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aka Sherm

  • I live in USA
  • I was born on April 13
  • My occupation is Engineer
  • I am The Most Interesting Man In the World

About me

Assassins creed brotherhood 11 by crossdominatrix5-d324t0f

Me. On a good day.

Location: Right behind you


Hey guys. I'm from the US. I love AC and I can't wait for Revelations to come out!

My ACB Multiplayer

My Gamertag: ShermTank7272 (if you know my name you know my tag)

Current Level: 50

Favorite Persona: Knight

Favorite Map: Florence (day or night)

Favorite Gametype: Escort or Chest Capture

Favorite Ability: Poison

Favorite Perk: Blender

All time high score: 7950 - Escort on Alhambra (got really really lucky on that one)

Untoucheable sessions: 1

Achievements left: 1 (Abstergo Employee of the Month)

Random Stuff

Altair v. Ezio: Who would win? That is the eternal question.

"Nothing is true. Everything is permitted." Then why did I get arrested?

This user plays on the Xbox 360. XBox Logo

This user has cleared Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood for the 360.

This user played Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy on Facebook.

My wiki activity
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About Me
600px-Stargate-earth-glyph.svg This user likes Earth Rotating earth (small)

This user comes from the United States, home of the Washington Monument. Flag of the United States

Christianity Cross
This user is a Christian.
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My Talents
Fistsac2 This user is an expert in
hand-to-hand combat and could make Mr. Miyagi proud.
AssassinsCreed BladeInTheCrowd This user is a Hidden Blade adept. His/her keyboard was impaled twice while writing this.
Smokebombsac2 This user disappears within smoke in such a way that could trick a ninja.
This user can hit a fly on the wall with a Throwing Knife. Ac-throwing-knives

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