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|''Zac, Skywalker, the Little Puma.''
|''Zac, Skywalker.''
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|''[[Assassins]], Wookiepedians, [[Istruttori]] [[Assassin's Creed Wiki:Apprentices|Apprentices]].''
|''[[Assassins]], Wookiepedians.''

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About me

A.K.A.: Zac, Skywalker.
Birth: December 10
Location: Brazil
Gender: Male
Ocupation: Edit this Wiki, kill templars, complete tasks with great merit
Affiliations: Assassins, Wookiepedians.

Hey Assassin's Creed wiki editors, I'm SKYWALKERThe Council of One's ArchivesThe Council of One's Sandbox and I'm a big fan of the whole AC universe and from all the games. I'm very impressed with the quality from the biggest part of the articles. I joined this wiki to improve some pages, upload good images, help other editors, learn more about AC and (of course) have a good time. I love the way how ubisoft made the facts in the games fit with the real facts, it made ​​me even more interested by the crusades and the renaissance.

I'm here to help other players, so, if you have a question, just ask, I'm on this wiki almost everyday, especially for the Brazilian editors, se precisarem de alguma coisa, problemas com edição, tradução, é so dar um toque.

Favorite Characters

  • Altaïr, the greatest badass I've ever seen;
  • Ezio, not as cool as Altaïr but also a great badass;
  • Nikolai Orelov, A great man and an awesome Assassin;
  • Subject 16, another awesome guy, his mysteriousness makes him one of the coolest AC series guy;

Favourite Games

AC Series Games

Awards and Projects
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St. Patrick's Day.

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Badge TP This user is part of WikiProject: Timeline, a.k.a. Hungerer of Knowledge.
Badge TmpP This user is part of WikiProject: Targets, a.k.a. The Blood of a Templar.
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This user has cleared Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood for the PS3.

This user played Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy on Facebook.

Christianity Cross
This user is a Christian devote and will pray for the destruction of the heretics.
This user is an editor of the Assassin's Creed Wiki.

This user is easily angered. 41px-Smiley green alien GRRR

This user is a shy person. 41px-Smiley green alien red

This user comes from Brazil, home of the monumental Christ the Redeemer. 526px-Map of Brazil with flag

This user plays on the Xbox 360. XBox Logo

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This user follows the Creed of the Assassin Brotherhood. Aclogo

Wiki Friends

  • Steen, a nice guy, a big editor of this wiki, a master with photoshop, the King of Imagery and a helpful friend;
  • Roma, another great editor, helpful guy, he's quite talkative at the IRC and he's one of the best Instuttori masters;
  • Space Cake, great editor and administrator of this wiki, a nice conversationalist at the IRC, a man who really worked in this wiki;
  • Rayne, great guy, useful editor, helpful friend, he aswers every question i have and talks a lot at the IRC;
  • Vatsa, anhoter master with photoshop, almost like Steen, nice, critic and talkative guy, helpful friend, always wanting the best for the wiki;
  • Braig, always wanting the best for the wiki and he feels like crap when he makes stupid mistakes, but it is a great editor and conversationalist on IRC;
  • The Big Cheese, the proudest man I've ever seen in my life (you will not know my sister), despite this he is very cool, funny and impressed me with the dominion of the Portuguese;
  • 12, he's a great friend, a bit curious, but extremely nice and hard-working;
  • Omegaplib, he hasn't so many edits here but he's a nice (brazilian) guy;
  • Kaishiro, a funny guy, a little egocentric, not very present on the wiki, but speaks a lot on IRC and he has blue "hairs";
  • El, not so old user but very prestative and he'll be an important user for the wiki;


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