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I figured it might be appropriate to resurface the old admin symbols we used in the old days for this post.

Today, I will be stepping down as bureaucrat and administrator of the Assassin's Creed Wiki. Eleven years ago, I joined this wiki out of passion for a franchise I fell in love the moment I started playing the first game. It didn't take me longer than a day or two to go from playing the game to making my first edit on this wiki.

Through the years of contributing the wiki, I've not only been honoured to be able to help out other fans of Assassin's Creed by contributing to this wiki, but being able to interact with all these other fans around the world who share the same passion as me. I have made many friends in places around the world I might otherwise never have met, and some I've been fortunate enough to meet in real life. To also have been able to meet the people behind the games has been something I wouldn't have thought of when I first started contributing. All of these things are memories I’ll keep treasuring.

However, as I get older, I have to acknowledge my priorities and focus have shifted towards different matters in life. Over the past few years, for that reason, I have not been able to help out as much as I did when I first started contributing. As that might likely not change in the nearby future, I think it is only fair that different people step in and take over. After eight years of my taking this role since the previous bureaucrat, D. Cello, stepped down, it is definitely time for a change again.

Today, DarkFeather and Sol Pacificus will take the places that vatsa1708 and I took all those years ago. While my focus shifts to other things, I am planning to remain involved with the Assassin's Creed community and help out in other ways, and also leave it well within possibility that I'll continue helping out here from time to time in smaller ways.

I hope everyone who reads this will continue helping out or supporting the wiki in the years to come, and will continue cultivating it as the amazing trove of Assassin's Creed knowledge it has been.

Best of luck to everyone,

Master Sima Yi

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