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The Prefect of Lugdunum was a city prefect and in charge of the administration of Lugdunum. He was responsible for the arrest of Aquilus and Valeria.


In 259 CE, the Prefect was encountered by the Iberian Assassin Cuervo, who wished to arrange a meeting between the Prefect and the Aleman general Accipiter to ensure the safety of the city.

Some time later, the Prefect met with the Alemanni outside the city. Accipiter demanded a ransom in exchange for the city's safety. Though reluctant at first, the Prefect eagerly gave Accipiter his demand after hearing threats from the Aleman general.

He was then joined by another man, who informed him that the preparations for Aquilus' arrest and trial were ready. The Prefect then ordered the man to execute Aquilus and his wife once they would get outside of the city.



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Terrence is a professor specialized in 'high optical technology'. In 2012, the Assassin Jonathan Hawk was under treatment by professor Terrence.


In 2012, Terrence treated Jonathan after he had lost his right eye due an 'incident in the field'. After doing research the professor concluded that replacing the 'damaged' eye was not possible, so he proposed to execute a revolutionary transplantation: a miniature camera was to be implanted in his eye socket.[1]

Terrence then told Jonathan that his artificial eyeball had been stolen two days earlier. How the thieves had proceeded and what they attempted to achieve was unclear; the eyeball, after all, was unable to function on its own. The operation, however, did not have to be postponed.[1]

Later that year, Terrence performed the transplantation and it proved succesful. The professor informed Jonathan that although he could not use his left eye anymore, his new camera-eye improved his eyesight and field of view significantly.[2]

Ali Al-Ghrabe

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Ali Al-Ghrabe

Ali Al-Ghrabe

Ali Al-Ghrabe was the young Assassin disciple of Egyptian Assassin Numa Al'Khamsin in the 14th century.


In 1340, Ali accompanied his master in the quest to regain the Scepter of Aset from the Templars. After he and Numa had traveled to the Island of Philae and obtained information about the Scepter, they headed for Cairo, where the Scepter had been stolen.[1]

On the boat, while Numa was in the process of examining his only clue, Ali had the idea to puzzle the dagger fragment together and discovered an emblem, showing it to his master on a drawing, Numa easily recognized it as the Templar cross.[1]

Tracking the Templars

Two days later, Numa went to a Hammam in search of information about the Scepter. Ali however, gathered information on the rich merchant Bachir Al-Djallil during the day.[1]

As night fell, Ali followed Numa, who was eavesdropping on a conversation. Numa then caught Ali sneaking up on him and asked why the young boy had followed him. As a response, Ali showed his impatience to learn more from his master by blackmailing Numa into a trade: the promise of taking him to the merchant's residence in exchange for the information that he had gathered on Al-Djallil. Although feigning outrage, Numa accepted the trade and Ali explained that Al-Djallil was a wealthy silk merchant who was also infamous for having raped and killed dozens of girls with complete impunity.[1]

Witnessing the departure of his former target, Numa jumped to the roof of the house and entered the estate and thus breaking his promise to Ali. Inside, Numa threatend and torturered Al-Djallil, forcing the merchant to declare that the Templars and the Scepter were on their way to Karnak, after which a disgusted Numa killed him.[1]

Journey to Karnak

In 1341, Ali and his master sailed for Karnak, to search for the Scepter of Aset. On their journey the two discussed the recent murder of the Sultan Al-Nasir Muhammad and how the Templars played a part in it. Arriving at night near the Temple of Amun, the two walked across a village, when Ali noticed a man wearing a dagger with the Templar cross on it. After telling this to his master, Ali started a fire as a distraction, so that Numa was able to look for the Scepter of Aset unnoticed.[2]

However, the distraction was not effective and Numa became surrounded by Templars. While the Assassin engaged in battle with his enemies, Ali stole the Ankh from the Templars, under the impression that it was the Scepter. Ali and Numa then fled from Karnak, taking the artifact with them.[2]


  • Ali is an Arabic name which literally means "high" or "elevated". Ghrabe is an Arabic term that translates as "crow, raven".
  • With Lugos and the unidentified Assassin who gave the Scepter of Aset to the Mamluks in 1250, Ali Al-Ghrabe is the third known ancestor of Stella Crow, a non-canon modern-day Assassin.


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