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aka TRU

  • I live in Gotham City.
  • I was born on November 10
  • My occupation is But why
  • I am Male.

This user likes TOBUSCUS if you look at them wrong, they will kill you with their awesomeness. If not, that shadow will take care of you.
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About me

"What's TRU and what IS aren't always the same."

I am just another guy who can be random at times. I play mostly AC and have since January 2011. I am working on extending this. The End. The source for that quote can be found here

My Many Names

I am known by my names. Here are a few:

  1. ThatRandomUser- My main name
  2. Random- A short nick name
  3. TRU or TRA- Personal Favourites
  4. (Insert Other Name) - x

User Boxes

Here lies my long-ish list of User-Boxes. Enjoy reading. On another note, I have played some AC2 on Xbox and refuse to finish AC1 on PS3 because A) I know the story B) It's too repititive. I have also finished the Mobile Games for AC1 and 2.

My Awesome List

It's becoming a trend now really.

  1. Eagle- The Poll Maker and fellow YGS fan.
  2. Batman- In one word "Awesome".
  3. GI- I like him because he likes me.
  4. Sima- Our beloved mentor, I wonder if he dreams about AC.
  5. Fairy- How could I forget? The TRU Fairy
  6. Salad- Dat Avatar
  7. Kal- I like those images +_+
  8. Scooby- He's alive and nice. Also likes Dishonored. 'Nuff said.
  9. Bob- Also known as "Bob the Wolf" or "The Brave Bob"

More will be added soon.

Why Your Grammar Should Not Suck

After reading GI's user page, ThatRandomUser has started talking in the third-person. He watches Your Gramma' Sucks religiously along with Eagle. He thus finds it extremely annoying when people use incorrect grammer. Which may lead to him sounding annoying and douchey at times, but not always. He wonders when he will stop talking in the third-person.

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