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  • I live in Asia
  • I was born on February 8
  • My occupation is A personal master assassin for hire
  • I am Male, what more do you want to know?
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    Systems started, loading preference settings, preparing desktop and system interface...

    Blog session started..

    Hello everyone, so Ubisoft is preparing another game YAaayy!!! (I'm a slowpoke)

    What am i going to ask you is what will be the next weapons that is used by the assassins??

    For example : Altair : Traditional assassin's weapons 

    Ezio  : the same as Altair though with hidden guns, and crossbows and so on

    Connor : tomahawk, bow and arrow, pistols and so on

    Edward : Dual Cutlass, four pistols, blowpipe, and many more...

    Hmm i recall that i've seen some interesting historical weapons that can be used in AC series for example i saw a pistol sword (yes a pistol sword where you can both fire and slash at the same time) because it's pure badass and…

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    A Subtle Racism

    September 15, 2012 by Answeration

    Systems started, loading data stream, importing vital data, Vlog session started

    So, recently i've been thinking about some wiki comeback because i've been missing for some days. you know school stuffs. And i checked the AC3 Facebook page here

    There's one news which interested me : Which can be read here I know it's off AC topics but since it's about one of the devs which is AC 3 creative director Alex Hutchinson. Feel free to read and give your opinion.

    Last but not least : AC reference time!!! you see i didn't choose this blog's title for nothing i referenced the title based on one of AC soundtrack which one?? you might have to guess it yourself. Clue : it's one of the most epic soundtrack.

    That's all from me. Answeration out.

    14:14, Septemb…
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    Rise of the wikians

    August 22, 2012 by Answeration

    Okay AC 3 has released another facebook app called AC3IRISEFOR Nope, it's not like project legacy since you're not reliving some memories. It's rather like a place where you tell your reason why and what do you rise for... I was thinking about making the same thing in a blog of course.... but since ubisoft makes this by releasing an exclusive artwork in the end. I'm confused about what should be given to the best reasons. since i can't create those fancy wiki things. Anyway here is the question? What is your reason to rise? And in what historic event/age would want to participate??? That's my questions feel free to answer them. i created this because some of you can't access the app and in facebook there are a lot of people who have contri…

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    So we all know that Desmond will have to use the Animus to explore his ancestor's memories right? But i have something interesting in my mind hmmm... though it's not the function i'm talking about here it's the shape of the animus that interested me. so here it is.

    1. Animus 1.28 : The shape somehow resembles a bed yeah a bed, and it requires a room sized chamber to make it operable.and you can't move it because it's fixed into place.
    2. Animus 2.0 - 2.03 : The shape has been improved into somewhat of a chair, and it doesn't require a room sized system to make it operable, and the good thing is they are portable so they can be moved remember when Desmond & co moved to Monteriggioni they took the Animus with them.
    3. Animus 3.0 : Now since ubi didn't r…
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    Okay so we all have seen the AC 3 trailer, i like it actually. But it seems that Ubisoft has once again showed that Connor kills Brit guys again & again. And this has brought questions among the people though Ubisoft has Confirmed that Connor will kill both continental & brits (possibly a third party). What i asked from Ubisoft is this.

    If you(ubisoft) said that Connor will be neutral prove it. Not by sheer words but by actions maybe in trailer, screenshots etc.

    Also they included naval demo right? I hope that it's not a DLC because that thing is very awesome to me.Anyone agree with me?And a free naval missions will be very exciting to me.

    Also we have a bonus mission right? Lost mayan & the ghost of war. We already know that Lost Mayan is a …

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