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Loadscreen Hints of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey.

Main Game


Many Abilities can be assigned and actively used during gameplay. Hold (X) or (Y) plus the assigned button to activate one.

Unused Ability Points won't help you. Use them to purchase new or upgrade Abilities.

When an enemy's silhouette glows, they are performing an unstoppable attack that can't be parried or interrupted. Dodge to avoid it.

During the Peloponnesian War, some cases of cannibalism were observed. They were a consequence of the siege of Potidaia (430 to 429 BCE).

Build up Adrenaline during fights by doing damage and dodging or parrying attacks.

Successful hits, dodges, and parries give you Adrenaline. Adrenaline is required to use most Abilities.

Most Abilities require one full Adrenaline segment to be used, but Overpower Attacks require more to unleash their powerful effects.

You can Fast Travel to your ship at any time from the Map Menu.

Some actions can be performed by double tapping movement keys. Go to controls options to set a double tap.

The ancient Greek world is full of oceanic adventures, above and below the waves.

When boarding enemy ships, defeat the crew, steal their treasure, and then return to your ship!

431 BCE saw the beginning of the Peloponnesian War between the Delian and Peloponnesian Leagues.

Pirates preferred small, light, and fast boats when raiding the Mediterranean region. In times of war, armies would hire pirates to harass their enemies.

Malaria and tuberculosis were the most prominent diseases in ancient Greece. Chicken pox, diphtheria, mumps, and whooping cough also affected the population.

Although the alphabet is inherited from Latin, its source is the Greeks, who borrowed it from the Phoenicians, adding vowels and 24 characters.

A trireme was a warship maneuvered by 170 rowers manning three rows of oars. Its military purpose was to strike enemy ships with metal rams called rostra.

Use () while underwater to cover a short distance quickly. It's useful to move towards your objective or escape danger.

Looking for an extreme challenge? Find the Arena in Pephka and face off against extreme fighters!

According to rumours, a hidden Arena far to the south in Pephka stages tremendous fights between Warriors who don't fear death.

The compass at the top of the screen shows interesting locations, Synchronization Points, available Quests, and the Blacksmith, among other things.

Ancient Greek shields were made of bronze and leather, and spears and swords of iron. Hoplites wore cuirasses, greaves, and helmets as defensive armor.

The meat of sacrificed animals could be eaten by worshippers since the gods feasted on the aroma of the roasted meat on the altar.

To quickly select alternate arrow types, press ().

With this Ability, you can craft more unique and powerful arrows for knocking out, lighting on fire, or poisoning enemies.

Equip and craft unique arrow types from the Inventory Menu. Change your equipped arrows on the fly with [CT_AlternateRangedWeapon].

Democracy, political battles, and citizens' right to speak in public led the Greek philosophers to teach public-speaking techniques.

Using your Broken Spear, you can deal massive damage to enemies if you attack while being undetected with ().

To assign newly recruited Lieutenants, go to the Ship Menu and assign them.

Democracy, tragedy, comedy, medicine, history, and classical art and architecture all emerged in fifth-century BCE Athens, where philosophy also rose in status.

At the beginning of the Peloponnesian War, Athens focused on a policy subject to preserve democracy and increase its naval hegemony over Greece.


Flank by dashing into opponents while they are attacking for easy back attacks and extra damage.

After filling an Adrenaline segment, unleash an Ability to devastate your enemies AND heal yourself!

Temples acted as banks where citizens could deposit and borrow drachmae. Unlike modern banks, loans came from the temples' own funds.

Become as strong as the god of war for a short period of time. You'll deal more damage and cannot be killed during the duration of this Ability.

Powerful creatures of legend are said to live in the most secluded areas of the world.

Exploring Tombs can yield an additional Ability Point... Don't mind the spiders and snakes!

Following their victory over the Argives in the Battle of the Champions, the Spartans adopted the distinctive custom of growing their hair long.

Spartans and Athenians are only hostile in Restricted Areas or if they see you commit illegal actions. Bandits, pirates, and other factions will always attack on sight.

