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Hidden Blade!Wohooo!

Hidden Blade.

Location: Tbilisi Assassin Hideout


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OW, CHARLIE! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Charlie bit... Wait what? Oh...yeah. I didn't see you there... Sooooo.... (This is so awkward X_X) Feel free to read this page...and stuff. so yeah.... (Even more awkwerdness is coming my way)

About me

I was born in The Republic of Georgia, my main interests are music and writing, alongside with AC of course :P.

My Favourite Quotes From The Game

  • "Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted."-Just Got to Love it, I mean it's badass, It has a deep meaning,what else do you want?
  • "Vittoria Agli Assassini!" -Victory to The Assassins! Enough said.
  • "It's-a me Mario!"-LOL Just Hillarious!
  • Shaun-"You smell like you swam through a sewer!"

Desmond-"It was Lucy's Idea!"Again , just Hillarious.

Ezio-"Salve (hello) to you too."

Bartolomeo-"Sorry, I was expecting my wife."

Things I like (In random order)

  1. Music;
  2. Writing;
  3. Assassin's Creed.

Things I dislike (Enter at your own risk)

  1. Chess;
  2. Noobs;
  3. Vandals;
  4. People who don't sign messages >:( .

People I like (In random order)

  • Teller- A really nice guy and an IRC regular, will always help you out!
  • Blue lightning man-The one! The chosen one! The clown prince of awesome edits!
  • Elchzard-A very friendly guy on the IRC. Very fun to talk to. :) Blululululululululu!
  • >.>- A very fun guy and the chosen one of this smiley! >.>
  • Rayne-As a wise War Clown once said: This guy can break your neck with a slice of cake. :P
  • The Sicksta-You love him, you can't live without him. Put your hands together fooooor: My former Master, The most epic avatar creator (no offence Teller ._.) The Green Lion!
  • Vatsa-The awesome dude of awesomeness! The only guy who became an admin from halfop in one day: Vatseh!
  • Dotman-Dotman, dotty, Erudito... Whatever you call him, he's still awesome!
  • Nos- A great guy who has just passed the interview. I'd like to see your name in the Apprentice Initiative in the near future. XD

My own ragecomic-thingy :D

Sima telling a random user to GTFO. (No SIma ain't a bad person, he's awesome XDDD)


I hope you enjoyed reading my userpage. I look forward to meet you on the IRC....Whoever you are.

The Loyal Recruit 12:00, July 5, 2011 (UTC)

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