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Another Day, Another Drachma

Another day dawned on Kephallonia. Kassandra's "usual" business as a misthios could wait. Today, she would find Markos and get paid. Little did she know how difficult that task would be.

So it begins


Debt Collectors


A Debt To Pay

The Cyclops casts a long shadow over the poor people of Kephallonia, including Kassandra and her sometimes-ally Markos. Now, he demanded payment or Markos's head - or both.

An Eye for an Eye

In order to pay his debts, Markos hatched another get rich quick scheme: steal from the Cyclops himself. He swore to Kassandra that if they had his obsidian eye, their problems would be over.

Fancy Guests


Penelope's Shroud

Enticed by the mysterious Elpenor, Kassandra accepted his request to retrieve the mythical Penelope's shroud. its recovery, said Elpenor, was crucial, and Kassandra would find out why.

The Big Break


The Wolf Hunt

Seeing something rare in Kassandra, Elpenor gave her a chance to prove herself. The mercenary set off to kill the Wolf of Sparta - a job that would prove more complicated than it first appeared.

Learning the Ropes

Barnabas's ship has seen better days, but Kassandra quickly learned how to make it formidable once more.

Equal Employment Opportunity Program

Barnabas's ship was under-crewed, so he suggested a new hire. Kassandra decides that she’d be in charge of recruiting new members herself.

A Journey into War


The Athenian Leader

In order to defeat the Athenians in Megaris, Stentor asked Kassandra to kill the region's Leader. He mentioned that this task would be easier if Kassandra weakened the Athenian's position first.

Crumble and Burn

Kassandra knew that an army without supplies would quickly fall, and the chance of meeting the Wolf would be just within her grasp.

Portion Control

Tensions were high in the Spartan camp after a supply convoy was plundered and the men guarding it killed. In hopes of gaining more favor with the Spartans, Kassandra set out to find the perpetrator.

Hunting Hyrkanos

Dolios located Hyrkanos, a dangerous mercenary who was disrupting the Spartan advance in the region. He asked Kassandra to deal with the menace before he could do anymore damage.

One Man Army

If Kassandra wanted to meet the Wolf, she would have to help the Spartans conquer Megaris. And Megaris would be easier to conquer if there were fewer Athenian soldiers.

The Athenian Treasure Trove

The Athenian army's morale would crumble if the treasure used to pay the soldiers was stolen, and Sparta would be one step closer to victory over the region.

Missing Map

A map containing vital strategic information was stolen from the Spartan camp. Kassandra was asked to track the culprit and return the missing item to the Polemarch.

The Wolf and the Snake

As was the case with Elpenor, his reasons for wanting the Wolf of Sparta dead were unknown. What was known was only that the price on the contract was high, and this contract was unlike any other.

Onward to Phokis

Kassandra knew her confrontation with Nikolaos made her a marked woman. She had to flee Megaris or face the wrath of the entire Spartan army for she'd done.

The Wolf's Fate

Kassandra traveled to Pilgrim's Landing in Phokis to confront the mysterious Elpenor and collect her reward for the Wolf's head.

Of Visions and Visionaries

After what happened to Nikolaos, Kassandra sought guidance from Barnabas, who encouraged her to consult the Oracle at Delphi.

Consulting a Ghost

Oracles and prophecies has destroyed Kassandra's family. So when Barnabas suggested he consult with the Oracle of Delphi the help find her mother, she did so with great reluctance and skepticism.

Legacy of the First Blade


Kassandra's travels brought him to Makedonia, where a chance encounter revealed an ancient enemy from beyond the Greek world.

The Horsemen Cometh


The Lost Tales of Greece



Kephallonia Islands

A Fight with Talos

Ever the bitter rival, the Cyclops put a price on Kassandra's head. A dangerous mercenary, Talos the Stone-Fist, had taken the bounty and was out for blood. Kassandra knew she had to prepare herself.

A Small Odyssey

The scrappy Odessa was on a quest. She wanted to reach the palace of her ancestor, the great Odysseus. When Kassandra saved her from a group of bandits, Odessa knew just who should escort her there.

A Ship Came Sailing


Mercenary Work

As Kassandra had learned, any job is a good job - no matter how small. Ilos, a Kephallonian armorer, needed wolf furs for the war effort, and knew Kassandra could provide them easily.


A Dangerous Path (daily)

Respectable woman seeking aid. Drachmae if you can help me.

Birth of Hope



Besieging Bandits

Whenever law and order reign, you can be sure to find outlaws and bandits not far away. Those who have turned their back on civilized society must be dealt with to ensure lasting peace.


Bad Romance

I want to send my husband a token of my love. I have drachmae for you if you can help.

Killing Virtue

I need help from someone experienced in war. Let us talk.

Outlaws of the Marsh

Help me deal with some cursed bandits! I’ll pay!

Your Drachmae or Your Life

Bandits were a constant threat to those already much put upon by war. Kassandra was tasked with the destruction of these craven opportunists.



The Blood Fever

When sickness spread in Kausos, many fell victim to its sweep. The only way to stop the spread, said a priest, was to kill any and all survivors.

The Blind King

Prince of Persia


The Daughters of Artemis

The Daughters of Artemis

It was suggested that Kassandra seek out Daphnae, the leader of the Daughters of Artemis, in Phokis. A great task was meant to await her there…

The Goddesses’ Hunt

Daphnae challenged Kassandra to hunt down seven legendary creatures throughout the Greek world and deliver their pelts back to her.

Kallisto the Bear

The wide expanses of Arkadia were home to Kallisto the Bear, a creature of rare beauty and unmatched ferocity. Kassandra was given the task of claiming its pelt.

The Erymanthian Boar

The Erymanthian boar was said to have been captured by Herakles, and now its namesake trampled all before it in Elis. Kassandra would have to avoid its deadly charge in order to claim its pelt.

The Nemean Lion

The Nemean lion held Argolis in a grip of fear - those who roamed into the wilds rarely returned. Though it was a killer, Kassandra saw in it a noble beauty, and was sad she had to slay it.

The Krokottas Hyena

The Krokottas Hyena had been spotted in Kythera. Kassandra was eager to add this unusual creature’s pelt to her collection.

The Hind of Keryneia

The Hind of Keryneia was sacred to the Daughters of Artemis. Hunting such a magnificent creature was an honor one could not take lightly, and one that Kassandra would complete.

The Kretan Bull

The Kretan Bull was a creature of legend captured by Herakles, though it was the gods' will that such creatures once more roam the land. Kassandra needed to do more than capture this bull.

The Lykaon Wolf

The Lykaon Wolf was seen lurking around Lakonia, preying on man and beast alike. Kassandra would put an end to this predator for good.

Artemis's Request

Daphnae had one last trial for Kassandra. She believed that by completing her hunts for Artemis, Kassandra had proven herself worthy of challenging her for the leadership of the Daughters of Artemis.

The Secrets of Greece

The Dunce Conundrum



For Fire and Sparta

Selling Athenian swords — only been handled by soft hands.

I Wish You Hadn’t Done That

Something has gone wrong with my prophecy. Need help retrieving sunken supplies.


Bounty on Bandits/a Bandit

"My brave brother survived battle only to be killed by bandits robbing him on the road. His death must be their last!"

"A bandit held me at knife point on the road into town! See how he likes getting cut open."

"An axe-wielding lunatic came through my estate and killed my horses. Someone has to stop him!"

"A bandit stole what little food my family had stored. Said he'd be back for more. We don't have more. Save us!"

"A brute has been killing livestock. Bashing their poor heads in. He must pay, or the whole town will starve."

"Bandit on the run. Charged with impiety. Reward for whoever brings the judgement of the gods to him."

"A fiend stole silver left for the temple as an offering. Let him use that silver to pay the Ferryman."

"A bandit snuck into our camp. Killed our general. Find him. Kill him."

"A bandit's been stalking us, then giving our location to the Spartans. Either he dies or we do. So he dies."

"My husband was attacked by a bandit when he was out hunting. He may not survive! Someone bring us justice!"

"A raider stole the hides from my last hunt! There's a reward for anyone who hunts that raider."

"Bandits snuck into my stables and butchered my mares. For meat! They were bred to race! Find the bandits. Kill them."

"A band of thieves is planning to raid our warehouses. The arrogance! Teach them a lesson - a fatal one."

"My cursed son and his "friends" are thieves, and now murderers. I can't take the shame he's brought me! Kill them all!"

"Live bandits bad. Dead bandits good. Drachmae goes to the one who makes live bandits dead."

"A priest from a temple went to a bandit camp to pray with them. They sent us his head. They must pay!"

"A group of raiders cleaned the temple's treasury. They will pay with their heads."

"My troops are marching through bandit country. Bounty paid to anyone brave enough to clear them out before we do."

"A few soldiers have defected. Call themselves freedom fighters. They're nothing more than thieves. Kill them."

"We lost two of our best hunters in the last bandit raid. We need help. Find the bandits and kill them."

"Bandits spotted roving in the woods nearby. Only a matter of time before they attack. Kill them before they do."

Bounty on Misc Leader

"There is corruption everywhere since {TARGET_NAME} took over. He spells bad news for us all. I fear a future with him in it. Who can end him?"

"With {TARGET_NAME} in charge, it seems the streets have more beggars than ever before. He cares nothing for the people. He must be cut down."

"Our cities are in disrepair while {TARGET_NAME} takes, takes, and takes some more. We must be free of this greedy tyrant. Drachmae if you can help us!"

"{TARGET_NAME} is nothing but a crook who deserves a knife to the heart. Is there anyone up to the task?"

"Having {TARGET_NAME} in power is an embarrassment to all good, moral people. This malákas shames us all. Restore our good name by putting him in the ground."

"Since {TARGET_NAME} seized power, there has been a steady increase in bandit activity. It’s not safe here anymore. Please, protect us and kill this tyrant."

"{TARGET_NAME} does nothing. The poor get poorer, and the rich get richer. There is no justice in the world. If there was, someone would gut the malákas."

"I know that {TARGET_NAME} does not deserve his position. He got where he is through intimidation alone. Someone needs to knock him down."

"{TARGET_NAME} does not fulfill his promises to his people. All he does is take for himself. Drachmae to the one who can gut the pig."

"Law and order have broken down since {TARGET_NAME} took power. The roads are more dangerous than ever before. Please, someone end his rule."

"Since {TARGET_NAME} took over, there has been a growing disrespect for our local shrines. They say {TARGET_NAME} does not fear the gods. Show him he should."

"When {TARGET_NAME} took power here, he brought his filthy foreign gods with him. Send him to Hades and let his impiety be judged."

"The followers of {TARGET_NAME} have no respect for our temples. If someone could cut the malákes down, they would soon learn reverence."

"{TARGET_NAME} demands good omens from us priestesses and punishes us if the omens are bad! We’re not safe as long as he is in control."

"{TARGET_NAME} and his followers do as they please. Our sacred statues have been vandalized! Someone, please, have the strength to end that malákas."

