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And here we are! After the utterly dissapointment that was ACR and Ubisoft in 2011 (or not, depend if you liked ACR or not), here we are, 2012!

The wiki keeps growing, our users keep seeding love and we keep on being the greatest and most complete compendium of AC info on the internet! Yeah XD

So far, almost 20 days into the new year, we had no AC news whatsoever, but we have some Ubisoft Assassin's related bits of information. First of all, Alexandre Amancio, creative director of "ACR" and someone who I personally think was very critical to the ultimate lameness and mess up that was that game and storyline (along with McDevitt), has left Ubisoft company. I am speaking only by myself when I say this (and the readers can agree or disagree in the comments below), but you sure aren't going to be missed.

Next, this new year brings new changes on the wiki too, but good ones ^^

First, I'm proud to announce that the Staff Team is currently pursuing and executing the idea of our own Fan Section, a place where all your fan needs can be fullfilled. The fanon section will host images, pictures, videos and texts made by you fans, and it will be throughly monitored to keep its quality high while still allowing a fantastic degree of freedom -- the characteristics and soul of our wiki ^^ The fan authors and visitors will have access to all these wiki's resources and the fan content will be kept compeltely separated from canon content, but both will be easily accessible in a few clicks. Besides that, we are dedicating a team to take care of the fan section, ensuring no one is forgotten and anyone can easily find it's way throught, be it navegating or creating -- images, videos, galleries, texts, even pools and fan-favorites -- expect the full treatment for that section. =]

Second, is a change on our moderator team, the Istruttorium. We removed all ranks within the group, which now report directly to the admins and to me. And along with that change, the former carmelengo and second in command of the Istruttori, User:Vatsa1708, has become the AC Wiki's 4th administrator!

Along with Sima and War, our resident TechWizard Vatsa (aka Piri Reis) enters the team as full fledged admin, so watch out, kids, there's a new dog in the house =P We are sure he will keep on doing the awesome job as he has done for the past year and so and be a guiding presence to the new recruits in our brotherhood, so welcome him on the comments below ^^

Aaaand of course, expect him to make a formal speech =P (Speech! Speech! Speech! \o/)

Remember, Vats:

Laa shay'a waqi'un moutlaq bale kouloun moumkine.
These are the words spoken by our ancestors - that lay at the heart of our creed.
Where other men blindly follow the truth, remember... nothing is true.
Where other men are limited, by morality or law, remember... everything is permitted.
We work in the dark, to serve the light. We are assassins.
Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

Take these words by heart, and never forget their meaning. Congrats on your promotion, brother. Welcome to the brotherhood.

Sooo that is all for today! Post your comments below – me and the staff want to hear your opinions! =] I hope you all had a good New Year's Eve, and I hope we all have a awesome year!

Safety and peace, folks.

Cello out.


posted on: 19:41, January 17, 2012 (UTC)

"What's the use of a good quotation if you can't change it?"

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