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aka Bella

  • I live in Singapore
  • I was born on November 20
  • My occupation is Programmer
  • I am female
(Real) Name: Bella
Location: Somewhere on earth
Gender: Female. That's why I put Yuna picture in there
Date of Birth: Same as this girl
This user is a shy person. 41px-Smiley green alien red

This user likes to sleep. 51px-Smiley green alien sleepy

This user comes from Singapore, home of the Armenian Church. 800px-Flag of Singapore.svg

This user follows the Creed of the Assassin Brotherhood. Aclogo

AssassinsCreed BladeInTheCrowd This user is a Hidden Blade adept. His/her keyboard was impaled twice while writing this.

About me

I'm an average editor in Final Fantasy Wikia, and an Admin in Zero Wiki (a.k.a Fatal Frame =D). Well you can say that I'm the template designer in Zero Wiki. Cuz I re-designed and made some templates for them. I've been a wiki editor for... well.. almost a year now. =D

Random Facts

  • Silver's contributions
  • This user prefers to be called "Silver"
  • This user lives in Singapore
  • This user likes Rosa, because thanks to her, now she knows how to speak some dirty words in italian. uh.. scratch that.
  • Despite being called "Silver", this user actually likes "Purple". Now if there's a way to change my username...
  • This user is a female. Look at the avatar O.o
  • This user is a self-proclaimed WikiJaguar
  • This user can ban you. Yeah, you! >;D
  • This user is wondering where do other editors come from~

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