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UPDATE: Well, the policy is now complete. A few changes have been made since it was originally put up (you can see them by following the link below), and the policy has now gone gold. It has been decided that the policy will take full affect immediately, with a grace period of one month, ending on the 10th August, 2011, to get all images currently on site up-to-date.

After that, all unsourced images will be deleted regardless of their use on the wiki.

Morning all. It has come to the attention of the Staff on the wiki that a large proportion of the images on this Wiki are, simply put, pointless. Some are uploaded and then never used, others are duplicates; a large number are also uploaded solely for use on a gallery (which is technically illegal). So I've decided to sort this problem out.

Now, according to my friend 'R BlaiddDdraig, I "mega loathe" userboxes and personal images, which is only partly true, but as a result of this, I have written up a proposal for an image policy here: Jasca Ducato/Image policy. Now, this isn't a final draft (as yet), though the overall policy isn't going to change from that which is currently present. For those of you too lazy to read the whole thing, I'll provide you a brief rundown here:

Main points of the policy

  1. The main point: "All images must be sourced and serve a functioning use on the wiki."
  2. Images must be sourced to their original appearance (be it the games or comics), not the websites the images may have been found on.
  3. "Google" and "Yahoo" are not acceptable sources.
  4. Verifiable permission must be obtained before an image is uploaded. In the case of games and comics, permission is usally granted by default under Fair Use.
  5. Fan art is forbidden in the mainspace, so don't even think of it.
  6. Realworld images are forbidden in the mainspace, unless their is no other way of obtaining an image of the subject in question. File:Henry Ford.jpg is fine, a realworld image of the Hagia Sophia is not.
  7. Users may only upload up to five personal images (definition is in the full policy), none of which are to be inserted in the mainspace.
  8. Images for use solely in a userbox must be 250 x 250 pixels maximum. Only ten such images are permitted per user.
  9. Animated .GIF images are not allowed in the mainspace, but are permitted on the userpage (and count towards the personal image limit).
  10. First offence results in a warning, after that, it's a ban of increasing length and severity.

So, that's the policy in brief. I've used a blog posts so people can offer suggestions or criticism. Be aware that this policy is going to be put into force, so now's your chance to have your say before a timeline is set.

Comparative realworld images

As was pointed out by a contributor below, the policy didn't account for the existence of comparative realworld images; that is, images that portray both the realworld and in-game representations of a particular subject. I have since made an amendmant to the policy hich allows for such images under stringent circumstances.

  1. Comparative realworld images are permitted for use in articles when an in-game image is already present if it is being used to show comparitive differences between the realworld and in-game subjects. For example, File:800px-Hagia Sophia.png protrays the Hagia Sophia in both senses, showing the stylistic differences between the two. Use of comparitive images purely for the sake of it is not permitted, and such images will be treated as fan-art.
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