"Since {TARGET_NAME} took over, war has ravaged my village. Someone needs to gut the malákas and save our way of life! My drachmae to the one who manages it."

"People here are dying every day now, and {TARGET_NAME} does nothing but laugh at our misfortune. He brings trouble and nothing else. Kill him."

"Since {TARGET_NAME} took over, the war effort has been ruined. He doesn’t know what he’s doing! Someone gut the fool and let a competent leader take charge."

"{TARGET_NAME} sent a fleet of ships right into the enemy. We’ll lose everything with him in command! Let his flesh feed the worms, that’s all he’s good for."

"Since {TARGET_NAME} took over these parts, the soldiers are no longer kept in line. They’re rowdy and abusive. We need a new leader around here."

"With {TARGET_NAME} in charge, the rich come here and hunt everything at their leisure. There’s nothing for the rest of us. Someone, cut down {TARGET_NAME}!"

"There’s been an increase in thieves here since {TARGET_NAME} took charge. Things were better before. Kill {TARGET_NAME}. I can hope for a good replacement."

"Our lands are not protected since {TARGET_NAME} came into power. I’ve seen wolves prowling closer to us each day! It’s time for a change in leadership."

"The wilds are not as safe as they were. With {TARGET_NAME} in charge, bandits have become bolder. Maybe with {TARGET_NAME} dead, things will get better again."

"{TARGET_NAME} does nothing to protect local farmlands from raiders. He doesn’t care! Someone gut him like the pig he is. That’ll show him."

"{TARGET_NAME} struts about and spends the people’s drachmae, but is tight-fisted with his own. We need a new leader who knows the value of coin."

"{TARGET_NAME} was different before he gained power. He was always horrifying, but at least he protected his allies. Now all he cares for is money."

"Leadership has changed {TARGET_NAME}. He has become soft and decadent, with his drachmae and fine foods. Punish him for his weakness."

"The Spartans have {TARGET_NAME} leading one of their regions now. Truly, they are mad. Riches to the one who ends that fool."

"Drachmae and glory to the one who kills {TARGET_NAME}! Let the Spartans weep and wail for their dead!"

"{TARGET_NAME} leads only for the rich. Those of us who are poor struggle and suffer, and he just laughs. Remind him that even the rich are mortal."

"{TARGET_NAME} is an insane tyrant. His taxes and laws make it impossible for the common people to live. Kill him and give us back our hope!"

"Sparta and its allies have known times of great plenty, but {TARGET_NAME} wastes our resources. He will impoverish us all if he’s not stopped."

"{TARGET_NAME} is the wolf at the door. He is the hunger in our belly and the hand at our throat. End our suffering. End him."

"{TARGET_NAME} gained his power by robbing, murdering, and terrorizing poor people like me. I finally have enough for a bounty - avenge us."

"The gods gave me a vision last night - it was the bones of {TARGET_NAME} bleaching in the sun. It was beautiful. We must serve this prophecy."

"Fix the smile on his corpse and give {TARGET_NAME} to the underworld. Life is long enough."

"{TARGET_NAME} is strong, but it takes more than strength to lead. We need real wisdom - one chosen by the gods! Do their work."

"Every night I am visited by the ghosts and shades of those {TARGET_NAME} murdered to gain power. Please kill him and give me peace."

"A wolf visited me in the night and said it was Artemis and she wanted {TARGET_NAME} hunted. Yes, I was drunk, but just in case - I’m not defying a goddess!"

"People can only be as good as their leader allows them to be. {TARGET_NAME} is an insane warmonger. What can we hope to achieve as a people while he leads?"

"{TARGET_NAME} is not a wartime leader. Things could get rough with the move we’re making. It’s no reflection on him, it’s just the way it is."

"War all of the time. {TARGET_NAME} lives for it. Lusts for it. But even Spartans must have peace sometimes. We must be free of this tyrant."

"We are Spartans! We should have crushed these soft Athenians immediately. If it weren’t for leaders like {TARGET_NAME}, we’d rule all of the Greek world."

"The death of {TARGET_NAME} is a regrettable necessity. Such is war."

"I first met {TARGET_NAME} on the Skironian Rocks. He robbed me, humiliated me, and kicked me into the sea. Slit his throat and throw him to the turtles."

"{TARGET_NAME} is a beast, not a leader. I saw what he did before coming to power. I know the secrets he left buried in the hills. Kill this monster."

"A leader now, is {TARGET_NAME}? When I knew him, he was just a little bastard of a goat lover with something to prove. Remind him he is nothing."

"{TARGET_NAME} leads a Spartan region now? Truly the world is a terrible place. He is a bastard who should be thrown to the wolves."

"{TARGET_NAME} does nothing while the wolves eat our children and the bandits ravish us. Cut the face from his grinning skull."

Bounty on Misc Soldier/s

"An Athenian soldier collected unfair taxes from the wealthy while he was stationed nearby. Has now gone into hiding, but it is his turn to pay."

"One of those bastard Athenians raided my studio and stole my paintings. Paint the ground with his blood."

"An Athenian soldier demanded I pay him for protection. If I pay you instead, who will protect him?"

"An Athenian demanded the best wine from my vineyard. Said I could afford to spare it for thirsty soldiers. I can afford a bounty, instead."

"There is a soldier who demands tribute from all of my weavers. I swear he wants to tax my every thread. His thread must be cut."

"My spies have told me of an Athenian soldier from a wealthy family who has had everything handed to him. Hand the Athenians despair with his death."

"A soldier in the Athenian army has denied the match we offered him for my daughter. He will not insult our family and live."

"My pottery sells well, but not well enough to need a special tax. This soldier just wants to rob me. Well, I’ll spend the money on his bounty instead."

"We invited a soldier into our home when he was traveling, and he repaid our hospitality by stealing from us! Kill that ungracious bastard."

"One of my soldiers is useless, but his family is influential. I can’t deal with him openly so I need him to have a bad run-in with a mercenary."

"The bastard Athenian thinks he can take whatever he wants from the poor. Well I can afford a bounty. Take from him."

"I finally found where the Athenian soldier who hurt my girl is camped. We have nothing, so he thought we were nothing. Leave him for the wolves."

"I was just trying to sell my little trinkets at the soldier camp, and this big bastard of an Athenian kicked me down the hill. Wish someone would kick him."

"Real mean real dumb real ugly Athenian in camp. Name is dumb and mean and ugly too, but I don’t remember it. You’ll know him - he’s the mean dumb ugly one."

"Get rid of the soldier who thinks the poor are here only for his abuse. He is a shame to Athens."

"Wanted: the Athenian soldier who destroyed the cart I need to take my goods to the market, just because he was bored."

"The soldiers are all aggressive, but we stay out of their way. But this one bastard, he comes looking for trouble in our neighborhood."

"We can’t afford a big dowry - how can we marry our daughter off if this soldier keeps spreading rumors? Silence him."

"This soldier thinks my shop is his personal armory. My swords are not free, and I cannot afford to support this thieving bastard."

"A soldier took our drachmae and said he would get rid of the bandits. I saw him drinking with them at the tavern, and we were robbed again the next day."

"A soldier in the camp made the most vile comments to our priestess. We can’t act openly against the armed men, but his impiety must be punished."

"There is a soldier who is demanding payments from worshippers at our temple. This is a place of the gods! His impiety must be punished."

"Athenian soldiers should know better, but there is one who spits on sacred grounds and leers at our priestess."

"Athens is the pride of the Greek world, this soldier who steals and attacks the helpless villagers is a shame to the glory given to us by the gods."

"Wanted for blasphemies against the temple and the gods! He thinks just because he is a soldier he can do whatever he wants."

"Wanted: the head of the soldier who despoiled the temple."

"An Athenian relieved himself on our temple wall. His filth has spread an impurity to the whole community, and the miasma cannot be cleared until he is dead."

"The soldier who was posted to guard our temple had no respect for the sanctity of the temple or the priestess. Show him the wrath of the gods."

"Wanted: the head of the soldier for his inappropriate conduct with the bust of Artemis at the temple. Such crude blasphemies will not be tolerated."

"Bounty offered on the Athenian soldier who took liberties with the sacrificial wine and spoke licentiously to the priestess." "The Athenian who ordered my brave son killed to cover up his own mistakes. Give him to the crows."

"There is a soldier who sells secrets to Sparta and thinks no one knows. I know. Give his bones to the sky."

"There is a soldier in the Athenian camp who drinks and insults his brothers behind their backs. I want a dagger in his."

"The Athenians think they are safe in their camp. They hide just out of reach of our soldiers. There’s one I’ve marked. Show him that they are never safe."

"One of the other soldiers in camp is a bastard, but he’s related to too many important officers for us to deal with ourselves."

"An Athenian soldier crippled my son and ruined his career in what was supposed to be a practice battle. Make the bastard suffer."

"This soldier thinks he’s important just because he’s got a little sword and a helmet? I’ll never let my daughter marry him no matter how he threatens."

"This soldier, he helps himself to my goods every day and calls it war tax. It would be cheaper to have him killed, says my wife. A smart woman, my wife."

"Wanted: the Athenian soldier who thinks there are no consequences for how he speaks to my family at the market."

"My father is a soldier for Athens. It would be best if he did not return from the war."

"There is an Athenian who scares all the game away from my woods with his clumsy hunting. Kill this fool before all the animals flee."

"Out here outside the city the soldiers are not watched as closely. This bastard has been doing whatever he likes and thinks he’ll get away with it."

"How do I do this? Do I just write why I hate this guy? He’s a soldier and he killed my animals. I’ll pay you to kill him? Is this right?"

"This bastard soldier helped himself to my crops and my goats. Killed more than he needed and left the carcasses in the sun! Do the same to him."

"It’s hard enough growing food to eat without this bastard soldier demanding portions of my crops every week. Show his guts to the sky."

"This soldier has made life miserable out here isolated from his command. It would be terrible if he had a misfortune and his body rotted under the open sky."

"We clear land, and the soldier comes and claims it. So we clear more, and he comes and claims that too. Kill this bastard for making a Sisyphos of me."

"This soldier who insults us for living in the countryside - I think he will go to Hades if he dies here the same as he would if he died in the city, no?"

"I’ve hunted wolves all my life, and now this soldier tells me the pelts are the property of Athens? Leave the corpse out for my wolves when you’re through."

"I compete with wolves and bears for game in my woods. I don’t have time for this Athenian who thinks he knows which end of his spear is sharp. Hunt him."

"These cursed Athenians have overrun our city! Their presence shames Sparta. I want the dogs cut down!"

"The Athenian soldiers are loud and brutish. The drunken louts give us no peace! Slitting their throats would bring silence to our streets."

"The Athenians make people afraid. I’m losing customers at the market! The sight of Athenian corpses would show people the streets are safe again."

"Malákes Athenians hassle and taunt Spartan people! Cut out their eyes and let their blood stain the streets. We’ll see who’s laughing then."

