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Melanie Lemay - Bienvenue!

Your communicator is your key to success here at Abstergo Entertainment. Please keep it with you at all times! Should you lose your communicator contact the front desk. A recovery fee of $100,000 will be deducted from your next paycheck.

Please respect your Non Disclosure Agreement. Our Work here is exiting and confidential. Security breaches will not be tolerated.

Have a great week.

Kloé Lesney - Hi There

Welcome to the team. We should have lunch some time, once you're settled.

Evan Dean - Welcome Aboard

Ahoy, mate. Welcome to the good ship Abstergo Entertainment, where everything is always jolly and we all love our work to death. Glad to have you aboard. I hope you're fun. The last guy was a little dull, and well... just kidding. See you around.

M.-O. Boudreault - Nice to meet you...

I just wanted to say it's so good having a new face on the team. This is a great place to work, but some people can get a little negative at times, if you know what I mean. Let's get a coffee later!

John (from I.T.) - Hey, John here...

Nice meeting you. If you have any problems with your Animus, feel free to shoot me a message. I don't extend this privilege to everyone, but Melanie tells me you know your stuff. Good enough for me.

Support Team - Edward Kenway figurine 

You have been awarded the Edward Kenway figurine for successfully completing Sequence 3. Congratulations on your achievement. Keep up your good work!

Support Team - Career Planning

Congratulations on your recent contributions to Abstergo entertainment. We hope you will consider training for possible future advancement. Many training options are available, depending on career goals, be they management, security, marketing or creative.

Kloé Lesney - Congrats

Wow, that must have been something special you found. If they give you a cash reward, I'll be the first in line when you buy us all a round :-D

So... what is it?

No really, tell me. Please????

Security Team - Subject: Security Level Increase

You have been granted Security Level 1

John (from I.T.) - Communicator updated

Heya, I just modified your communicator... you should now be able to "access" your colleagues' computers without any problems.


Some say the Crows were rogue Assassins who lost their fate in the Creed, believing the Templar Assassin conflict nothing more than a slaughter for power Although now Crows, these Rogue Assassins revealed secrets from the Order, as they kept their past identities to themselves.

The Crows once attempted to Assassinate Leonardo Da Vinci, entering Florence after nightfall. Although saved by the Assassins, his workshop was ransacked, and the thieves managed to steal several of his blueprints.

Domenico was a mute that wasn't able to express his toughts. He hated being used by his parents and Cesare. He attempted to contact the Assassins multiple times but this was in vain. Domenico attempted to Assassinate Cesare by poisoning him. He gave Cesare a necklace covered in tiny, nearly invisible poisoned pins. Cesare, however later gifted it to his niece, who died the following night.

All this ^ is from pre-release Assassin's Creed: Identity, Need to check if it's still there.

Question the Creed

Jubair al Hakim

One would assume that the Chief Scholar of Damascus would have stronger mental fortitude than Jubair al Hakim. However, he allowed the Templar ideologies to completely corrupt his views on literature. Rather than seeking knowledge, as was once his passion, he influenced his fellow scholars to begin hunting down and destroying all written texts within Damascus. He believed that education was an illness that set people in their ways, preventing them from achieving their higher calling.
As a violent man who was easily angered, piles of burning books soon accumulated the burning bodies of those who disagreed with him. He was attempting to free people’s minds, but ignorance is never the answer. A lesson he learned a little too late.

Jubair al Hakim was a brilliant man. Certainly the brightest scholar in Damascus and one of the most intelligent of his time. He spent so much time studying written texts that he started to notice a pattern in them that no one else realized. Sure his methods were a bit strong, but he was right that the war between King Richard and Saladin had started because of ancient scrolls. He was attempting to free people’s minds. To get them to think for themselves. How many people would be assassinated today if that was justification for murder?

William of Monferat

William of Montferrat was a fervent believer in the term “might makes right.” Although his definition of “right” was highly questionable. As a crusader in King Richards army, he spent countless hours training and berating his men. He demanded perfection, consistently making examples of their weaknesses and even killing individual soldiers in front of the others to make his point.
And despite being sworn to protect the Holy Land, he played quite a large role in plotting to usurp it. Add that to the authorization of the execution of 3,000 Saracen prisoners who King Richard had planned to ransom off and it’s easy to see how he fell out of loyal favor quite quickly. Unfortunately for him, his passion for perfection didn’t extend to his morals, and he met the demise he deserved.

William of Montferrat was a perfectionist. He demanded a lot of himself as a leader and so he expected a lot of his men. I mean, you’re in the King’s Army, sometimes you have to be stern. I don’t know of any Army where the leader isn’t a strict disciplinarian. He believed in order and organization. That’s how empires are built and maintained. Has chaos really gotten anyone anywhere?