In antiquity, the discovery of prehistoric bones were sometimes linked to mythological beings, such as the Titans, Centaurs, or Cyclopes.

Recruit new Lieutenants from your enemies once they're knocked out. Barnabas will convince them to join up.

Enemy attacks vary depending on their weapons, level, and faction. Watch and learn.

A mid-sized ship, Biremes are most dangerous at long range, but are vulnerable when they stop to fire their multi-shot attack.

Prolonged use of the Animus can cause the Bleeding Effect, a condition where the user's real-time experience blends with the genetic memories from the simulation.

Ships with no more health can be boarded when there are no more threats around. Bigger ships have more valuable chests, but will be harder to board.

To get rid of a Bounty, either pay it off, kill the Sponsor, or escape and wait it out.

Charge through your enemies and knock them out of your way with this Ability.

Land multiple Fire Attacks on a ship to make it burn. While a ship is burning it cannot move or attack anymore, giving you more options.

Almost anything in your Inventory can be sold to the Blacksmith. Remember you need something to fight with, so keep at least one weapon handy...


You're not alone on your journey. Use this Ability to summon a Lieutenant from your ship to help you fight, or just to distract nearby enemies.

If you aren't doing enough Assassination damage, upgrade Assassin Abilities, change your gear, or engrave it with Assassination improvements.

Whenever you need to infiltrate a Fort, don't underestimate the value of waiting and learning patrol patterns. Use Ikaros to scout, and plan your approach accordingly.

Extremely powerful single attacks that are a great way to start a fight, combo, or open up a shielded enemy.

Athletes who cheated at the Olympics risked corporeal punishment. Those accused of corruption had to pay a fine, which was used to erect a statue of Zeus.

Chickens were brought to Greece by the Persians during the Persian War.

Long weapons are best for keeping a safe distance. Heavy weapons are slow but deal massive damage. Daggers and swords are fast and versatile at the cost of range.

Each piece of gear comes with a playstyle bonus. You can be a jack of all trades or specialize in one specific playstyle.

You have many save slots. Make use of them if you're worried about choosing poorly.

Ancient priests were not organized like clergy into a tiered structure. Priests and priestesses were elected or chosen from among citizens or sacerdotal families.

Greek troops were mostly militia members. The wealthiest citizens joined the cavalry and the hoplite feet soldiers. They had to supply their own equipment and food.

You can carry dead bodies and hide them to cover your tracks.

Killing Mercenaries above you increases your standing. When moving to a new Mercenary Tier, you will gain new monetary bonuses at shops and other places.

The Greeks colonized many parts of the Mediterranean and Black Sea, and consulted the Oracle of Delphi upon the founding of each new colony.

Ancient Greece was more colorful than the white marble we see today. Temples and sculptures were painted with organic, mineral, and metallic pigments.

Message Boards around the world often contain daily Quests and weekly War Contracts that reward Orichalcum wen completed before time runs out.

In ancient Greece, war provided an income for the poor, but was an expense for the rich.

Craft regular or Special Arrows from your Inventory Menu. Swap between them in gameplay with (X).

Being tied to a pillar or thrown from a cliff, hanging, live burial, stoning, and the atrophy of body parts were all used to finish, atone for, or avenge crimes.

This Ability allows you to aim precisely at your enemy's weak spot and deal 200% of your Assassin damage at Rank 1.

The Cultists of the Delian League fight for Athens in the war. They rally the people to meet Sparta in battle, and tear power away from the free thinkers of Athens.

The Eyes of Kosmos have agents everywhere in Greece collecting gossip, information, all you ever thought went unnoticed. Your secrets are not safe. Kosmos sees all.

The Aegean sea is Greece's doorway to the world. The Gods of the Aegean are Cultists who control that doorway, and all who would pass through it.

The Heroes are Kosmos's brute strength. No matter the odds, they are those who remain standing when the battle ends.

The Cultists of the Peloponnesian League fight for Sparta in the war. They control legendary warriors by using their faith against them.

The Silver Vein benefit from the Peloponnesian War via vast network of slavers, ship builders and mine owners. Most of the Greek world was in their debt.