"Athenian soldiers bring disgrace to Sparta! They should never have dared to set foot here! Cut off their legs and let the crows take what’s left."

"An Athenian or a helot, which is worse? The Athenian, of course. At least the helots can be controlled. Drachmae to you if you can cut down Athenians."

"Athenians think they can challenge Spartan greatness? I’ll be sure to reward anyone who guts the fools in the streets!"

"Malákes Athenians hassle my workers every day. They think they’re untouchable! My drachmae to anyone who can show them they’re not."

"Our markets are overrun by Athenian bastards. They think they can take what they like and spit on anyone who tries to stop them. Cut off their hands!"

"The sight of Athenians in our streets breaks my pater’s heart. Drachmae to you if you make the streets flow red with Athenian blood!"

"Cursed Athenians have been raiding our homes since the army arrived here. I’d give my last drachma to see those malákes suffer!"

"Whenever the Athenians get bored, they start beating people on the streets. I won’t take it anymore. Cut out their hearts. If they have any."

"Athenian soldiers are taking our food supplies for themselves. What are we supposed to eat? I say let the wolves feast on their entrails instead."

"Wretched Athenians make everything worse! Their raids are drawing bandits to our village to pick at what’s left! I want those Athenian bastards cut down!"

"I thought we were poor before the Athenians came. Now, we truly have nothing. But I’d give whatever I could to see those malákes torn apart in the streets."

"I’ve nothing if I don’t beg on the streets, but the Athenians chase me away all the time. I’ll give you what little drachmae I have if you get rid of them."

"Things were better around here before the Athenians came. Now we never have any peace. Tear the malákes apart and I’ll give you whatever I can!"

"The Athenians have no goodness in them. They beat us and taunt us, even our children! Someone, please save us from these bastards."

"The Athenian bastards have started hurting our pets for fun. They laugh when they see us despair! Flay the malákes alive. I’ll laugh then."

"I finally got my hands on some good bread, and the Athenians swiped it from me! They kicked me away and laughed. Cut the skin from their bones!"

"The Athenians are impure dogs. They defile Sparta with their impiety. Cut down every last one, and cleanse the soil of Sparta with their blood."

"Malákes Athenians have been destroying Spartan shrines! Nothing is sacred to them! I say cut off their offending hands and bare their guts to the gods."

"By defying Sparta, the Athenians defy the will of the gods! If you have strength, it is your duty to slice these filthy malákes open from head to toe."

"Athenian soldiers murdered our priestesses in cold blood! The gods demand vengeance! Gut these pigs and let the crows pluck out their eyes!"

"Nothing is safe from the Athenian scum! They are so low as to raid our temple. The gods will bless the one to shove a spear through their smiling faces."

"The disgusting Athenians have been defacing our sacred statues. I say deface them by taking a blade to their necks!"

"Athenian bastards have been mocking our priests. They have no respect for our ways! Shove a blade down their throats and let them choke with regret."

"I heard that the Athenians have been stealing sacrifices from Spartan temples! The malákes know no shame! Shove a spear through their hearts for the gods."

"Athenian scum have been mocking our religious customs. They think they’re better than us? Break their teeth and see how well they smile!"

"Athenian bastards had the nerve to interrupt our sacred festivities. The gods demand they pay the price. I’ll pay you if you can crush their skulls!"

"Athenian control over Spartan lands is an abomination! I will not yield to these animals! But I’ll reward the first person to cave in their skulls."

"Athenian scum have been harassing our women. They’ll only listen to the blade. Skin the bastards and give their bodies to the crows."

"Athenian soldiers have no respect. They treat us like vermin. I’ll pay to see them ripped to pieces. Let the rodents feast on their flesh."

"Deserters have no honor. The cowards bring shame to Athens! Drachmae to the one who strikes their heads from their shoulders!"

"The Athenian dogs need to be knocked back. I’d pay dearly to see their spirits lowered. Cut a few of them up and watch the rest scatter like cowards."

"Athenian idiots think they can win this war? Cut a few of them down in the streets and see how soon they lose confidence! I’ll pay for such a sight."

"The Athenians seem to think the best way to win the war is to terrorize villagers. Show them what we’re made of by slitting their throats."

"The Athenians must know we’ll fight back with everything we have. In the cities, in the villages, and in the wilds! Drachmae if you cut them down!"

"Help break Athenian morale by gutting a few of the dogs in the streets! I’ll pay anyone who can cut the smiles from their faces!"

"A curse on the Athenians! Break some of their spears before their next battle. Break their faces too."

"Wretched Athenian soldiers keep trampling through the forest. They burn and destroy everything in their way! Gouge out their eyes and let them rot."

"Malákes Athenians destroyed half my crops on their way through here! I want those dogs cut down where they stand. See how they like it."

"Athenians keep hunting our local wildlife and they’re driving the animals off! Drive a spear through those worthless malákes. The beasts might come back."

"Cursed soldier camps are attracting wolves to our village. Slice the malákes Athenians apart where they sit. May as well give the wolves a feast."

"I’ve seen the Athenian soldiers killing my goats in the fields! Bastards! My drachmae to the one who slits their throats!"

"We were never protected out here, but since the Athenians came, things are much worse. I’ll give whatever I have to you if you can cut them down."

"I want the peaceful wilds back. Get rid of the Athenians. Drag them out of here on the edge of a blade. I’ll pay you."

"Sparta needs you. The Athenians grow in strength each day. Gut a few where you find them. Answer this call, and I’ll pay you well!"

"The Athenian soldiers are taking what little food stores we have out here. Kill as many of the malákes as you can, and maybe we’ll survive this war."

"We’re alone out here. The Athenian soldiers hassle us day and night. They’re bored, and we’re angry. Cut them down and give us peace."

"I thought these Spartan soldiers lived a simple life. Why is this bastard constantly demanding taxes from me, then? I’ve had enough."

"Spartan soldier wanted for not paying for high-class services rendered. He makes big promises, but only has a little sword."

"The Spartans buy good weapons and need repairs constantly, but one tries to cheat me. I need him taken care of - but quietly, so the rest stay customers."

"Marble quarrying is expensive and busy. So what if I made a little more drachmae than I told the magistrate? The soldier investigating me needs to stop."

"I understand that there is a war on, but business is business, and this Spartan is costing me drachmae. He has helped himself to enough of my goods."

"This bastard Spartan soldier was happy to borrow money from me back when he didn’t have a camp full of armed friends. He thinks he’s untouchable, but he isn’t."

"The Spartan who owes me is too proud to pay from his pocket, so let him pay with his life."

"There is a Spartan who is looking into my business a little too closely. Take care of him quietly, and some of the drachmae he’s so interested in is yours."

"This hypocrite Spartan talks about his disciplined and simple lifestyle and then helps himself to my wares. Gut him."

"Bounty for the bastard Spartan who hurt my sister. Knock the bastard’s teeth down his throat and let him die choking."

"There is a brute of a Spartan who picks on us because we are not full citizens. Life is hard enough for us without his abuse."

"There is a Spartan soldier who attacks the poor and robs us of what little we have. He says “call a soldier for help!” and laughs at us."

"The soldiers are supposed to be here to protect us, but this one makes life unbearable. We can’t afford to move, we can barely afford this bounty."

"Spartan soldier - beating poor folk for fun - laughs and spits at us. Spit on his corpse when it’s done."

"The Spartans took control here and killed most of the men. One of them treats the poor widows very badly. Make him suffer."

"There is nothing worse than a soldier who picks on the poor because he thinks we’re helpless. What little we have in return for proving we’re not."

"There’s a Spartan who comes to the slums to do the things he thinks he wouldn’t get away with in better neighborhoods. No one has ever needed killing more."

"My little shop was all I had, and that Spartan brute destroyed it. Give his blood to the gutters."

"These soldiers think they are better than us because we’re poor. This one, he spits on us and kicks us. But even small snakes have venom."

"The soldier who beat my son and crippled him just for begging. Every little bit I have in return for his life!"

"This soldier is not fit to serve Sparta. The gods know what he’s done, but all you need to know is that he needs killing." "Wanted - Spartan soldier accused of blasphemies against Artemis. Guide her arrows to his throat."

"This Spartan bastard thinks being a soldier in the krypteia excuses his blasphemies? The gods don’t forget."

"There is a soldier who serves Sparta but does not serve the gods. He insulted our priest and spoke blasphemies."

"This soldier is the shame of Sparta. He helps himself to the offerings left for the gods and thinks no one can stop him."

"I would call the Spartan soldier who was posted here a dog, but dogs can be trained not to leave their messes in our temple. Punish him."

"Bounty offered for the death of the Spartan soldier who dared to touch the vestments of the priestess. Show him the wrath of the gods."

"Soldiers tell dirty jokes, but the one spreading malicious gossip about our beloved old priest and the young priestess of Aphrodite must be silenced."

"The Spartan who guards the temple is corrupt. He has been allowing thieves to rob us of offerings left by the worshippers. Take care of him quietly."

"In my dream, the Spartan soldier I saw in the street was rocked by earthquakes and drowned in the sea. It is a prophecy! Kill him for mighty Poseidon!"

"I was just doing my job, and this Spartan bastard kicked me down a well! Someone should stop his madness."

"Cruelties in war are to be expected, but this soldier is a true bastard. What he’s done cannot be forgiven."

"A Spartan thinks he’s cleverer than he really is. Gathering information on our village, but we know what he’s doing. His report should never reach command."

"A soldier in the phalanx protects the man next to him with his shield too. There is one who can barely lift his. Cull the weak."

"War does not excuse what this soldier has done. Nothing can excuse it. Take his throat."

"There is a Spartan who is a threat to my future as an officer. The details remain with me, but my drachmae can go with you if you remove him."

"Drachmae for Spartan blood. There is a real bastard of a soldier - I’d like nothing more than to see his children orphaned."

"There is a soldier in the Spartan army - his family and mine have always been enemies. He thinks to win glory. I think soldiers sometimes die mysteriously."

"One of the soldiers in my command is a disgrace to Sparta. A weakling. A complainer. But his father is too influential for me to kill him myself."

"War? What does this soldier know of war? I fought battles while he was crawling. He thinks just because I am old now I cannot oppose him? Give him death."

"Finally, the Spartan troops have moved on. My farm will start to recover if we can get rid of this last bastard straggling behind."

"The Spartan who is responsible for keeping the village safe has been letting the bandits raid freely. I think they pay him. We need a new protector."

"There is a Spartan who leaves his camp to raid the farms at night. His Commander won’t do anything about it, so we have to."

"A Spartan killed the wolves in these woods just to hunt them. Didn’t even take their pelts. I hate seeing anything suffer for no reason. He has reason."

"It’s hard enough trying to make a life from the land without this Spartan bastard helping himself to my crops whenever he feels like it."

"Drachmae for the blood of the bastard Spartan who killed all the game in my forest."

