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Great Recoinage of 1696

In 1696, the Great Recoinage in Great Britain resulted in the rise of money counterfeiters in the country. The Assassin William Lowndes, the Secretary to the Treasury, was tasked by King William III to resolve the issue through the help of the warden of the Royal Mint, Isaac Newton. Lowndes, in turn, employed his fellow Assassin Omar Khaled to help Newton as his new assistent.[1]

After tracing counterfeiters to William Chaloner, Khaled and Newton attended a ball held by Lord Benedict Crystal that Chaloner would attend. There, Khaled reconnected with childhood friend Rose Galloway and discovered she also possessed Eagle Vision, leading Khaled to recruit her for the Brotherhood.[1]


In 2019, Gavin Banks discerned that a coin pressed around the time of the Great Recoinage of 1696 contained a code that could help stop a virus program from spreading. Banks found a modern day descendant of the Assassin Omar Khaled, Aliyah Khan, and attracted her attention at an underground poker game in London's Chinatown. Banks employed her aid in exchange for help with her financial troubles, and along with My'shell Lemair, helped her explore her ancestor's memories in the Animus.[1]


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