The children of the bloodline are unique, powerful individuals who inherit great power. The Worshippers revere them as gods. They know the blood will forever last and so they aim to exploit it.

The Guards of the Cultists of Kosmos are savage enemies with a penchant for counterattacks.

The Cult of Kosmos has scattered and hunted your family. Return the favor and hunt them back in the Cultist Menu.

Hunting the Cult of Kosmos requires Clues found throughout the world. Once you have enough Clues, the Cultists will be uncovered and easy to find.

Cult of Kosmos members can be hunted down using the Cultist Menu.

Members of the Cult exist across the ancient Greek world. They are interwoven into society and try to control it.

The Cult is divided into seven branches, each housing one Sage and five Cultists. Defeating a member of a branch often gives information on other Cultists.

Complete quests, loot chests in Underwater Points of Interest, or destroy Alpha Ships to acquire Figureheads, Ship Designs, and Crew Themes for the Adrestia.


There are many damage types: Warrior, Hunter, Assassin, Fire, Poison, Knockout, etc. Some enemies can be resistant or weak to some of them.

The Daughters of Artemis are guardians of nature and will be accompanied by beasts in battle. Be careful of their archers, too.

The Greco-Persian wars (490-479 BCE) ended with the Greeks' unexpected victory over the largest empire of the time, the Persian Empire.

Can't make up your mind? Try Quick Saving your game and checking out multiple decisions to see which you like best.

Deimos is your long-lost sibling and now a servant of the Cult of Kosmos.

As you explore ancient Greece, you'll discover historical sites. Once found, you can read more about them from the Map by changing your filter with (x).

If you're in need of resources, dismantle your old weapons and armor!

Dismiss unneeded Lieutenants to clean your list.

To dodge in a specific direction, hold () and press or hold ().

Press () to dodge quickly. Hold () to roll further away.

Up until the introduction of the Euro on January 1, 2002, Greece was still using the drachma as its national currency.

The drink of choice for ancient Greeks was wine mixed with water, while Thrakians, Egyptians, and Skythians brewed and drank beer.


Use () to call Ikaros, allowing you to scout areas, tag enemies, and discover hidden entrances and treasures.

Oil is highly flammable. Enemies unaware of the elements in their surroundings often pay with their lives.

Enemies have levels that determine how tough they are. Elite () enemies are even tougher, but have better rewards.

Visit Blacksmiths often to engrave your gear for maximum bonuses.

Complete gameplay challenges to unlock perks to engrave on your items at the Blacksmith.

Always use Ikaros to scout. Press () and then look for opportunities or challenges.

As you complete Synchronization Points, Ikaros' perception will increase, making tagging and locating targets easier.

Ikaros is your best tool for scouting your surroundings. Upgrade his perception by reaching Synchronization Points.


Use the World Map to Fast Travel to an already visited location or Synchronization Point.

Combat was male-dominated in ancient Greece, but women also waged war. In the fifth century, Artemisia fought beside Xerxes, and Hydna destroyed Persian ships.

Feed your inner pyromaniac. Increases your effectiveness at lighting enemies on fire with attacks!

Mercenaries will often travel to the Arena to test their might.

To burn fortresses, the ancient Greeks would use iron tubes filled with burning coals, sulfur, and pitch to launch flaming projectiles at the walls.

You can light your arrows on fire by approaching a flame.

Deal more damage with a chance to ignite enemies using this Ability.

Outsmart an enemy attack by tapping or holding () with the right timing to flank the enemy and attack them from the side.

The Followers of Ares are a sadistic cult of fanatics who seek violence and death. They will attack if you interrupt their ceremonies.

Sacrifice was a common ritual performed by the ancient Greeks, allowing them to commune with gods and heroes. Oxen, goats, sheep, and pigs were popular sacrifices.


The world of Ancient Greece is always shifting. Nations will fight and conquer each other with or without the help of Mercenaries.

Your weapons and armor have level prerequisites that you must meet before you can equip them.

Strengthen your defense with this Ability, which boosts your Armor stat.