"My goats have never been the same since that Spartan soldier was stationed nearby. I don’t care how you do it, just make the bastard dead."

"The Spartan sent to clear the wolves from our farm has done nothing but eat our food and drink in the village. Feed him to the wolves."

"Paying good drachmae for anyone willing to rid the world of this Spartan beast. He’s worse than the wolves."

"This Spartan, he wouldn’t dare do these things in the city. But out here in the countryside he thinks he can have his way. Make him suffer."

"Mindless, hateful Spartans destroy our estates. They march through just to watch them burn. Why waste the riches of the land? Waste them instead."

"Spartans carrying off amphoras of fine wine because they think no one can stop them. In need of someone to stop them."

"Sparta’s sons are a brood of thieving wolves. I don’t know which of them stole from me and I don’t care. Take them all."

"These Spartan bastards do what they like and think they are invulnerable. My drachmae says they are not."

"Wanted - a mercenary to wipe out an undisciplined rogue unit of Spartans who are taking unfair taxes from merchants on the road."

"The Spartans have no respect for refined Athenian customs! I’d rather their blood on the streets than their laughter and mockery! Drachmae if you make it so."

"Since the Spartans came through here, there’s been an increase in thieving. Gut a few of the malákes and we’ll see if it makes a difference."

"Cursed Spartans destroyed my precious vineyard. They think they can do what they like. Open their bellies and I’ll make wine with their blood!"

"The Spartans hassle the locals and incite violence at the agora. Someone needs to stop them before our trade here is ruined."

"Spartan bastards keep aggravating merchants at the port. This can’t go on! Gut the fools and let us trade in peace."

"Need help - the Spartan unit is sending krypteia scouts out to kill poor people just for practice! Someone do something about these monsters."

"Needed - a mercenary to defend us from the Spartan soldiers. They attack us just because we are lower class. We are people too!"

"We’re all hungry and suffering, but the soldiers have swords so they think they are more entitled to what little food there is. We need help."

"The soldiers beat my father last night just to amuse themselves. We can barely afford this bounty, but they can’t get away with this."

"The Spartans are supposed to be protecting us, but because we are poor they just sit in their camp drinking and leave us to the beasts and bandits."

"Spartans have forced more of us onto the streets. There are more beggars here than ever before. I’ll pay what I can to send these bastard Spartans to Hades."

"We’re overrun by bandits - the Spartan soldiers encourage the violence! Please, someone cut down these soldiers. Maybe the bandits will get the message."

"Malákes Spartans tease and taunt us. They think it’s funny to make us miserable. I’ll give what drachmae I have to make this stop for good."

"We don’t have much around here, yet the Spartans take what little we do have! Our children will soon starve unless someone guts the greedy bastards."

"People are going missing. I don’t trust the Spartans. Stick a spear in them. Maybe no more missing people."

"These Spartan soldiers think they know war? Ha, show their blood to Ares."

"Spartans desecrated our temple. Impious bastards profane the gods and need to be punished."

"These Spartan profaners do not deserve burial rites. Leave them piled for the crows."

"The gods have blessed Athens with music and culture and art. These Spartans are little more than beasts. Show them the will of the gods."

"The Spartans destroyed our shrine. They have no reverence for the gods!"

"Spartans are idiots. They have no respect for our temple. They don’t understand words, so show them the might of Athens with blood!"

"Those disgusting Spartan pigs smashed the pots at our sacred shrine. This can’t happen again. Drachmae if you make sure it doesn’t."

"Malákes Spartans destroyed our sacred statue. I saw them! I can’t take them on, but I’ll pay anyone who does!"

"The Spartans have no respect. They are loud and crude. They even mock our priestesses. Letting them live brings shame to us all."

"The gods say the Spartans must die. I know this to be true. Honor the will of the gods, and I will pay you much drachmae."

"The Spartans bring suffering everywhere they go and say they live only for war. Let them die for it, then."

"Wanted - a mercenary brave enough to deal with a camp of murderous Spartans."

"The soldiers are out of control. They take everything and say we must give it to them to support the war. I am a loyal Spartan, but this is too much!"

"The Spartan soldiers are supposed to be brave and indestructible, but they let my son die. Where were their shields to protect him? I curse them all."

"My son is gone forever now because of these Spartan dogs. They are animals that only live to kill. Slaughter them like the beasts they are."

"Help dear Athens against the Spartan scum! Stand up and be brave! Drachmae to anyone who spills Spartan blood!"

"Spartan soldiers think they’re the best. Dash their brains on the roadside! Show the dogs they are nothing compared to Athenian might!"

"Spartan soldiers are hassling locals. When they’re not in battle, they fight with us. Cut open their throats. Flood the streets with their blood."

"Spartan deserters seen hiding nearby. Drachmae if you slice out their cowardly hearts!"

"Spartan soldiers took my swords without payment. Shove the swords though their eyes. Make it the last thing they ever see."

"There have been more bandit raids since Spartans came here. We have lost all order. I’ll pay anyone who can restore peace. Cut the soldiers down!"

"These Spartans come out here and think they can tell us what to do. This isn’t the city. No one will bury their bodies out here."

"The Spartans march through my fields and help themselves to my crops and my goats. They tell me I should be grateful they are here. I’ll show them gratitude."

"The Spartans hunt my wolves for their pelts - I rely on those pelts for my livelihood!"

"The Soldiers have trampled the fields we rely on. Churned them to mud and killed all the crops. Destroy these bastards."

"The Spartans are so thirsty for killing that they leave no beasts alive as they pass through the fields. They should be the ones slaughtered!"

"The food supplies at Spartan camps are drawing wild animals to our village. Slice open the malákes, and the beasts should retreat."

"Spartans are destroying our crops. I fear we will have no harvest. My drachmae to you if you put an end to them. For good."

"Spartans are giving trouble to travelers on the road. They are blocking our supply routes. Chop off their heads and clear our roads!"

"REWARD. A group of Spartans beat my son. He is close to death. Disembowel the bastards."

Bounty on a Follower of Ares

"This Follower of Ares scares away my customers. No one wants to buy my wares with this monster haunting the streets."

"The Followers of Ares hoard riches and grow in power - one has become extremely dangerous and powerful. Take his riches, his power, and his blood."

"The Followers of Ares must have powerful and rich supporters. They are too well hidden. Strike at the revealed member before he is protected."

"The Followers of Ares are gathering power and drachmae. Slit this one’s throat before he gains too much influence."

"There is a Follower of Ares that has been targeting rich and powerful figures. We cannot allow him to prey on our most powerful citizens."

"A Follower of Ares is tricking rich fools out of drachmae. It only makes their darkness grow stronger! Slice his throat, and I’ll reward you."

"A Follower of Ares is defacing our holy statues in the name of his god. He says Ares is the only true god! Gut the malákas before he brings us to ruin!"

"My city used to be beautiful. Since the Followers of Ares came, its reputation has sunk low. One of those malákes scares my children! I want him cut down."

"A Follower of Ares has been extorting drachmae and wares from traders as donations! Many merchants have stopped trading here. Cut him down!"

"A Follower of Ares claims to bless people, but they’re getting sick. I think the malákas is a poisoner! Feed his flesh to the crows!"

"The slums are dangerous enough without this Follower of Ares attacking the poor for his dark rituals. Please help us."

"The Followers of Ares are taking advantage of the poor conditions in the city to grab power. We can barely afford the bounty on this one, but he’s a monster."

"This Follower of Ares is destroying the city from the inside like a plague. The soldiers and the politicians ignore him while we suffer in the streets."

"This Follower of Ares has been making citizens disappear. So far he’s been targeting people who no one will miss, but anyone could be next!"

"Ares only cares for the chaos and violence of war, not for those caught in it. The poor in the city are especially vulnerable to this Follower of Ares."

"A Follower of Ares is scaring people with his strange and bloody sacrifices. Even the beggars are afraid to be in the streets! Gut the malákas!"

"My husband is afraid to leave the house since a Follower of Ares came to live near us. Drachmae to anyone who can kill the malákas and restore some order!"

"A Follower of Ares took my dogs in the night and killed them in a sacrifice. I want that malákas cut open. Let the dogs in the street feast on his flesh."

"We don’t have much here, but a Follower of Ares takes what little we do have as offerings to his war god. Please, my last drachma to you if you stop this malákas."

"People have started disappearing - it’s that Follower of Ares with his dark arts. I don’t like murder, but we are all safer if he dies."

"The foul rituals of this Follower of Ares are a mockery of true devotion to the gods. He needs to be stopped."

"Blood sacrifices to Ares have made his Followers bold. One Follower of Ares attacks temples and worshippers for his violent god."

"Even the other gods hate Ares, for he does not care for victory or glory - just the fight. This Follower of Ares is just as bloody. End him."

"This murderous Follower of Ares interferes in the order of the gods. He must be destroyed before the gods’ wrath falls on us all!"

"The gods demand sacrifice and tribute, but this Follower of Ares goes too far. His dark rituals are cursed! Kill him and stay the wrath of the gods."

"A Follower of Ares defies our sacred temple. He thinks his rituals are the only way to worship! I want him gutted before he starts leading people astray."

"One of the Followers of Ares laughs and jokes about our priestesses. Show that malákas the true wrath of the gods. Open his guts to the stars!"

"Wise Ares came to me in a dream. He whispered that a Follower of Ares defies his sacred will and must die. Drachmae to you if you have the strength to kill him!"

"A Follower of Ares is ruining good Ares’s name with his dark practices. I want this to end. Kill him for me, and I’ll make sure you’re rewarded."

"People around here are confused. A Follower of Ares is trying to recruit them, and some fools are falling for it. Cut the malákas down before he can do more!"

"Ares revels in battle and destruction, and this Follower of Ares takes joy in confusion and horror. The people must be protected from him."

"Athena and Zeus watch over war and warriors, too, but the Followers of Ares care only for the bloodlust of Ares. This one is a terrible beast."

"The war distracts our leaders from the real threat to the city - this bloody Follower of Ares will not stop until he brings death to us all."

"This Follower of Ares is leaving bodies in his wake everywhere he goes. Destroy him and restore the city."

"There is a Follower of Ares who has been only too eager to please Ares’s love of slaughter. His rampage needs to be ended."

"A Follower of Ares gives my men bad omens. I want that pretender sliced in two before the soldiers start believing him."

"A Follower of Ares is crushing our soldiers’ morale with his dark tales and strange predictions. Crush his head instead. Let’s see if he predicts that."

"Only blood will appease Ares, not the measly sacrifices of a Follower of Ares! Cut the fool open and let his blood soak the earth. Ares will drink."

"A Follower of Ares prayed in our city, and our city fell. His dark arts have brought ruin to us all! Cut out his heart and let the crows feast!"

"My Commander is being swayed by a Follower of Ares. The malákas whispers things in his ear. I don’t trust the darkness he brings. Cut him down quickly!"

