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Hi guys! Want to hear more about Assassin's Creed: Revelations and future Ubisoft games but do not have the money to fly to E3? Do not fret! We will cover the Ubisoft E3 conference LIVE from Youtube! This is a liveblog, which we will be updating as more information comes along in the Ubisoft conference.

UTC 9:15 PM - Ubisoft is the number 7th trending topic on Twitter. Everyone's excited about AC, eh?

UTC 9:09 PM - Ubisoft is streaming some U2. Get ready folks! It's almost time!

UTC 9:25 PM - Due to start in 5 minutes folks! Get your asses over to the YouTube Live Stream!


UTC 9:34 PM - Starting out with some Rayman Origins news. "After 25 years - Ubi, or not Ubi!"

UTC 9:37 PM - Something is coming...

UTC 9:39 PM - More trippy Rayman music. And a giant pirate ship floating in nowhere. (BTW, due to some difficulties, I'll be handing the liveblog over to Elchzard. Enjoy!)

UTC 9:42 PM - We're going back in time!

UTC 9:46 PM - Driver news now...

UTC 9:48 PM - Some of the Ubisoft Montreal team are on stage now, but not for AC... Far Cry 3! :D

UTC 9:56 PM - Back to the stage...

UTC 10:00 PM - And now it's time for Tintin!

UTC 10:04 PM - Ghost Recon news. Rayne is excited!

UTC 10:12 PM - Ghost Recon is lookin' niiiice... :)

UTC 10:14 PM - Free? Online? PC? Awwww yeah. :D

UTC 10:19 PM - Trackmania news on-stage...

UTC 10:23 PM - Augmented reality with the Rabbids.

UTC 10:28 PM - Just Dance 3 with Tony Key. That's Tony Key Evrybodeeeeh.

UTC 10:34 PM - Yes guys, it is Revelations time!!!

UTC 10:36 PM - Freakin' nice tune on the trailer... Iron, by Woodkid, if anyone's interested.


UTC 10:43 PM - Utterly, utterly awesome... I really can't describe this...

UTC 10:45 PM - That's all we get, Ubi!!??

UTC 10:46 PM - We love you too, Ubisoft... You've done it again...

UTC 10:50 PM - In Summary: The song on the trailer is epic... The demo really was beyond words... Awesome graphics, hints at an amazing storyline... Nothing less than we would expect. Anybody not excited about Revelations by now must be freakin' crazy. Cheers Ubi. :D

Thank you all for sticking with me and AR for this evening, it's been fun. Thanks again guys! :D --Elchzard

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