Each time you loot gear, you can customize its appearance to create a unique look!

To bring down enemy cavalries, the Greeks buried clay pots on their land. The horses' legs sank into the buried pots, breaking their legs.

A sneeze at a key moment was seen as an omen in ancient Greece. Since it was involuntary, the action was viewed as a sign from the gods.

While near an edge or hanging, press or hold (X) to drop.

You can climb almost anything in the world by pressing or holding (X) and running at it.

High quality weapons and armor can be found at Points of Interest, on Mercenaries, and in Quests.

Ursa Major is named after Kallisto, the nymph Hera changed into a bear out of revenge, and Zeus transformed into a constellation after her death.

The plague of Athens killed one third of the population and was the largest epidemic in Greek history. It was most likely caused by typhus and smallpox.

Dreams in ancient Greece could be interpreted as both medical prognoses and prophetic signs.

Hekataios wrote an iconic geography text on Europe, Africa, and Asia. Later, the explorer Pytheas traveled as far as Iceland.

A game similar to street hockey called -keretizein- was played in ancient Greece with a curved stick and a ball.

The constellation names we use today are based on compilations in classical and Hellenistic Greece.


The most dangerous type of ship on the sea. Try to stay in constant motion to avoid their Fire Attacks, then focus all of your Fire Power on them.

Use the power of your spear to assassinate your enemies in combat. Assassin damage is used instead of Warrior damage.

Leonidas, who fought with his “three hundred” Spartans at Thermopylai, was the greatest example of bravery and sacrifice made to free Greece.

Hippokrates' approach to medicine challenged the traditional belief that illness was caused by divine intervention.

As you explore the world, you will discover Historical Locations. To learn more about them, go to the Map Menu and press (?) to change your filter and gain some knowledge!

Pirates and bandits are vicious and will attack you on sight.

Don't throw away your favorite outdated weapons or gear! Everything can be upgraded at a Blacksmith for a price.

The Adrestia is your home. Return to it often to find new quests on the Message Board or hang out with Barnabas.

Honor and eternal glory in ancient Greece was commonly bestowed on war heroes and decorated athletes.

Funerary rites and death were very important in ancient Greece. Still, the graves of suicides were anonymous, and the sacrilegious could not be buried on city land.

While riding a horse, hold () to crouch on its back so you can air assassinate nearbu enemies with ().

Use () to move on horseback. Hold () near a road to automatically follow it. Press () or () to attack.

While riding, hold (X) to stand on your horse. Press (Y) to leap off in any direction.

When ancient Greek cities were not taken through treachery, famine was the most frequent weapon.


The Krypteia provided survivalist training that acclimated soldiers to harsh conditions and covert operations. The training bred courage and the capacity to bear pain.

Dialog Icons like Attack, Flirt, Lie, Accept, and Leave indicate the outcome of the available choices.

Ikaros has been a part of your family since Sparta.

When tagging enemies or locating objectives, the more Synchronization Points you have completed, the easier Ikaros will find your targets.

When he's hungry, Ikaros will kill smaller animals on his own.

When you are on fire, run into water or tap () several times to reduce the fire duration.

You can refill your arrow quiver by crafting arrows in the inventory Menu, looting arrow racks, and defeating enemies.

Spies sent messages attached to arrows, between the soles of shoes, on medicine leaves, or hidden in dog collars.

Herodotos created what we recognize today as historical literature. Before him, only heroic tales, records of events, and chronological facts were used.

View and equip your weapons and gear in the Inventory Menu [CT_MenuOpenInventoryPage].

You can dismantle your equipment from the Inventory Menu. The rarest equipment yields the rarest materials.

Binding curses were used to harm enemies or grave robbers, get justice, or attract someone you desired.

Your eagle can tag enemies - in hover mode (), aim at them. You will then detect their presence even when you aren't looking at them.

All items benefit a specific playstyle based on the type of damage they increase: Melee, Ranged, or Assassinate.

It was first established during the fifth century BCE that the earth was spherical and the center of a spherical universe.


Sneak up on unsuspecting enemies and knock them out to recruit them as Lieutenants for your ship.


