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Filia Nigrum Luna Filia Nigrum Luna 7 July 2013

A Note on my Fic

Hey everyone and mainly the people that MIGHT have read my fic. I might not be able to update for a while, because I had all my soon to be published chapters completed, but silly me about a week ago tripped UP the driveway and my laptop went flying, now it won't turn on. I am TERRIFIED that I've lost everything on it, and if I have, I'm gonna cry.... I'll still try and get some done on my tablet (what I am using) but I also lost all my school assignments that Id worked really hard on when my laptop went AWOL so I'm panicking. Regards, Saff.

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Filia Nigrum Luna Filia Nigrum Luna 24 June 2013

Happy Birthday Ezio!

Just like to say a VERY happy 554th birthday to the one and only Ezio Auditore!!! 2 days out from my own birthday too, I feel all fuzzy inside that our birth dates are so close X3

Love ya Ezio

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