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Greetings Assassin's Creed Community,

Wikia is excited to announce our E3 2014 coverage. All week long, Wikia and several Wikia Stars will be representing you the fans at the most exciting video game show in the world. We want to include you every step of the way, starting with bringing your fan questions to the show along with us. What are you excited to see most at E3? If we get a chance to speak to the developers and publishers of your favorite games, what do you want us to ask them? We can't promise we will be able to ask all of your questions, but we will do our best to get you heard by the creators themselves. Let us know your questions in the comments below and be sure to let us know what you want to see most at this year's E3.

During the show, we want to spotlight all the fantastic work you do on your community. Creating a ton of new pages? Want to show off a newly announced game in the franchise you love? Want to share your thoughts in a blog? No matter how you plan on celebrating E3, help us spotlight your community by visiting the Games Hub forum.

Also, be sure to check back at our E3 Portal running up to and during the event. We will be showing off some of the most interesting games, trailers, and more. You will also get a chance starting the evening of Tuesday, June 10th, to vote for your Game of Show Award winner as nominated by Wikia's community representatives. The winning game will receive a Wikia Game of Show badge to flaunt their success and their awesome Wikia fans. Remember, E3 is just three weeks away. Join us!

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