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Awesome Ritual of Awesomeness
(Horns sounds, Cello enters the talk page, crowd goes nuts)

Thank you! Thank you!

(Cello gestures and crowd cheers slow a bit)

Do you know why we're here?

(Crowd goes nuts again, Cello laughs)

Exactly, we're here to present the one, the only, the ambition and goal of every living being, the epithome of all awards. More valuable than the Oscar; more important than the World Cup, World Series and World War II combined; the most defining event since 2004's Las Vegas International Dodgeball Open: I present you...

The Legendary Skills Award!
(Crowd cheers so loudly that kangaroos in Australia listen and run scared. People start dying of excitement and women start to take off their clothes and thrown them at Cello's handsome body and fine-tailored suit)

That's right, ladies and gentlemans... and ladies (I'm on hotel room 913, go wait for me there after the cerimony). Instead of small and unnoticed awards, we now we have MONTHLY presented awards to awesome users of our community, and his or her name will be forever engraved in a nice stone pixel hall of fame here on this very wiki! Long after 2012, your spirits and family and aliens of Alpha Centauri will come here and see how your contributions made this wiki, and per consequence, a small part of the World Wide Web a better, and very handsome, and extremely awesome, place!

So, first, I would like to begin the cerimony doing something unique. Months ago, we staff members came up with the idea to reward suers who are, in other words, awesome. Cause, you know, you guys deserver it

(Crowd screams and applaud loudly)

But among those awards was my award, a award that, dare I say, it's very hard to be earned. This award, dubbed the "Legendary! Award" (people cheer) was among the first ever created, but never, I repeat, NEVER, was presented to someone. Until now.

(Audience screams and starts having epiletic seizures out of pleasure)

So, for opening this first of hopefully many to come events, I like to call User:Assassin-Rayne and User:War Clown to the blog stage!

(Place goes crazy, someone in the crowd screams "I love you guys!" and is swarmed by jealous Cello's groupies)

Hello fratellos. (The three shook hands) Lovely people, huh? For incredible service here in this fine ship that is our wiki, overall awesomeness in every single day and aspect of their wikilife, and great display of leadership skills over the last month in a moment of need, I am *proud* to present you BOTH with the unique "Legendary! Award"!

(Audience's voice is in agony cause of the cheering, but they keep cheering even louder and risk bleeding out)

Okay, okay! Thank you guys! Folks, look at the comments later for their acknoledgment speech. And now, this has extended too much, I will leave you with the awards! And next event will be much shorter! Thank you everyone, and good night!

(Cello off the microfone: "Someone gets a medic in here, that guy is bleeding. Hey you, blondie chick in the black dress, my room, champagne and intercourse, NOW!")

Awards recipients

Legendary! Award

For awesomeness in the line of duty, demonstration of leadership skills and "Cello qualities". by Cello

Arbitrator Award

For being sociability, respectfulness, and brilliancy at resolving conflicts. by 'R BlaiddDdraig.

  • none this month

Anygma Award

For display of good editing skills and trustworthyness by War Clown.

Eagle's Talon Award

For displaying higher than average good contributions specially on event articles. by Rome.

  • none this month

Green Lion Award

For contributing valuable, high quality images to the wiki. by Sick-Steen.

Thievery Award

For cunning and precise multiple edits on different articles. by Thief.

Wolf's Howl Award

For vigilance and quick reverting of vandalisms. by Rayne.

posted on: 22:13, March 16, 2011 (UTC)
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