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Good news everybody! (Well, good news for those of you living in the UK at least.)

For those of you lucky enough to, like me, live in the UK, I am pleased to announce the official Black Flag Tour. Taking place from October 14th through to November 19th (yes, I'm aware this post is a couple of days late) Ubisoft will be showing Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag in all its splendour in a number of different Universities.

Not only will attendees get to play on the brand-spanking new PS4, but there's also the chance to win any number of Assassin's Creed goodies.

Follow this link for the official Ubisoft announcement; but for those of you who want the dates now, I have posted them below.

Docking dates

  • Bournemouth University - 14th-15th October
  • Sheffield University - 14th-15th October
  • Southampton University - 17th-18th October
  • Leeds University - 17th-18th October
  • Exeter University - 21st-22nd October
  • Liverpool John Moores - 21st-22nd October
  • Manchester University - 24th-25th October
  • MCM Expo - 25th-27th October
  • Birmingham University - 28th-29th October
  • Newcastle University - 28th-29th October
  • Cardiff University - 31st October-1st November
  • Edinburgh University - 31st October-1st November
  • Greenwich University (London) - 4th-5th November
  • East Anglia University - 4th-5th November
  • University of London - 7th-8th November
  • Warwick University - 7th-8th November
  • St Mary's College (London) - 11th-12th November
  • Nottingham and Trent - 11th-12th November
  • Portsmouth University - 14th-15th November
  • Derby University - 14th-15th November
  • University of West England (Bristol) - 18th-19th November

So, who wants to carpool?

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