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So, today when I woke up I had a pretty interesting intel brought to me by one of my admins, User:Master Sima Yi.

On this post at Ubisoft forums, a very sharp user with the (appropriate) name of "WastingMyTIM3" and another one called "twenty_glyphs" compiled a list of the computer codes that appear on end of Desmond's Journey Teaser Trailer, and he got some amazingly and too-accurate-to-be-coincidental information on what are probably Subject 17's memories.

The list follows, as a code on the left and translated from nerd-speak to english on the right:

  • source\S17.anima.06102001.SVJlbWVtYmVy => IRemember
  • source\S17.anima.21032002.QmxhY2tIaWxscw== => BlackHills
  • source\S17.anima.16030002.V29vZFNtb2tl => WoodSmoke
  • source\S17.anima.08212002.TW90aGVyU2Fk => MotherSad
  • source\S17.anima.08212002.RmF0aGVyTWFk => FatherMad
  • source\S17.anima.22072002.Tm90aGluZ0lzVHJ1ZQ== => NothingIsTrue
  • source\S17.anima.22072002.RXZlcnl0aGluZ0lzUGVybWl0dGVk => EverythingIsPermitted
  • source\S17.anima.04022003.Qm9yZWRPZldhclN0b3JpZXM= => BoredOfWarStories
  • source\S17.anima.30082003.UGFpbktpbGxlcnM= => PainKillers
  • source\S17.anima.23082003.RmFjZXNJblN0b25l => FacesInStone
  • source\S17.anima.16082003.RXNjYXBl => Escape
  • source\S17.anima.23082003.V2hhdElzVGhpc1BsYWNl => WhatIsThisPlace
  • source\S17.anima.16052003.Q2hpY2Fnb0dpcmxz => ChicagoGirls
  • source\S17.anima.27082003.Tm90RmFyRW5vdWdo => NotFarEnough
  • source\S17.anima.14082004.MTJUbzY= => 12To6
  • source\S17.anima.11032004.VGhleVdpbGxGaW5kTWU= => TheyWillFindMe
  • source\S17.anima.03032005.SnVzdEFDdWx0!Q== => JustACult
  • source\S17.anima.16082005.V0hFUkVBUkVZT1Uh => WHEREAREYOU!
  • source\S17.anima.16082008.U29NdWNoTm9pc2U= => SoMuchNoise
  • source\S17.anima.12062008.Q0FMTEhPTUUh => CALLHOME!
  • source\S17.anima.16022009.VGhlRXZlcnl0aGluZ0NpdHk= => TheEverythingCity
  • source\S17.anima.04022011.SnVzdEFkZEdpbg== => JustAddGin
  • source\S17.anima.17092011.VGhlSk1a => TheJMZ
  • source\S16.anima.08082012.SSBBbSBOb3QgQWxpdmU= => I Am Not Alive
  • source\S17.anima.09082012.QmFkV2VhdGhlcg== => BadWeather
  • source\S17.anima.10082012.TmluZVllYXJzQWxvbmU= => NineYearsAlone
  • source\S17.anima.17092012.QXJlWW91RGVzbW9uZE1pbGVzPw== => AreYouDesmondMiles?
  • source\S17.anima.19092012.QmFzdGFyZHMh => Bastards!

Halfway through the codes you can see a series of 8 numbers, consisting of dates. Those dates mark important events, like the 2004 train bombing on Madri or the Chicago shooting of 2003. The last ones also seem to lead into Desmond's capture by Abstergo and he's subsequent Animus captivity.

I must, if Ubisoft went into all this extra mile jsut to add soemthign that could have gone completely unnoticed in a one-minute teaser trailer, my faith in them and the franchise just got nigh-invencible.

So what do you guys think?

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