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Merry Christmas, lovely people of the ACWiki!
(I wrote that right? oO I never write christmas right x.x)


Independent of your religion, social status or whatever, we wish you all the best and a happy holiday if you celebrate it, and if you don't, all the best just the same! Christimas is that magical time of year when everything is awesome and legendary, and don't matter where you are, in a sunny place in the south hepisphere or a snowy plain in the north, and I hoenstly always believed it was more about reminding ourselves of what is great and happiness than all the fuss about religion, so remember: JUST BE HAPPY ^^

And, since I won't be here to make this post again, a happy New Year and great 2011 to everybody! May this community keeps growing and the AC series expanding succesfully! (and maybe Ubisoft could notice us more? XD) a few screens or info before other sites wouldn't hurt =P Xmas spirit, people!

Now, on a personal note, I'm leaving for a usual 10-day trip to celebrate the incoming year, and as such I will have little if not zero acess to this awesome place. As such, I'm leaving my first officer Sima in charge of the boat, so obey him like you would to me. ;D And remember that if somebody mess around, I will be back to kick asses and throw the trash out before Mardi Grass, so beware. XD

Love you, people =*

Happy holidays!

Your lovely and awesome captain,

posted on: 14:39, December 25, 2010 (UTC)
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