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About me

I've been playing the Assassin's Creed series since I was an impressionable 18-year old. The original AC was the first M-rated game I was able to buy without a parent (GameStop carded minors, and Amazon wasn't a thing yet). Understanding the Creed, "Nothing is true, everything is permitted," helped me to understand the nature of our world and society, which in turn allowed me to become less judgmental of people who were different, among other (allegedly) positive social developments like patience and understanding. I am 30 years old now, and January will mark my 8th year as a member of Wikia (it will always be Wikia to me, no matter what Fandom does...).

I was content to leave the collation of information to the regulars at this wiki, only providing sporadic edits maybe once a year. Assassin's Creed: Odyssey brought branching dialogues, consequential choices, among many other role-playing mechanics (which IMO introduces an element of "revisionism" that goes against the core purpose of the Animus: to present the historical events around these heroes' lives exactly as they happened, without room for misinterpretation and bias. But I digress), so I figured my experience from in the Mass Effect and Dragon Age communities would have something to offer on that front.

Though I hope for a return to the tactical assassination action and social stealth that set this series apart (which still exists to a certain extent, but the increased emphasis on a mathematical damage formula takes away from the skills used by Altair, Ezio, the Kenways, Arno, and the Frye twins).

My favorite pages

Cult of Kosmos notes - Want to make sure they're all there.

Order of Ancients clues - Needs the Order of Dominion entries.

Working on

Primarily working on dialogue pages, per the "About Me" section. Some things I may or may not have my own saves to use to investigate are below. I greatly appreciate any help filling in these gaps.

Notes on formatting:

Use tabber bracket to mark out dialogue choices. Use #tag:tabber for choices within choices.

Hyphens in the game's subtitles used to interrupt should be em dash (Option-Shift-dash). I also use en dash (Option-dash) with spaces on either side for dialogue choices that have a specific action icon next to them, e.g. "Flirt – text", "Attack – text", "Leave – I should go." (Shortcuts only apply to Mac, Windows... does not make it easy. Alt followed by a three-digit code...)

Anything italicized in game should be inverted to match the wiki's italicization of non-italicized words. Example: maláka. It's often italicized in-game, but close the marks before it and restart them after so it appears normal. On that note, Maláka should have the accent marker above the second a.

I'm not picky about exact formatting down to the wiki coding, but keeping the above in mind should save me some cleanup.

Judge, Jury, Executioner (Odyssey) - How does A Legendary Hunt affect the references to the two tasks, or the ability to proceed in A Bloody Feast?

The Conqueror - Cultist clue on Stentor – contents and acquisition, use in exposing the Cultist King during A Bloody Feast.

Legacy of the First Blade - Cleanup in Episode Two, bulk of which is complete, went much faster due to previous editors passing through and a new recording method. Or because the episode was shorter than the first. Episode Three should start at the end of October.

Complete but maybe not

A Night to Remember (Odyssey) - The whole damn questline, really. Exhibit A of why "player choice" isn't always a good thing.

He Waits - I got the footage I needed, it only meant killing the malákas Minotaur a dozen times... and there still might be something for getting this done before finding Myrrine.

Dinner in Sparta - Thanks to User:VilkaTheWolf for finding the missing combinations. Saves me many reloads. Just needs pics.

We Remember - Aristophanes comments that Kassandra's toast is as good as her singing. How is this affected, if at all, by screwing up the song during Perikles's Symposium?

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