Garnier de Naplouse


A physician has a very serious responsibility. Providing proper care at the highest level possible to patients who don’t know the difference. Which is why a doctor with an agenda is an incredibly dangerous person. Garnier de Naplouse saw his patients not as people but as experiments. And no price was too high to continue his work. Exiled from France for his cruel treatment of patients, he found sanctuary at the King’s Hospital in Acre to continue his brutal research.

Garnier claimed to believe that his work was helpful, however his actions said otherwise. Often pulling patients from the poorest neighborhoods, sewers and brothels, the less they would be missed, the better. He would even shatter their legs to prevent their escape from his operation rooms. Garnier suffered from a severe lack of morals and ethics and the only cure was a bit of his own medicine: death.


Garnier de Naplouse was accused of performing experiments on his patients and was exiled because of it. Let me ask you this - what is science but a series of experiments? We’ve arrived as some of the most incredible modern miracles of science through experimentation. If you want to eliminate medical trials you can give up penicillin, chemotherapy, even those aspirin you pop whenever you get a little headache. It’s people like Naplouse that created all of our modern day cures. He also built tons of hospitals and generously lent his aid and medicine to all walks of life. He took in the poor and disadvantaged when no one else would. Had he been allowed to continue his work who knows what diseases could have been eliminated by now?
Robert de Sable


Robert de Sable was a trifecta of trouble. An incredibly accomplished fighter, an ingenious strategist and one of the most manipulative men we’ve ever seen. He was a lieutenant in the royal army while simultaneously plotting to take control of the Holy Land and dethrone the King. Despite being a Grand Master, there were very few Templars that trusted him, and with good reason. Every move he made was for personal gain. He doled out promises of power in the new world to anyone he could recruit for his cause, most likely intending to kill anyone who had the audacity to collect. But I for one am glad he never got the chance.


Robert de Sable was one of the greatest warriors in the Third Crusade. He was dedicated to creating a New World Order where peace could finally find a foothold. He was an ingenious strategist that was responsible for helping King Richard’s Army recapture fortresses and cities all along the Palestinian coast that had been lost. He may have been brutal to his enemies but that’s how you protect what’s yours, that’s how you keep your own people safe.
Juan Borgia the Elder


Juan Borgia the elder was an appointed glutton. Often referred to as “The Banker” Juan was in charge of Roman ruler Cesare Borgia’s finances. He was fond of throwing lavish, public sex parties which one could safely assume were funded by the city’s tax money. Needless to say his role as a man of the cloth was a farce as he spent more time naked with courtesans than he did honoring any type of holy clothing. Juan was the bank roll to Borgia’s empire, so in order to destroy Cesare and free Rome from his grasp it was necessary to cut off his funding. Fittingly Juan was moving through one of his sex parties after strangling one of his courtesans in a display of power when he was swiftly dispatched and his celebrations were cut short.


Oh, the Borgia’s. This entire family was conflicted. Juan Borgia had his vices. Like any man, I guess. His parties were … of questionable morals, and he did spend a considerable amount throwing them. However, he also raised a considerable amount of money for the Templar cause. His goal was to bring stability to Renaissance Italy, even if his methods were a bit misguided.
Girolamo Savonarola


Girolamo Savonarola was a Dominican friar who took his responsibilities to humanity a little too seriously. He was fed up with the excess of materialism he witnessed during his lifetime. From the rich stomping the poor into the dirt to the priests selling indulgences to the populous, he became enraged and he snapped. He declared himself an instrument of God, and with the Apple of Eden in his hand attempted to pull Florence back into Medieval times. He demanded an end to all personal property. Books, instruments, art - no symbol of ownership were safe from the bonfires he created. Eventually he lost his grip over the people of Florence and was dragged to be burnt at the stake, by the fires he created himself. In an act of mercy, Ezio ended his life swiftly, unable to believe that any man should die in such a gruesome manner.


Girolamo Savonarola had good intentions but it was his presentation that needed a little work. He spoke out against corruption in the church at a very young age and denounced the tyrannical rule and exploitation of the poor he saw running rampant in Renaissance Italy. He was fed up with materialism that had already tightened its grip on the populous. His intention was always to serve the greater good, to give people guidance and encourage them to look within themselves for enlightenment. He made a spectacle of burning possessions because of this, but isn’t that what the Bible preaches? To give up your worldly goods? Turns out people are pretty attached to their stuff, though. He was dragged to the bonfires he himself had created and the people tried to burn him at the stake. I don’t blame the Assassins for his death, they did the right thing. But if they had intervened earlier, they could have steered Savonarola in a better direction and the Utopia he dreamed of could well have been created.

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