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  • Desmond32

    The Piece Of Eden

    March 26, 2014 by Desmond32

    the piece of Eden.

    Everyone knows about the pieces of Eden in Assassins Creed. not everyone knows that they are going to make a movie about it that will come out in may 2015. It's going about the first part of the Assassins Creed story (Assassins Creed 1). For the people who can't remember the first Asssassins Creed here's a little memory support. The first Assassins Creed whas in 1165 – 1257 with the Assassins Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad. This whas the ancestor of Desmond Miles. The movie is about Desmond miles who's kidnapped by Abstergo Industries and put him in to the Animus so he could connect with his ancestors. they tol him that he was serving for the Assassins. Instead of using the aple in a good way his master Al Mualim thought different ab…

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  • Desmond32

    every one knows they are going to make an assassins creed 5.

    But i think they need to give the assassins creed story a little twist and that they need to go back to the story in Rome.

    Ubisoft has to make a story about Claudia Auditore Da Firenze.

    Ezio Auditore Da Firenze recruted claudia ( his little sister ) to assassin and that'sall we know for now.

    So i think Ubisoft has to make an Assassins Creed with main charactar Claudia Auditore Da firzenze.

    For example Ezie left Rome to search where his father was looking for in Masyaf.When Ezio arrived he wrote some letters to Claudia about: the masyaf key's. Ezio also wrote about this lovely women he met ( Sofia ).

    So i think  the need to involve Claudia more in to the Assassins Creed Story

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