"To the Eagle Bearer: I know you are good-hearted because you helped Lagos’s family - now please help mine! A Follower of Ares has threatened my children. Please kill him before he harms them!"

"Dogs have always been sacrificed to Ares, but now there is a Follower of Ares killing wolves for the war god. I don’t know why, but I want him gone from my land."

"The Followers of Ares have extended their influence outside the city. Villagers and farmers have begun to disappear. Kill the Follower among us."

"A Follower of Ares has been erecting shrines to his dark god in secluded places. Kill him and clean his stain from our land."

"Ares’s influence has spread even outside the city. A Follower of Ares has been committing foul crimes in the wilderness. Kill him and leave him for the wolves."

"A Follower of Ares is performing strange rituals and ceremonies under the moons in the field. I fear he will curse us all if he is not stopped."

"A Follower of Ares is scaring the livestock on my farm with his rituals. I asked him to stop, but he laughed. Wipe the smile from his face with a blade."

"My goats were stolen and killed by a Follower of Ares for his sacrifices! I want that malákas’s head on a spear!"

"A Follower is burning parts of the forest as a sacrifice to Ares. He’s driving animals off! We’ll have little left to hunt! Force a dagger through his throat."

"I used to fish at the lake, but a Follower of Ares has put up a horrible shrine near the area. I’ve seen him do strange rituals there. Please, get rid of him."

"A Follower of Ares has been performing bloody sacrifices. The scent of blood is drawing wild animals near our homes. I want that malákas stopped for good."

Bounty on a Daughter of Artemis

"A Daughter of Artemis freed my dogs! She claimed it was cruel of me to keep them from the wild, and now I can’t find them. My drachmae to the one who cuts her down!"

"My beautiful geese are gone. I’m sure they were taken by one of those Daughters of Artemis. I want the malákas’s head on a spear!"

"I usually keep roosters for cock fights, but one of those cursed Daughters of Artemis released them all! I’ll pay dearly to have her interfering throat cut."

"A Daughter of Artemis insulted me for having my pet bird in a cage. Now my husband thinks I should let it fly free. I’d rather see that huntress in her grave."

"A huntress was shocked by my pet cat and said she will return to free it. Drachmae to who stops her! Let’s see how many lives these Daughters of Artemis have."

"Hunting lions is the privilege of the elite, but one of those forest-women Daughters of Artemis threatened to hunt me if I didn’t stop! Cut her down!"

"My estates are stocked with animals for me to hunt - this woman calling herself a Daughter of Artemis is a dangerous trespasser."

"I wrote an epic poem about the glory of the hunt, and a Daughter of Artemis said it was a story of cruelty and put an arrow through my pages! Put an arrow through her!"

"I pay too much to the city-state to be threatened by this Daughter of Artemis on my own lands. If the soldiers won’t do anything, maybe a mercenary will!"

"What good are these soldiers I’ve paid for if they let this Daughter of Artemis wander over my lands? Kill her and show these fools how it’s done."

"A Daughter of Artemis keeps cutting down my boar net every time I put it up. How else am I to hunt? My drachmae to the one who cuts her down instead of my net!"

"I had a little cicada in captivity. Its singing helped me sleep. A Daughter of Artemis broke open its cage in front of me, saying it should be free. I want her head!"

"I had a hedgehog that helped me forecast the weather. A great little friend! A Daughter of Artemis took it and released it to the wild. Cut her down!"

"A Daughter of Artemis convinced my daughter to run away and join her group in the forest. I want that huntress sliced in two! She tore my family apart!"

"A Daughter of Artemis keeps disturbing my camp, telling me I’m on her grounds. Where else am I to sleep? I have drachmae for the one who gets rid of her for good."

"The huntress from the trees threatened to kill me if I hunted in the forest again. I will starve if I can’t hunt! Kill this Daughter of Artemis!"

"There is a woman in the trees at night who frees our catches from traps and cuts our snares. She’s taking food from our mouths - please stop this Daughter of Artemis."

"Reward offered for the Daughter of Artemis who has been threatening the trappers in the forest. We can’t afford much, but she has to be stopped."

"Reward for the head of the Daughter of Artemis who lured my precious daughter away into the wilds with her."

"A Daughter of Artemis came out of the trees at me and knocked me from my horse. Then she chased it away telling it to be free. That horse was all I had! Kill that huntress!"

"A Daughter of Artemis keeps stealing the goats we wish to sacrifice to the gods. I’d gladly cut her throat instead! Drachmae to the one who manages to do it."

"A cursed Daughter of Artemis keeps destroying the shrine I set up for the festival sacrifice. I can’t keep fixing it! I have drachmae for anyone who butchers her!"

"A Daughter of Artemis insulted our temple. She said the only true way to serve the gods is in nature. If anyone could permanently silence the malákas, I’d be grateful."

"A Daughter of Artemis killed our priest to stop him making animal sacrifices. I say she is the real animal! The one to slaughter her will be rewarded!"

"I set out a shrine and spilled goat blood for a sign from the gods. Instead, a cursed Daughter of Artemis knocked over my shrine! I want her blood spilled next!"

"A woman with a bow attacked us while we were sacrificing and made off with our animals. She must have been one of those crazy Daughters of Artemis! Such madness cannot be allowed."

"A woman shouting about the will of Artemis attacked my farm and released all my animals. I don’t know Artemis, but I know crazy. Kill this insane Daughter of Artemis."

"Reward offered for the head of the Daughter of Artemis who is attacking shrines to other gods near the forest."

"The Daughters of Artemis pervert the will of their goddess. Bounty offered for the one who is hunting innocent people near the town."

"I do not understand the rites and beliefs of the Daughter of Artemis who is camped near my farm, but I know that I fear her. Please remove her before she hurts someone."

"A Daughter of Artemis chased me from the forest as I tried to cut wood for the Athenian boats. I need that wood! Drachmae to the one to strike her down!"

"The Military Camp has forced me to hunt further afield, and now a cursed Daughter of Artemis says I’m on her grounds. I’ll pay well to have her fed to the wolves!"

"A Daughter of Artemis keeps feeding wild animals near here, and she’s drawing bears to the Military Camps. Shred her to pieces and let the bears have her."

"A Daughter of Artemis threatened me for trying to grow my farm, but the war is making it impossible to get by with what I have. I can’t stop the war, but that huntress can die."

"There’s a huntress saying she doesn’t care about the war. How could she not? I think she’s a spy. I’ll pay good drachmae for her blood. Death to spies and this Daughter of Artemis!"

"A huntress has been raining arrows on us when we try to hunt. We’re soldiers! We need food to fight and we don’t have time to chase a Daughter of Artemis through the trees."

"There is a Daughter of Artemis picking off stragglers and scouts. We’re on the move and can’t waste time searching for her. Catch her and kill her."

"The huntress who worships Artemis in the forest near my camp is allowing Spartan spies to pass through her woods but fires on my men. This Daughter of Artemis needs killing."

"Wanted: head of the Daughter of Artemis bold enough to mock a Spartan soldier at the bathing stream. The water was cold!"

"This Daughter of Artemis is the worst kind of coward. She kills my soldiers from a distance with a bow, under cover of night and trees. Find her."

"A Daughter of Artemis attacked my husband while he was hunting in the forest. Gut the malákas and let the animals she loves feast on her flesh!"

"A Daughter of Artemis keeps disarming my animal traps near the forest. Soon I’ll have nothing to eat! Cut her open. That might attract some animals."

"Every time I go to the forest, one cursed Daughter of Artemis makes sure I catch no game. I’ll pay well to have her sliced in two!"

"After my successful hunt, a cursed Daughter of Artemis stole all my pelts! If I can’t get them back, I want her skinned alive instead!"

"While in the forest, a Daughter of Artemis trapped me in a wolf den. I was lucky to get out alive. Make sure that malákas suffers a worse fate, and I’ll reward you."

"I’ve been attacked by a Daughter of Artemis who claims I fouled her forest. Hang her from her precious trees."

"An arrow in the throat is too great a price to pay for hunting in these woods. The murderous Daughter of Artemis who is attacking my men must be stopped."

"A Daughter of Artemis cut my tendon and left me to crawl out of her forest for daring to hunt there. Start with her tendons and end with her throat."

"The Daughter of Artemis who threatened me said anything can happen out in the wilderness. Show her how right she was."

"Bounty offered for the Daughter of Artemis who crippled me and left me under the trees of her forest. Leave her ribs open to the sky when you take her heart."

Bounty on a Mercenary

A vengeful merchant targeted the boats and supplies of his rival. This, he claimed, was to secure a trade route that “belonged” to him.

"{TARGET_NAME} tricked me into revealing my darkest secrets to her. I can't have those secrets revealed. Slice her tongue from her mouth."

"{TARGET_NAME} is as lovely as she is terrible. I enjoyed my time with her, but now my wife is asking too many questions. Kill her to protect my legacy."

"{TARGET_NAME}, that petty malákas! She murdered my husband over some wine. Every breath she takes is an insult to his name! Cut out her heart."

"My wine cellar took a generation to build, but {TARGET_NAME} drank it all in a week. I can't get the wine back, but I can have vengeance!"

"Wine and {TARGET_NAME} are a fabulous mix, but now she is using our night together to blackmail me. Someone must end her now."

"{TARGET_NAME} was hired to protect my son from bandits, but she failed, and my son was murdered on the road. Return the favor to her."

"{TARGET_NAME} was to slay someone for me, but she just took my drachmae and did nothing! I will pay double to the one who cuts off her head instead."

"{TARGET_NAME} is murdering politicians left and right. I might be next. I promise a huge bounty to the one who cuts her down first."

"{TARGET_NAME} found out something about me. I can’t have this revealed to the rest of the village. Drachmae to the one with the strength to end her."

"Drachmae is no object for the misthios who finally takes {TARGET_NAME} down. I will reward the killer handsomely."

"We are only poor farmers, but we will give what we can to the one who avenges our neighbor by killing {TARGET_NAME}."

"{TARGET_NAME} is a horrible monster. The way she kills makes me sick to my stomach! Do the world a favor and kill her."

"The common folk fear {TARGET_NAME}. She fills all she meets with dread and fear. We need a misthios's help to save us. We will pay whatever we can."

"Have pity on us poor farmers and protect us from {TARGET_NAME}. She stole from us when we offered shelter, and now threatens us. Rid the world of her scum!"

"The strong, like {TARGET_NAME}, prey on the weak and simple people. She cannot be allowed to continue. Help us!"

"{TARGET_NAME} must be stopped. She’s been cutting through our small village, taking whatever she wants. Please, save us!"

"Our village hired {TARGET_NAME} to protect us from bandits, but she helped them instead for more drachmae! Don't let her get away with this."

"Our olive trees are our livelihood, but {TARGET_NAME} helped bandits cut them down for fun. We are running out of drachmae, but will pay for her death."

"{TARGET_NAME} was supposed to save our crops from theft, but she burned them for fun. Cut the malákas down for her treachery."