Hold () longer to charge a stronger Arrow Attack and aim for the Headshot

Somewhere, a goat has the obsidian eye of the Cyclops...

You can tag an enemy with your eagle or by aiming at them with your bow.


Illness, pirate attacks, and shipwrecks all appear to have been valid reasons for arriving late to the Olympics.

With this Ability upgraded, you can survive any fall or smash into the ground like a god.

As Nation Power drops, Leaders change their schedules and become more vulnerable to attack.

If you feel like it, you need to level up before doing the next quest, visit nearby islands. They are full of treasures, experience, and great stories to discover.

Ancient Greeks had a liberated view of sex. Not only was sex associated with some gods, it was also important to honor them so they would grant fertility.

Lieutenants can have unique skills that make them extremely valuable. Keep an eye out for them when scouting with Ikaros!

Spartan girls received a state-sponsored education in gymnastics, music, dance, reading, and writing to prepare them to bear healthy sons and warriors.

When detected by enemies who will attack, you have a slow motion window to react - fight or flight. This window can be enlarged by purchasing the Sixth Sense Ability.

In addition to death and injury, Greek warriors ran the risk of being taken prisoner, executed, sold as slaves, or kept in captivity in appalling conditions.

The Greeks did not generally kill unwanted children, because doing so would have incurred "blood-guilt." Instead, they abandoned them and let them die of exposure.

Press (X) to lock on to an enemy and track them. Move (Y) to select a different target. You can still attack whoever you want.

Make sure to always pick up Loot from defeated enemies and everywhere around the world. You never know what you'll get.

There are hundreds of vases, amphoras, and pots in Greece just waiting for you to loot them. You'll find lots of valuables that can be sold at Blacksmiths.


The mint of Athens was the most prolific in ancient Greece. The mines of Laurion allowed Athens to strike abundant coinage that was widely imitated.

After taming an animal, just stand near them to show how much you love them.

Young Greek men brought their dogs everywhere - to the gymnasium, symposiums, and so on. They were also used as watchdogs and hunting dogs.

Food, perfume, pelts, papyrus, wood, ivory, slaves, fabric, cushions, rugs, incense, salts, sponges, cosmetics, and even cups of wine where sold in the agora.

Markos is always looking to make a quick profit, but will look out for his friends in a tight situation.

Markos sheltered a lost Spartan child and raised it to become a misthios.

Spartan men had to marry between ages 25 and 35. Those who did not were penalized through a tax and excluded from some celebrations.

Ancient Greeks swore by the gods and called out to them to curse those who did not honor oaths or acted unreasonably

Wealthy ancient Greek women used white lead, red alkanet, and orchid-based rouge as makeup.

Switch the time of day from day to night and vice versa while meditating by holding ().

Check your standing in the Mercenary Menu and find out what sort of monetary benefits you're earning based on your current Mercenary Tier. Then hunt some Mercenaries!

Mercenaries <img src='mercenary_icon'/> are some of the toughest opponents, wielding unique weapons and skills. Prepare yourself before taking them on.

Mercenaries you encounter in the world can be reviewed and studied in the Mercenary Menu.

Move up to the next tier of Mercenaries and gain the benefits you will need to defeat the Mercenaries ahead of you.

The world is full of Mercenaries like you. Bounties to hunt them for rewards can often be found on Message Boards.

In ancient Greece, birds could bring messages from gods or omens that were revealed through their behavior (flight, cries, altered movement, or eating).

Mercenaries emerged during the Peloponnesian War due to social tensions and poverty. Famously, they were Kretan archers and Thrakian light soldiers looking for work.

Knocking out your enemies can be done with Paralyzing Arrows, certain Abilities, weapons with certain engraving perks, and in a pinch, with a melee punch.

Greek astronomers developed progressively accurate lunisolar cycles and learned to explain and predict solar and lunar eclipses.

In ancient Greece, the hairdresser provided a meeting place where news and gossip were shared.

Many stories end on Mount Taygetos, but your story truly begins there...


