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Slate Vesper
Location: United Kingdom
Gender: Male


About me

Hello there, I am known on this wiki as Slate, although my real name is Thomas. I also go under the pseudonym Serrachio on the Ubisoft Forums and Saracchio on the Xbox 360 and PSN, though I only add people to my friends list if I know who they are.

As of May 12th 2012, I was given the role of a Fanon Staff member for the AC Wiki, and on September 3rd 2012, I was given the responsibility of becoming an official Staff member. From July 11 2014, I have been given the title of one of the founding members of the Assassin's Creed Fanon Wiki, and have been assigned a Staff position there as a result.

I have recently returned from an unannounced period of absence (as of 7th May 2015), though real life things might call me away from the wiki.


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