"We survive by hunting small animals, but {TARGET_NAME} kills everything that moves just for fun. Please stop her!"

"{TARGET_NAME} defies the gods by killing all who cross her. She makes our lands impure! The gods cannot be denied, kill {TARGET_NAME}!"

"Zeus called to me through an eagle and told me to pay any amount of drachmae to have {TARGET_NAME} destroyed. Help me, help Zeus!"

"The gods demand that {TARGET_NAME} be killed for her blasphemy. Cut out her impious tongue!"

"{TARGET_NAME} murdered our priest in cold blood. She must die, the gods demand it! Kill {TARGET_NAME} for me, for Zeus, for Olympos!"

"{TARGET_NAME} has destroyed temples across our lands. Bring an end to her senseless destruction. Kill her!"

"As a priest of Hades, I call upon a brave soul to bury {TARGET_NAME} in darkness and death!"

"Families pray to the gods. {TARGET_NAME} is a disgusting person who does not pray to any god. Show her the truth and the light with a blade."

"Goodness comes from the gods. {TARGET_NAME} has no good in her. She is an unsacred, ungodly thing. End her plague on our lands!"

"The gods work through me, but {TARGET_NAME} works against me. This cannot be allowed. To defy me is to defy the gods! Bring her to a painful end."

"I am a priestess of Aphrodite, I love all. All except {TARGET_NAME}, who used me and never loved me. Spilling her blood is my only revenge."

"{TARGET_NAME} waged war alongside my soldiers, but when the final battle came, she betrayed us. Find her and tear her apart!"

"I once thought war was bad, but no battle compares to the bloodshed created by {TARGET_NAME}. The only justice good enough for her is death."

"{TARGET_NAME} has used this war for her own gain. She raids broken villages and no one is able to stop her. We need another misthios to take her down."

"{TARGET_NAME} wages total war and has destroyed too many lives to count. War requires balance. Tip the scales by putting her in the ground."

"As a soldier I fought alongside {TARGET_NAME} until she betrayed us for a higher price. I cannot stand mercenaries, but I need one to end her."

"This war has brought horrors to us all, but the worst have come from a misthios known as {TARGET_NAME}. End her life."

"Soldiers should protect each other in war. {TARGET_NAME} does the opposite - she betrays brave soldiers. Betray her with a sword in the gut!"

"{TARGET_NAME} has learned too much of our battle plans. I fear she will sell them to the enemy. Cut her down before she gets a chance!"

"War is beautiful. A true test of human skill. Yet {TARGET_NAME} just looks for ways to make money off it. Spill her blood and return war to its true form."

"Death comes to us all, eventually. But I need {TARGET_NAME} to die before this war ends. Make sure her body is never found."

"Athens and Sparta wage war, but {TARGET_NAME} murders our children so they will never grow up to fight. She must be stopped. Please, protect our families!"

"{TARGET_NAME} uses our hunting grounds, killing whatever she likes. There is little left for the rest of us. Slice her up and let the beasts have her!"

"I have visions of {TARGET_NAME} murdering my flock of sheep in my sleep. Please, someone put a stop to her before it comes true!"

"The woods near my home have been taken over by {TARGET_NAME}. She treats it like her own disgusting playground. Save our land and make her suffer."

"Mutilated animals litter the forests because of {TARGET_NAME}. Someone must put an end to her cruelty."

"{TARGET_NAME} cuts down our precious wood for no reason at all. I think she wants to see us suffer. Someone needs to gut her for her mistreatment of our land."

"The wilderness was safe once, but not with {TARGET_NAME} around. None can satisfy her bloodlust. She must die."

"The forest calls to me! It desires the blood of {TARGET_NAME}. Let her bleed!"

"{TARGET_NAME}'s deeds are known all over. She has made her home in the forests nearby. Kill her and put an end to her wicked story."

"I overheard {TARGET_NAME} plotting to kill me with poisoned wine! I won’t stop drinking, so someone needs to gut her before she can act."

"{TARGET_NAME} used to gamble with us in the village, but she cheated every time. Now she’s stolen our crops as payment. Someone gut the malákas!"

"{TARGET_NAME} impersonated an officer and sent young soldiers to the death for his own contracts. Kill that bastard."

"{TARGET_NAME} has been despoiling corpses on the battlefield before they’ve even grown cold. Kill this carrion bird."

"I hired {TARGET_NAME} to protect my sheep from raiders, and the bastard just walked off and left my flock to them. Now it’s his turn to be slaughtered."

"{TARGET_NAME} stole armor that’s been in my family since the time of Homer. Hunt him down."

"{TARGET_NAME} murdered an Athenian patrol while they slept. My son was one of those men. Avenge him. For Athens. For me."

"Bounty for the head of {TARGET_NAME}, wanted for high treason against the state."

"{TARGET_NAME} put a bounty on my head, but it’s all a misunderstanding. Kill him first before his mistakes cost me my life!"

"{TARGET_NAME} killed my Captain on the battlefield and fled to the enemy's side. Betrayal must be avenged."

"{TARGET_NAME} sold us weapons that broke on the battlefield and cost two soldiers their lives. Kill him slowly for them."

"Reward for the blood of {TARGET_NAME}. He's a traitorous bastard, and I want him dead."

"{TARGET_NAME} robbed and abandoned me after accepting a contract to protect me. He deserves to die."

"{TARGET_NAME} was supposed to guard my home, but instead he raided my wine cellar. Rare and precious wines went down that drunk’s throat - slit it for me."

"{TARGET_NAME} charmed his way into my bed and stole my jewelry while I slept. The worst part is I want to forgive him. Kill him and free me from him."

"I hired {TARGET_NAME} to guard my shipment of silks but instead of escorting them to market, he ran off with the finest bolts. Kill that thief!"

"They say {TARGET_NAME} is behind the deaths of several politicians. He’s too dangerous to live when our very democracy is at stake."

"I spent years building that house and {TARGET_NAME} burned it to the ground in a single drunken evening. Make his corpse a hideous sight."

"I know {TARGET_NAME} has been bribing politicians but I don’t know why yet. I need him eliminated before he ruins all my plans."

"Does {TARGET_NAME} have a wife? I hope so. I want to hear her weep after you kill the bastard."

"I want {TARGET_NAME} dead. I don't care who does it or how, except I want him to suffer."

"{TARGET_NAME} burned my olive trees. I don’t know why - if it was part of a job or he was bored. I don’t care. Kill that bastard."

"{TARGET_NAME} is kidnapping good people and selling them into slavery. Tartaros waits for a bastard like that."

"{TARGET_NAME} killed my husband, and I've lost everything. What little I have left I’ll pay to whoever leaves his corpse under the skies."

"{TARGET_NAME} killed my son. Leave his body in an alley, and may the stray cats eat his tongue."

"{TARGET_NAME} has burned fields. He’s destroyed crops. He’s taken food from the mouths of my family. I want his head."

"{TARGET_NAME} killed 3 beggars in the city last month alone. What reason is there to kill beggars? He is just a monster who likes blood. Show him his own."

"My brother gambled with {TARGET_NAME} and that bastard cheated him out of everything he had. Feed him to the dogs."

"He’s a liar and a cheat, but I said I would love {TARGET_NAME} until the day he died. Bounty offered to anyone who moves that day closer."

"Bounty offered on {TARGET_NAME} for what happened in Boeotia. He knows what he did."

"{TARGET_NAME} raids every shipment I send to town. Kill him so that my wife and children don’t starve."

"{TARGET_NAME} has ruined my life, but I want to give him a great gift: peace. Certainty. No more wondering how or when. Make it today."

"I caught {TARGET_NAME} pissing on a statue of Zeus in the sanctuary! He should die for this disgrace."

"{TARGET_NAME} killed my family on their pilgrimage to Delphi. The gods have left me with nothing but a desire for revenge."

"{TARGET_NAME} threatened me with a curse. I don’t believe in curses but just in case - I think his death would break it."

"{TARGET_NAME} has been taking offerings from the temples. He’s not afraid of the priests or the soldiers, but you can teach him to fear the gods!"

"I put my curse on {TARGET_NAME}, but he must have found some talisman to protect himself. I need you to help my curse along."

"{TARGET_NAME} hunts in a forest sacred to Athena and does not give sacrifice to her. He must be made to pay for his sacrilege."

"{TARGET_NAME} disguised himself as a priest to rob worshippers at the temple. Such a horrific blasphemy deserves swift and terrible death."

"I hired {TARGET_NAME} to accompany me on a pilgrimage, and he fled at the first sight of trouble. Kill that coward."

"When {TARGET_NAME} laughed in the ceremony to Dionysos, he brought bad luck on the whole town. Kill him to redeem us to the gods."

"Athena gave me a vision of {TARGET_NAME} dead. I’m no hunter or killer, but I dare not defy the goddess. Fulfill this prophecy for me."

"{TARGET_NAME} has been poaching my hunting grounds. There won’t be anything left alive at the rate he’s going. I need someone to poach him."

"Every night I see what {TARGET_NAME} did in the woods. Over and over again. Please. He has to die."

"The wolves used to be the worst thing in the woods before {TARGET_NAME} showed up. Please get rid of this beast."

"Everywhere in my hunting grounds, dead and mutilated animals. {TARGET_NAME} is insane and he’ll move on to people next. Please stop this madman."

"{TARGET_NAME} hunts on grounds reserved for the nobles. Kill this arrogant fool."

"{TARGET_NAME} is a bastard who has made life miserable out here for us, but bad things can happen in the wilds. Take care of him."

"The trees and the animals themselves call for the blood of the despoiler {TARGET_NAME}. Spill his blood and nourish the forest."

"{TARGET_NAME}’s murderous deeds are too numerous to list. He’s hiding in the forest; end his horrors."

"{TARGET_NAME} is worse than the wolves he hunts. When he comes into the village for supplies, he fights and drinks and worse. Make this hunt his last."

"We hired {TARGET_NAME} to help us search the caves for treasure. He robbed and killed one of our searchers the first night and left us there. Kill him."

Bounty on a Politician

"He is a corrupt politician who wants to raise taxes on the merchants - haven’t we paid enough? Time for him to pay."

"My rival - a politician of low morals - he is going to argue against a plan that will help the people for his own profit. Serve the people and end him."

"A hypocrite politician is a client of mine, but now he wants to ban the hetaerae. He needs to be taken care of."

"A politician sat for a portrait and then said I didn’t paint him handsome enough. I told the fat bastard I paint what I see, and he wouldn’t pay. Oh he’ll pay."

"This politician is ordering higher taxes on the wines from my vineyard, but he gives a break to his friends. Leave his body in the street."

"Ever since our local politician came to power, bandits have become bolder. We need a stronger leader. His head on a spear should scare the bandits off."

"There’s a politician taking bribes, lining his pockets with drachmae so his friends can get what they want. Slit his throat and remind him other people exist."