Each Nation has a unique Leader. War Contracts on Message Boards offer big rewards for killing them.

Nation Leaders across the world place War Contracts on Message Boards <img src='quest_board_icon'/>. Complete them for big rewards.

You can perform sharper turns and drift while boosting. Drifting can be used to avoid incoming attacks or to position yourself in a Naval battle.

Inflict damage to gain Fire Power and use it to shoot fire projectiles () or ()+(). Some types of ships are more vulnerable than others to fire - save your Fire Attacks for them.

While holding () to stop, turning will make your ship drift. Drifting can be used to avoid incoming attacks or to position yourself in a Naval battle.

Press (X) to stop and start Shanties. Press (Y) to play another one.

The Panhellenic Sanctuary of Delphi was renowned for the Oracle of Apollo and considered the center of the world in ancient Greece.

If your opponent is too powerful, go back toa Blacksmith and dismantle unused gear to upgrade and engrave your best items.

The Olympian gods were not Greek mythology's first immortals. Zeus ousted the previous generation, the Titans, and founded a new and final order.

When you loot new gear, check your Inventory Menu to see if it's worth equipping.

Visit the nearest Message Board and complete the weekly contract to receive orichalcum to spend at Sargon's shop.

Visit the nearest Message Board and complete the daily quest to receive orichalcum to spend at Sargon's shop.

Perikles appears to be the first Greek to use "siege-engines," which included "rams," "tortoises," and towers.

Ancient Greeks wiped their fingers on bits of bread, which were then thrown to their dogs.

Ancient Greek cities not only tolerated but protected public courtesans. It is said they "officiated" privately as much as they did in the temples in Korinth.


Hearings and trials were held in Athens for inanimate objects that had caused deaths.

Completing some Message Board Quests, War Contracts, and Bounties will reward Orichalcum to spend at the Oikos of the Olympians.

Sargon isn't your ordinary shopkeeper. His wide selection of goods only includes Rare, Epic, and Legendary items for your character and your ship.

Spend your Orichalcum at the Oikos of the Olympians to get Olympian Gifts or Sargon's weekly special items.

Breaking oil jars will spill oil in an area. If it touches fire, it will ignite. Think about it.

Although the Olympic Games were for men and boys only, the sanctuary of Olympia hosted one athletic competic for women, the Heraia, in honor of the goddess Hera.

The great sculptor Phidias created the 12.37 m tall gold and ivory Statue of Zeus at Olympia. It was one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world.

By observing signs and consulting oracles, the Greeks sought counsel from the gods on family, civic, legal, military, and other matters.

What we call "mathematics" today emerged specifically in the fifth century BCE and consisted of four sciences: arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and harmonics.

The Parthenon and its golden ivory statue of Athena cost more than 12 million drachmae in the fifth century BCE, which today would be $300 to $500 million US.


Unequip your weapon in the Inventory Menu and fight unarmed. Instead of killing, you will just knock out your enemies.

Perikles had the state pay citizens to participate in civic life. This arrangement was unique to Greece.

The word panic is derived from the god Pan's name. Greeks believed that he had the power to cause a person an irrepressible and alienating loss of control.

Quickly tap () to deflect incoming attacks and stun the attackers to open up a chance to counterattack.

Quickly tap () + () to parry incoming attacks. While parrying you can't move, but can dodge or attack to break the parry.

Biscuits in ancient Greece were sprinkled with salt during symposiums to stimulate or sustain guests' thirst so they could drink more.

Some short objects can be rolled over instead of climbed on by holding (X) as you approach.

You can peek and shoot your bow & arrow around corners by approaching the edge and pressing ().

When Nations trigger Conquest Battles, they request Mercenary help. You'll be the champion of one faction and will be rewarded if they win.

These small ships are fast and hard to ram. Use Fire Javelins when they come close to quickly disable them.

Dodge incoming attacks at just the right time to trigger a slow motion opening for counter attack!

Want to check the game's performance? Go to the graphics options to see the detailed performance statistics.

Perikles decided to avoid land combat with Sparta early in the Peloponnesian War. While he lost a large portion of Attika, he saved Athens and its port.

