members as well as some of the Assassin's Creed development team.

    This week we've got YouTube commentator, XboxGameZone junior editor, and Assassin's Podcast co-host Andrien Gbinigie, AKA - EscoBlades. So without further ado, let's get straight to it.

    Cheers Andie!

    • Subject_16*: Hi Andie, you've been involved in the "business" for quite a few years now. Can you talk us through your involvement and progression within the computer games industry? Which experiences do you value the most? Are there any warnings you can offer to ot…

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  • Subject 16*

    *Walks through the mist, bearded, bruised & hosting an erection*

    "Teller. TELLER!!! Get me a ham & cheese sandwich. I'm starving!"

    Well hello there my fellow wikians. How long has it been? Must be 2 or 3 centuries at least. Oh how I have missed you all. My lengthy absence has left me with a hole in my heart and a wart on my arse. I have missed the progression of some fine editors, some of who have even become staff. We must catch up! I have missed rugby talks with Blaidd, sexual harassment counselling with Cello and the constant awesome that is VATSA! These missed opportunities among others have finally pushed me to come back and resume a full time presence on the wiki. Also the revelation of GuardDog's lack of willy! :O That was the winner! …

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