"Our politician does nothing about the thieves around here. It’s time to take the law into our own hands. Drachmae for the first person to cut him down."

"A politician is trying to introduce a higher tax for merchants coming into the port. I say drag his corpse into the port instead!"

"There’s no order in the agora anymore since the new politician took charge. Things need to go back to how they were. Slice him open and restore order."

"Wanted: the head of this bastard politician who lines his pockets with drachmae at the cost of the poor."

"This politician argues for laws that will make it ever harder for the poor to live in the city. It won’t be easy for him to live if I have my way."

"He’s no leader, he’s a politician only for the rich. He turns his nose up and hurries through our neighborhood. I want his body left in our gutters."

"The politicians are supposed to give voice to the will of the people, but this one only gives voice to his love of drachmae. He needs to go."

"These politicians are all the same - they lie and only care about the rich. But this one is the worst. He’ll sell us all to the enemy before he’s done."

"This area is too poor to support a greedy politician, but the pig keeps taking more and more. Gut him like the animal he is."

"Since that new politician came to power, there are more beggars around here than ever before. People are losing everything. Let him lose his head."

"That new politician doesn’t care about the poor, he only helps the rich get their way. I’ll give my last drachma to the person who ends him."

"Our politician spends more drachmae on the hetaerae than he does on the people. He only cares about his own needs. Cut him from head to toe."

"We don’t have enough guards to protect the poor because our politician sends them to protect the rich. Take a blade and show him what we’re worth."

"The politicians all pay lip service to the temple, but there is one who is openly contemptuous of the gods’ place in the city. He must be purified."

"The gods have spoken to me and they tell me that the politician is an evil force that must be destroyed. We do the gods’ will in destroying him!"

"He argues for drachmae for soldiers but what about the temples? This politician has abandoned the gods."

"In public he speaks of the importance of the gods to the fate of the city, but this politician is a liar who mocks the temple behind closed doors."

"Everyone thinks that he’s a pious man and a great politician, but he drinks and says vile things to the priestess - right at the temple! He’s a monster."

"Our local politician does not pay the temple the respect he should. He will bring down the anger of the gods if we don’t do something. Send him to Hades."

"There’s a politician so full of himself, he seems to think he has the power of the gods. Show him how dangerous such talk is. Cut out his windpipe."

"Our politician refuses to remove the Followers of Ares. Their dark arts will invoke the wrath of the gods! Kill him before he ruins us all."

"There’s a politician giving the temple far too much drachmae. The people are the ones in need! Cut this fool down."

"Our new politician was never supposed to take power. The gods demand his death so another may rise. Cleanse the agora with his blood."

"Bounty on the bastard politician sending soldiers to die just to grow his own power. Save our sons."

"This politician is pressing the Commanders to take risks just to look like he’s taking action. He’ll get soldiers killed just to grow his popularity!"

"This coward of a politician argues for peace. Peace is the same as defeat if it’s not won with victory. Show him the way we deal with cowards."

"This politician talks and talks, and we lose more territory to the enemy. Give his blood to the earth, and a better man can lead us."

"This politician thinks he’s a soldier but he’s safe back in the city. Argues for us to be put at risk because he doesn’t know real danger. Show him."

"Our new politician speaks openly against the war effort. His words will discourage the soldiers. Slice out his tongue before he can say more."

"A politician here is too easily influenced by his friends. His decisions will ruin the war effort. Butcher him so others don’t repeat his mistakes."

"The soldiers around here treat us worse since the new politician came to power. He’s inept, and they take their frustrations out on us. Let him hang."

"I know another politician would have made better decisions. The war effort suffers now. Cut him down so he can be replaced."

"Our city is not well defended since that new politician took over. The malákas puts us all in danger. Cut open his throat so the rest of us may live."

"This politician thinks only the city matters - every law he argues for hurts us in the countryside so that he may gain power in the city. We need new leadership."

"A politician passed through our village. Mocked us for being uneducated. We have pride and will not be insulted by soft men who only talk for their living."

"Wanted - the head of the bastard politician who outlawed my hunting without knowing what life is actually like out here. If I can’t live, neither can he."

"Kill the bastard politician who argued against protecting my village because he wants more soldiers watching his own home."

"Bandits and beasts ravage our land, and what does the politician do? Nothing but talk and stay protected in his city. Well he’s not as protected as he thinks."

"The new politician plans to cut down the forests to give more land to the farmers. Where am I to hunt? Kill his plans, kill him."

"There are bandit camps everywhere, and our politician does nothing. Someone needs to show him that the danger is real. Cut him open where he stands."

"Our politician refuses to do anything about the Daughters of Artemis. They make it impossible to hunt! Take a blade to his throat, maybe others will listen."

"The local politician cares only about improving city life. He doesn’t think we matter. Run a blade through his heart and let the malákas truly suffer."

"Our politician does nothing about the wild beasts plaguing this area. Tear his flesh from his bones. Others will see how dangerous it is around here."

Bounty on Misc Ship/s

"Be warned! One malákas pirate stole the wares I was going to sell at the market today. I’ll reward anyone who sinks the bastard’s ship for me!"

"There’s a pirate who makes a fine trade by kidnapping people along the coast. Steer clear of his ship, unless you have the means to sink it!"

"I used to trade in this harbor all the time, but a pirate’s told me it’s his territory now! Drive his boat to the depths, and you’ll be rewarded."

"A pirate boat nearby steals slaves from raided villages to trade. The malákas has no right to take what isn’t his! I want his boat cleared from the horizon."

"One pirate boat near the beach prevents me from fishing. I can’t catch so much as a trout before they chase me off! Get rid of that boat and I’ll pay well."

"A pirate boat keeps showing up to raid the villages near the shore. It’s been by twice in the last month! I’d pay dearly to see it sink before next time."

"There’s a pirate who always gets into a drunken brawl whenever he comes ashore. Sink that malákas’s boat and he’ll think twice about coming here again."

"A pirate spat in my face as he came ashore and then laughed at me. Send that malákas’s ship to the sharks, and we’ll see who’s left laughing."

"A pirate keeps dumping rotten food and who knows what else off his ship near the shore. It’s attracting sharks. Someone get rid of that ship!"

"One malákas pirate seduced my daughter before taking off! Someone butcher his ship and do a good job. I want it to be driftwood on the shore!"

"There’s an Athenian boat in the port, and I know for a fact that it’s crammed with deserters! Someone needs to stop those malákes before they escape!"

"There’s a lone Athenian boat out on the horizon. I bet it’s a scout. Someone should sink it fast and show those Athenian dogs we’re not to be messed with."

"Athenians took supplies from my shop and loaded them on a boat, saying they’re needed for the war effort. I’d rather see the lot at the bottom of the sea!"

"I’ve seen an Athenian boat on the horizon. It makes the helots uneasy. Maybe they will revolt. I want that cursed boat wiped clean from sight."

"One Athenian boat sails alone near the harbor. An easy way to crush the Athenian morale! I’ll reward anyone with the skills to sink the malákes!"

"Are you fearless? Are you strong? Are you dedicated to Sparta? I have seen a lone Athenian boat near our shores! Take it down and protect our harbor!"

"Cursed Athenians stole supplies off my ship for themselves! Now I have nothing to sell at port. Gut their boat and send the malákes to a watery grave."

"Everyone knows I work hard all day at my forge. Athenians took my best weapons for their ship and didn’t drop a single drachma. Sink the malákes!"

"One group of Athenian soldiers is rude and aggressive every time it comes ashore. Someone needs to teach the malákes a lesson. Start with their ship!"

"My husband is due to set sail with some Athenian soldiers. I don’t want him to come back. All my drachmae to the one who makes sure that boat sinks deep."

"Spartan deserters are hiding on a ship in the harbor. Those malákes cannot be allowed to escape! Have courage and sink these cowards!"

"I saw a Spartan boat on its own near the shore. A lone boat must be a spy! Drive those Spartan dogs to the sea depths. Show them we won’t be taken!"

"Spartans bring trouble. I saw one of their boats in the harbor. Drachmae to the one who sinks it. Let the sea run red with Spartan blood!"

"Spartans beat us, spit on us, hunt us for sport. Brothers and sisters, I say no more! Show these malákes we can beat them too by sinking a Spartan boat!"

"Spartan spears are good spears. Wreck one of their ships, and I can go diving for their salvage. I’ll pay good drachmae for the chance!"

"The Spartans think they’re better than us. Let’s see how far they get when their ship is on the seabed. Can the malákes walk on water? I think not!"

"A lone Spartan ship circles near our shore. To all with courage, now is your chance to prove your worth to Athens. Let Spartan blood stain the sea!"

"The sea provides great treasure, especially when nature has a little help. I promise great drachmae to the one who sinks a Spartan ship for me!"

"Writing great tales of the war is hard when there are no battles to be seen. I’ll pay well to watch a brave warrior sink a Spartan ship below the waves!"

"Victory to Athens, for I have foreseen that a Spartan ship is about to sink. Drachmae awaits the one who helps my prophecy come true!"

"One merchant always sells the rarest herbs. It’s impossible to compete with this malákas. Drachmae to the one who sinks him and his herbs!"

"There’s a merchant who overcharges everyone, and the guards do nothing about it. I want to see his ship sink. Then he’d know how it feels to have nothing."

"A merchant in the port seems to think he can treat the rest of us like dirt. I see him harassing and insulting people. He’d be nothing without his ship."

"One lousy malákas always has the best goods to sell at the port. I’d pay well to send his ship to the sharks!"

"Twice I’ve bought terrible bread from a merchant claiming it to be the best. The malákas thinks he can trick me! I want to see his ship and his bread drown!"

"A merchant in the port sells slaves and beats them badly. I can’t watch this anymore. Sink the bastard’s ship and make sure he can never trade again."

"A merchant in the agora always shirks his tax. Why must the rest of us pay while he keeps his drachmae? Sink his ship and teach the malákas a lesson."

"There’s a merchant who is always loud and drunk. He’s unbearable! Drachmae to the one who sinks the fool and brings some peace back to the port."

"I’ve seen a merchant stealing from others in the port. Wares, drachmae - anything he can get away with! Sink his ship and leave the malákas with nothing."

"There’s a merchant trying to make his goods sound better by lying about my wares. The malákas thinks I’m a fool! Destroy his ship and I’ll reward you."

"These pirates are out of control. They rob every boat, ship, even little fishing craft. I think they’d rob a dolphin. Sink these idiots."

"For every ship that narrowly escapes the pirates in these waters, many more go to the bottom of the ocean. Avenge the sailors."

"The pirates took everything we had and threw us to the sharks. So many never made it to shore. I want every one of those pirate bastards to pay."

"The pirates are more bloodthirsty than the sharks in these waters. Send them all to the bottom of the sea."

"I cannot understand how Poseidon allows these bastard pirates to sail his waters. We have to do his work for him - send them all to the bottom of the sea."

"Pirates are attacking every ship that sails the waters. We can’t spare the soldiers we need to punish them - send them to the sharks."