If Phobos <img src='transport_horse_icon'/> is dangerously injured, he won't come when called for several minutes. But wait long enough, and Phobos will be available again.

Phoibe hangs around Markos and loves to dream of an eagle just like Ikaros of her own.

Capture your best moment with Photo Mode by pressing (X) + (Y). You can edit your photos with a wide range of options before saving them.

The photos you take are shared with the whole community. On the World Map, you can filter your own photos from those shared by others.

Your photos are automatically shared for the whole community to enjoy. You can browse other players' photos on your map and give feedback.

Make your enemies sick with this Ability, which increases your effectiveness at poisoning.

Guards need to eat, sleep, and socialize too. Use their needs against them if you find the opportunity.


Press () to open your Quest Log, then select a quest and tap () to track it.

You can sort your Quest Log by distance, level, or how recently you accepted the quest.


Make arrows rain down on your enemies with this devastating Ability.

If you cleave a ship in half, more resources can be found in the wreckage!

Gear comes in four rarities in order of power: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Hidden in some locations are Ainigmata Ostraka riddles, which lead to Engracing Recipes hidden in the world.

Visit a Blacksmith to sell items for drachmae. Dismantle weapons and armor from the Inventory Menu to retrieve crafting materials.

Ancient Greeks could offer a simple prayer or make an offering or a sacrifice without the help of a priest or priestess.

You can reset your Ability Points at any time from the Ability Menu. It will only cost you a bit of drachmae to do so.

Certain areas of the world are restricted, and enemies inside will attack you on sight.

You cannot equip weapons of a level higher than your own.

Use this Ability to reveal all nearby secrets, lootables, clues, and even tag enemies when upgraded.

The world's first democracy began under Perikles. It combined order with the assertion of a citizen's right to freedom through political decisions.

When calling Phobos while running, you will automatically mount when he's close!

Double, triple, or even quadruple assassinate enemies from a distance with this chained assassination Ability.


Newly recruited Lieutenants must be paid before they can be assigned and used.

From any menu you can Quick Save or enter the Main Menu to save or load your game.

Remember to Quick Save your game from any menu before you make big decisions. You can always reload later.

Very challenging ships roam the seas. Find and destroy them for epic rewards!

The Delian League began in 478 BCE to fight the Persians. It included Ionian cities and the Aegean Islands, which supplied to joint war efforts with money or supplies.

The goddess of night will provide cover for you, making you nearly invisible to enemies.

Spend resources in order to upgrade your ship's damage, health, and other attributes to face tougher foes.

Challenge yourself to be the Silent Assassin. Complete Forts without being detected or leaving a body visible.

Avoid being seen by reducing the noise from movement and assassinations.

Borrow the speed of Hermes with this Ability. Everything around you will move slower while you move at full speed.

Use (X) to take a photo!

To engrave new gear perks or upgrade your gear, visit a Blacksmith.

You can engrave any type of item. Rare items have one additional perk, Epic have two, and Legendary have additional unique perks!

Use the Sparta Kick to knock back enemies from high places. Get creative!

Light Strikes + () are fast attacks that deal smaller amounts of damage. Heavy Strikes + () are slower attacks that deal more damage.

Spartans used a cipher to communicate during military operations. They wrote on leather strips, which were wrapped around a wooden stick.

Money was banned in Sparta in the fifth century BCE to discourage the accumulation of wealth. Spartans bartered with goods and ingots instead.

Some Spartan soldiers become berserk after losing health. While berserk, they will deal more damage and won't be staggered by attacks.

All Cultists carry a mysterious Artifact Fragment that can be used to upgrade your spear. Hunt them down to upgrade the Spear of Leonidas.

Special Arrows can be used in combination with most Ranged Abilities, resulting in some truly powerful effects.

One arrow at a time is for beginners! With this Ability, shoot up to seven at a time and even destroy shields.

As you Level Up, your base Health and Damage will increase, making you more powerful and harder to kill.

When crouched (), you are much harder to see and will become hidden by low bushes and fields. Perfect for stealth!

