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So, the Assassin's Creed movie released a couple days ago. I hope lots of you have gotten to see it. Unfortunately, some of us (including myself) haven't, so please be kind in IRC with spoilers!

In the meantime, here's some interesting tidbits:

  • There'll be a couple books to release alongside the film -- hope you enjoy reading![1]
  • We might get a Netflix series... [2]
  • The last Ubi anniversary give-away was Assassin's Creed III! Hope you all got your free copy on the 7th.[3] That is, if you didn't already have it.
  • There was a publicity stunt with another live, unwired Leap of Faith. Check out this footage.

((Pssst: if you liked the movie, it might be part of a trilogy...))

Happy holidays, Assassins! Enjoy the film release, and see you all in the new year (or IRC, 'cause that's a thing too)!


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