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Hello, I write this blog to share thoughts about the history of this Assassins, or rather the missing of information between the creation of the Hidden Ones by Bayek and the historic Assassins with Altaïr. We don't know how they developed in a public organization and around the world.we have some hints through the series. I want to share some ideas, I am more specialize in European history, so if you more information on the history of other continents, I will be happy to have your opinions. I will update this blog with a different region.

Middle East: from Hidden Ones to Assassins

With Origins, we know that the first Assassins appeared in Egypt and developed in Judea after the event in Sinaï. We also know that the Order of the Ancients supported the Roman Empire to control the region. It will be logical that the two groups fought in the region. We know that the Templars condemned Jesus to recover a shroud of Eden, maybe the same that the Brotherhood used on Brutus, a connection with the Brotherhood maybe. Also, Saint Peter had a staff of Eden which became the papal staff, so a person of interest for the two groups.

Politically, while the Ancient supported the Romans, I think that the Hidden Ones must be allies for the Persian Empires, the Parthian and later the Sassanian one, rival of the Roman Empire. With also know that a Hidden One was in Constantinople during the reign of Constantin. We don't know if the emperor was affiliated with any of the factions, but I think he will be more a Templar, trying to control Christianity directly to stop the war between pagans and Christians and becoming emperor at the same time. The fall of the western roman empire could be a serious blow for the power of the Order but the East Empire still a great power until Justinian I, trying to reconquer the lost territory in Italy and establishing the Corpus Juris Civilis, common civil law in the Empire. Pretty Templar for me.

We never have a mention on the implication of the Assassins and Templars with the Islamic-Arab caliphate. I know he could be a delicate subject for obvious reasons, but it's a pity as the story of the Assassins is related to the religious and cultural background of this faith. If we see in the relics link to Muhammad, we can notice the Blessed Mantle and nine swords. The Mantle could be a Shroud, the same as Joseph, David, and Jesus wore. It could be a good way to link the three Abrahamic religions with the consciousness of Consus in the artifact. The nine swords could be from Eden. After, how the caliphate his affiliated with the two factions, it's difficult to say. In the first years of the caliphate, the Arabs conquered many territories of the Romans, like Egypt, Judea and Syria and they also takedown the Sassanian Empire. Also, many caliphs were assassinated during the rashidun caliphate.

I think the Templars could take control of the caliphate during the Abbassid Caliphate, with the Turks Seljukids who repressed the Shia, the religion of the future Assassins. The two first targets of the historic Assassins could be Templars, the sultan Malik-Shah I and his vizir Nizam al-Mulk. Nizam was known for the construction of school which preceded universities but also develop the Sunni Islam against Shia. He was also an enemy of Hassan-i Sabbah the founder of the Assassins. Sabbah was in Egypt during his life. We can imagine that the Seljuks wipe out entirely the Hidden Ones in the caliphate and Hassan decided to recreate the Order in Alamut to fight the Templars.

Europe: Liberalis Circulum and transformation

We know that Aya founded the Roman Brotherhood and that Augustus was a member of the Order of the Ancient. Also in 41 AD, the Assassin Leonius killed the emperor Caligula. But after no information on the Brotherhood before 259 AD, with the Liberalis Circulum members Aquilus and Accipiter. The Brotherhood was either in the Roman Empire than in the german tribs. The history of the Roman Empire has a lot of civil wars, in 68 AD; 192 AD; the Third Century Crisis and many emperors were assassinated. The fall of the empire must be an important event during the war between the Assassins and the Templars. It's important to notice also that Attila had a Sword of Eden and a Hunnic Sage lived during the 5th century. We don't know if the Huns were affiliated to the Templars.

After, we know that King Arthur was a Templar and had a Sword of Edn but was betrayed. The last information we have on the two factions during the 10th century influenced the kings of Scandinavia, the Assassins were with the king of Sweden Eric and the Templars with the King of Denmark Harald Bluetooth. The conflict occurred during the Christianization of Scandinavia. Many Vikings kings converted to this new faith to ally with the Holy Roman Empire. I think that the Carolingian and the Ottonian empires could be an attempt from the Templars to restore their control in Europe after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The Cnut empire, which was composed of the kingdoms Denmark, England and Norway could be a good context for the Templars to take control of various regions in the North Sea.

We don't have information if guilds of Assassins existed in Europe during the formation of the historic Assassins. Maybe the Templars purged them before Altaïr restored them when he was the Mentor.

Asia: Traces of Proto-Assassin?

In the Asian continent, we have little information related to Assassins. We only know that Wei Yu killed the first emperor of China with a spear (maybe like Kassandra's) but it's before the time of Bayek, maybe a link with the group of Darius (I don't finish Odyssey or even TLotFB) or a group of Proto-Assassins. I made some research and I find an Indian legend which refers to the Visha Kanya, a group of women raised to assassinate political targets with the use of poison. Maybe a connection with Iltani, who poison Alexander the Great after he tried to conquer India. In Chronicles India, we know that Iltani was in an Order but never discover its name.

For the Templar Order's predecessor, we know they supported the emperor Qin but after that nothing. Maybe a connection with the Order of the Ancients, Egypt had commercial links with India and China. So maybe they install there during the Old Kingdom or maybe during the campaign of Alexander. They were many realms in China, the Ancient must have decided to unite these different kingdoms. The Legalism philosophy could be a good asset for the Templars, as it created an autocratic power that strongly influences China government.

The arrival of the Hidden Ones in Asia could easily explained through the trade route between Roman and China and India. Greek also has a strong presence with the Kushan empire. A fight between the Hidden Ones and the Ancients could occur during the Three Kingdoms period and the Five dynasties in China. In India, many kingdoms fought for the control of the peninsula. In the South, the Chola Empire was one of the eldest dynasty and had influence in South-East Asia. Since the 7th century, Muslim Caliphate tried many times to conquered the North of India. During the 11th century, the Ghaznavid dynasty established a sultanate in Lahore. Maybe a Templar influence behind that.

We didn't know what happens in Asia after the two orders became public. Maybe they operated separately than their official counter-part as they have a Mongolian and Chinese Brotherhoods shortly after Altaïr became a Mentor.

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