When crouched () inside bushes, you are fully hidden from enemies unless they pass very close by.

Helix Credits allow you to purchase bonus content from the Store, such as armor, weapons, mounts, ship designs, crew themes, and Lieutenants.

Want to enhance your play with cool items? The Store has a collection of unique gear, weapons, and more!

Want to progress faster? Visit the Time Savers section of the Store for a selection of boosters and play the game at your own pace.

Enemies become stressed when seeing dangerous events nearby and will remain stressed and more alert for a long period of time.

Hold () to call your horse, Phobos, to your side.

Viewpoints must be synchronized in order to fast travel to them.


In September of 480 BCE, King Leonidas of Sparta and Themistokles of Athens led a Greek force against the Persian army of Xerxes I.

Sparta owned one of the biggest territories in classical Greece, and relied on ground forces and military training for the sons of citizens age 7 to 29 for protection.

Hold () to meditate. Meditation allows you to go from night to day or day to night.

The Store offers a great selection of time savers: drachmae, resources, maps, and even boosters to earn more XP or drachmae while playing.

The sundial was the standard timepiece in ancient Greece. At night, people could use "water clocks," large jars that slowly drained specific amounts of water.

Food, perfume, pelts, papyrus, wood, ivory, slaves, fabric, cushions, rugs, incense, sails, sponges, cosmetics, and even cups of wine were sold in the agora.

Take out your torch and throw it to set things on fire and distract guards.

You can change the game difficulty at any time in the Gameplay section of the Options Menu.

Enemies carrying very large shields require a Charged Heavy Attack or Sparta Kick to break their guard.

Trade Goods are objects from daily life you can find in a variety of containers. You can sell them to Blacksmiths for drachmae.

You can engrave your items as many times as you want. Don't hesitate to try and combine different perks to increase your efficiency.

If enemies in a quest are too strong for you, take some time to get better gear and increase your level before coming back to get your revenge.

Strong and agile, Triremes are dangerous at close range. Make sure you brace against their quick javelin throws!


Legendary weapons and armor sets have unique and powerful perks. Find the challenges that will lead you to them from the Engraving Menu.

To jump from an edge that will cause you damage, move towards it and press ().

Hermaic pillars marked roads and borders. They were also used for protection and to attract fertility to homes and cities.


Stun your enemies with a powerful flash of light coming from your spear, then run for safety or get in the first strike!

Deadly poison will cause damage over time as well as reducing the stats of affected enemies!


Bandits are roaming the world looking for victims to rob. They will attack you on sight if you meet them.

The color of the weapon trait signifies the type of attack. Heavy attacks that will break your defense have a red trail, for example.

You have two different whistles. Pressing (X) will attract nearby enemies, while holding (X) will call your horse, Phobos.

The Wolf of Sparta is a war hero and strictly adherent to Spartan law.

Cleaving opponent ships in two is the fastest way to gather Olive Wood!

Harder challenges yield more powerful versions of existing perks.

The best strategy for defeating enemies is to reduce their health to zero while maintaining your own health above zero.

The Peloponnesian War lasted nearly 30 years and ended with the occupation of Athens.


Earn XP from almost every action you take in the world. When you have enough, you will Level Up and get a new Ability Point.


Regularly dismantle old weapons and armor from the inventory Menu to recover valuable Crafting Resources (wood, iron, obsidian glass, precious gems, leather).

When you commit reprehensible actions, there's a chance a Bounty will be put on your head. Bounty Hunters will hunt you to claim the reward.

The Fate of Atlantis


Called pathorica by Abstergo and adamant by the Greeks, this nearly indestructible metal has seen much use at the hands of the Isu during their golden age. It was notably used in the creation of Pieces of Eden.

Enemy Isu soldiers are able to freeze and drain the Adrenaline that you've accumulated.


Ability Enhancements (icon) modify existing abilities to change their function. This lets you create your own playstyle.


Humans were created in the image of the Isu, but lacked their sixth sense. Gathering Isu Knowledge (icon) and synthetizing it through the Staff could bridge the gap between races.

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