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WikiProject: Development is a WikiProject intended to improve the articles of all known participants who have contributed to creating the Assassin's Creed universe.
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Our main goal with the project is to improve the contents of the articles, of all known contributers that have been in the process of making the Assassin's Creed universe, to inform readers about things they might have not known about the said articles. Contents present in the articles should only be from reliable sources.


Project's Articles

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** = Featured Article

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If you would like to contribute, please add your name to the "Members" infobox above and the userbox {{UserWProjectDevelopment}} on your profile.

Add {{WPdevelopment}}on top of every article of this project to add the following headbox: Template:WPdevelopment

This article is within the scope of WikiProject
, an attempt to build comprehensive and
detailed Featured articles about all participants who
have contributed to the Assassin's Creed series


  1. Write balanced and without POV.
  2. Do not add any speculation to an article.
  3. Write about whatever interests you, but try and help out with the current main focus as well.
  4. If the Manual of Style is prohibiting you from contributing your best, ignore them! The editors will help you.


  1. Make sure articles have flawless grammar and spelling.
  2. Fix articles to comply with the Manual of Style, Layout Guide, and the specific *Development Manual of Style.
  3. Fix templates and excessive links.
  4. Source quotes.
  5. Search for new items for the "Appearances" and "Sources" sections of an article.

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If you want immediate assistance with a query or request, you could try asking in the ACWiki IRC channel. In addition to members of this Project that frequent the IRC, other members of the community may be able to help. The IRC channel can be accessed from:

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