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"That nasty, sickly sensation in the back your mouth? That is the taste of your fear, blood and my blade. Requiescat en pace" - Subject AMDR

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Vittoria Agli Assassini
Assassin s creed emblem by decanandersen-d30iw83
Location: Behind You
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Assassins
Execution of Choice: Twin Hidden Blades to the Face

Subject AMDR

Intercepted Email Courtesy Of Erudito

After the escape of Subject 17 from our facility we have introduced new security measures. I have highlighted those that may interest you the most

3.6. All new test subjects will be assigned letters instead of numerical codes.
6.1. Due to infiltration by Assassins, in particular at your facility, all subjects will now remain under 24hr surveillance and are only to be in direct contact with yourself.
6.4. You will report on an hourly basis. Lack of progress will not be tolerated.

Subject AMDR has showen great promise so far, especially with such little time spent in the Animus. He has a particular interest in giving himself extra missions to ensure he fully understands all aspects of the memories he is exploring. You are to keep a blog on his findings which will be utilised by the Research Dept. in the Detroit facility.

Failure to comply with these new procedures will result in your permanent removal from office.
Abstergo Industries has taken a very keen interest in your newest assigned subject and will be monitoring your results very closely. I advise you do not disappoint our superiors on this one.

May the Father of Understanding guide you.

Status Report

You may find the following information on Subject AMDR interesting

This user is an editor of the Assassin's Creed Wiki.

This user follows the Creed of the Assassin Brotherhood. Aclogo

This user plays on the PlayStation 3. PS3 logo

This user has cleared Assassin's Creed Bloodlines for the PSP.

This user has cleared Assassin's Creed II for the PS3.

This user has cleared Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood for the PS3.

Smokebombsac2 This user disappears within smoke in such a way that could trick a ninja.
This user wears an Assassin Hood. Emoticon02

AssassinsCreed BladeInTheCrowd This user is a Hidden Blade adept. His/her keyboard was impaled twice while writing this.
Auditore This user is a loyal supporter of the Auditore family.
This user has helped the wiki achieve 1000 articles and has earned a mouthful of the Assassin's Pudding.

This user helped promote the article "Rise of the Brotherhood" to Featured status Eraicon-featuredlarge

Database Entry

Given the nature of our organisation, it would probably not surprise you to discover that very little is known about Subject AMDR. We have complied all known information, gathered through detailed analysis, and stored in the database for your reference.

  • Subject AMDR likes Nature.
  • Subject AMDR is a Rock Climber.
  • Subject AMDR is located in Ireland.
  • Subject AMDR is the Lord of the Creed
  • Subject AMDR speaks English and some French.
  • Subject AMDR has been known to suffer from the Bleeding Effect.
  • Subject AMDR is an avid fan of Tolkien's Works and Assassins Creed.
  • Subject AMDR has a distrubing collection of DVDs. (Horror ranks as his No. 1 genre)
  • Subject AMDR is a Traceur. (How we managed to detain him is highly confidential)
  • Subject AMDR likes Final Fantasy. (We suspect he is a big gamer, but his list of probable interests is too long)

Wiki Activity

Wiki Project Contributions:

  • Currently going through all main memories of Brotherhood. *Project Member*
  • Continually add content to, and keep a general eye on, the Timeline. *Project Member*

- Special thanks to Subject 16*, 'R BlaiddDdraig, War Clown, DanMan7308 and Vatsa1708 for their help, advise, input and continued support so far on the memories project! (And anyone else I've missed, sorry)

Created Articles:


Acqua Antoniniana

Mausoleo Di Augusto

Acqua Vergene

Acqua Marcia

As Good As New


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New Man In Town



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Emergency Exit

Cardinals Collective Intelligence
Castello Crasher Femme Fatale The Burdens We Carry
Guardian Of Forlì Man Of The People Serial Offender
Human Cargo The Plan 72

Revamped Articles:


Acquedotto Claudia


Antico district (Incomplete)

Vaticano district

Centro district

Campagna district

High-Stakes Negotiations

Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Double Agent

Roman Underground

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Who's Got Mail?

Easy Come Easy Go

Other Contributions:

  • Corrections and edits where and when required.
  • Undo vandalism when I catch it. (Though the staff are pretty good at keeping on top of this).
  • Help on the forums when I can.
  • General discussions on how to improve articles or how they should look.
  • Talk to people! :D

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