"Drachmae for sending pirates to the sharks. Sink every last one of them."

"There aren’t enough pirate skeletons on the bottom of the sea. Drachmae for whoever fixes that."

"My ships, my goods, my men - all gone to pirates and the bottom of the waves. Whatever I have left I will offer to whoever sinks all those bastards."

"Pirates have terrorized our port for too long. Redden the waters."

"The arrogant Athenians think they control the waters with their fleet. Send their cursed boats to the bottom of the ocean."

"Reward offered for ship Captains brave and skillful enough to sink Athenian ships."

"The Athenians have put too much pressure on the ports. Sink their ships and buy time for a counter offensive."

"These weak Athenians won’t fight us on land - they hide on their boats like cowards because they think we won’t come after them. Show them they are wrong."

"Sharks love to eat Athenians. Make the sharks happy, sink their boats."

"The Athenians are jamming the port and making it impossible to get goods in or out. Break their blockade and sink them all."

"Wanted - Captains to aid the Spartan effort on the seas. Sink Athenian ships and win glory for Sparta!"

"Sink the Athenian ships and kill these dogs before they can even set foot on our shores."

"Bounty offered for the sinking of Athenian ships. Send them to the bottom of the ocean for Sparta."

"Athenian ships blot the horizon, but we are not defeated! Sink as many of their ships as you can and earn your glory!"

"These Spartans think they are sailors now? What does a Spartan know about ships? Sink their fleet and send them back to their landlocked little city."

"The Spartans can’t match us on the seas, but we’re under too much pressure in this port. Sink the Spartan ships and restore our power to the waves."

"The Spartan force in these waters is fearsome. A reward to whoever helps us turn the tide."

"We have orders to hold our ships in reserve and can’t attack the Spartan ships in these waters. But I won’t allow them to take control of the ports."

"Captains wanted to aid Athenian naval efforts. Sink Spartan ships for profit and glory!"

"They say Arion of Korinth rode a dolphin to safety when he was thrown to the waves. Do you think his Spartan friends can do the same? Sink them and find out."

"I have never seen a Spartan swim, have you? Sink all their boats and let’s see if they can swim in all that armor."

"Drachmae for Spartan corpses washed up on shore. Sink their ships."

"Spartan bones on the beaches, Spartan blood in the waves. Sink their ships and kill them all."

"A Spartan soldier took my daughter from me. He is on a ship in the fleet. I don’t know which one. I don’t care. Sink them all. That bastard must drown."

"These merchants with their fleets of ships think they control our marketplace. If their pretty ships sank, they’d have to buy from us for a change."

"There is a ring of merchants smuggling illegal goods into the port and undermining our local supplies. Let them sell their dirty wares to the sharks."

"The merchant ships in the port are smuggling weapons to the enemy. Sink every last one of them."

"The merchant ring has taken control of all the trade in the harbor. They’re squeezing all other trade out of the city. Feed them to the sharks."

"These fat, stinking merchants think they control the harbor with their drachmae. Sink a few of their precious boats, and they’ll remember their place."

"It’s impossible to do any business in the city with these foreign merchants bringing all their imports in. Sink their ships and give us our city back."

"The merchants are the ones who keep this war going, selling to both sides and getting fat. Sink their ships and let them sell to the fish."

"The merchant rings control the ports. Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise. Sink the boats and don’t trust anyone!"

"The merchants smuggle in goods and take slaves, they fund pirates, and they play both sides of the war to make their drachmae. Sink them all."

"What foul bargains have these merchants made to make them so bold in our waters? If Poseidon will not take them himself, you must send them to him."

"These bastard merchants clog our harbors and darken our shorelines for their profit. They care nothing for the city. I want them all sunk."

Bounty on a Pirate Ship (Keto's Wrath/weekly)

"Pirates aboard a ship known as Keto's Wrath have destroyed maritime trade since they arrived. No one knows where they came from, but there’s drachmae for whoever stops their safe return home."

The Bright One

The might Arges, known as the Bright One, was active once again. He was seen, hungry and prowling, in the bowels of a fiery volcano.

The Lightning Bringer

Shipwrecks were always a risk, but they were never as abundant as when Steropes roamed. Witnesses swore they’d seen him, the Lightning Bringer, on a rampage around the Greek world.


Dangerous Fangs


Depleting Forces

"An enemy state must be weakened if ground is to be gained."

Leader of Boeotia

Fall of the Elites (weekly)

The elite members of the armies get unfair privileges. I can’t stand this injustice. Kill them. - Anonymous

The Fear of Arrows

"Enemy archers are too skilled to leave unscathed. They must be dealt with quickly."

Leader of Boeotia


Injured on the Job


Your Odyssey


First entry

Elpenor made an offer too good to be true: For a tidy sum, stop the Wolf of Sparta from overtaking the Athenians in Megaris. What no one knew was why.

Second entry

Nikolaos made it clear: Kassandra’s mother was still alive. After a lifetime of solitude, she might have a family again.

Third entry

Despite losing Phoibe, Perikles, and Athens itself, there was still hope: Kassandra soldiered on to Naxos to find her mother and reunite her family.

Fourth entry

Few bastions of hope shone brighter on the Aegean than Naxos. With Kassandra's help, the leader known as Phoenix would keep it that way.

Fifth entry

Kassandra began to reclaim her family. Now, it was time to reclaim her home. But finding her place among Spartans would prove more difficult than she assumed.

Sixth entry

Kassandra and Deimos's paths had crossed before, but only now were they ready to collide. Fitting, then, that it should be on a battlefield.

Seventh entry

The war intensified. Athens's frail democracy crumbled. So long as Kleon ruled the Delian League, no one was safe. Kassandra knew what she must do.

Eight entry

All great tales end where they began, as does this one. Kassandra had served her people well. Now came the time to return to them.


First entry

While Kassandra traveled the expanse of the Greek world seeking her shattered family, she met another running from the memory of his own, and with whom she shared a secret bond.


Not With a Howl, but a Whimper

To kill a Spartan general like Nikolaos the Wolf, Kassandra would first have to draw him out and look him in the eyes. Was she really ready to end the life of the man who raised her?

Revenge is Best Served Cold

She’d been toyed with enough. With spear in hand, Kassandra insisted on finding Elpenor, and now she brought justice with her.

Beware the Snakes

Things in Delphi were not as they used to be. A new wind was blowing, stirring up the pious reputation of Phokis. There was something strange about the Pythia and her prophetic abilities.

The Road to the Symposium

It was certain now that the Cult's threat was imminent - they were coming. Not only were they after Kassandra and her mythic bloodline, but they wanted Perikles, father of democracy, too. Meeting him was crucial.

A Prescription for Discovery

In her journey to find information about her mother, Kassandra sought Hippokrates, the famous physician.

Land of the Lawless

Alkibiades gave the name of Anthousa, a hetaera in Korinth who sees all. It wasn’t much, but Kassandra would leave no stone unturned. Find and Talk to Anthousa in Korinthia

Pirate Hospitality

In typical Aspasia fashion, she knew something few others did. Her seaward contact Xenia, a fearsome admiral, would likely have information on Myrrine's whereabouts.

Rising from the Ashes

Myrrine was known as Phoenix. She saved Alexios and brought him to Argolis. She won a ship and sailed for freedom, just like Kassandra. Surely this would be enough for Aspasia to help find her now.

Paradise Lost

After an emotional reunion, Myrrine asked Kassandra to secure Naxos from the invaders of the nearby island of Paros.

Going Down

Kassandra knew lowering Paros’s Nation Power would give Naxos an advantage in the war, one Myrrine and the people of Naxos desperately needed.

A Place to Call Home

Myrrine and Kassandra were ready to reclaim their home in Sparta, and with it, their places as Spartan citizens. But Sparta was not yet ready for them.

Paint It Red

Proving loyalty to Sparta would be hard, but the bigger task would be proving loyalty to Archidamos. If Kassandra could secure victory in the battle for Boeotia, she could count herself Spartan again.

A Heraklean Task

Kassandra gathered the information she needed to track down Drakon, one of the four mighty Boeotian champions. She was determined to prove Stentor wrong and keep her stay in Boeotia short.

The Cultist King

With their tasks to regain citizenship completed, Kassandra and Myrrine returned to Sparta to reclaim what was theirs, but also to remove the Cultist King once and for all.

Public Opinion

Sokrates and Aristophanes awaited Kassandra at the home of Perikles, needing her help to discredit Kleon before all of Athens.

An Actor's Life for Me

Athens's finest actor, Thespis, was nowhere to be found. If Aristophanes wanted his next play to succeed in its critique of Kleon, he needed the talent of this man. Kassandra swore to find him.

Pirates and Peddlers

Pirates harassed the trade routes of Kythera. Tasked with returning a shipment of trade goods safely to the harbor, Kassandra set sail with her crew.


With Kleon's reign finally brought to an end, the only thing left to do was to return home to Myrrine.

Land of Heroes

There was something afoot in Pephka, and rumor spoke of a strange beast. But what was more important was the life of young Amara - and to find the beast would be to her too.

Blood and Sand

After befriending Skoura, a former hero of the Arena, Kassandra proved herself to be a formidable contender as she fought through a steady stream of cannibals, thieves, and madmen.

A Place of Twists and Turns

Pythagoras’s records told of a powerful ancient Artifact that could lead to a mythical place full of twists and turns. The Artifact, so claimed the locals, was to be found in Krete. There were rumors of a powerful ancient Artifact that would lead to a mythical place full of twists and turns. The relic, so claimed the locals, was to be found in Krete.


Reacting quickly to changes in leadership, an opportunistic merchant made quick drachmae.

Reacting even more quickly, bandits relieved him of it.

Petron, son of Pollis, was a deliveryman well known for his lusty good humor and the petasos hat he wore. When he was murdered, his employer blamed bandits.

A merchant known for his cutthroat business tactics employed a mercenary planning to indeed cut his rival’s throat. His rival sought protection.

Selling goat milk to a doctor for use in his remedies was profitable for a merchant until the doctor began keeping his own goats.

A merchant who sold talisman charms to a priestess hoped that the priestess had not been attacked by the Followers of Ares.

Traveling merchants claim to know the terrain of their sales routes better than anyone. Thus, a merchant found valuables.

A merchant better known for his humor than for his wares or his prices, in the opinion of his Spartan buyers, feared an attack by unhappy customers.

A Spartan Commander who claimed that Spartan desertion was unheard of - although others claim differently - was shocked and angered at desertion in his unit.

Despite being outmatched in a regional skirmish, Athenians were able to hold a position due to being well supplied and funded.

After an argument with his Commander, a Spartan second-in-command stormed off into a forest patrolled by bandits - unwisely, in his commander's opinion.

A Spartan Commander took action against a farmer who was spreading infection with his tainted crops.

A change in leadership caused helots previously loyal to Sparta to abandon their posts. A Commander plotted revenge against the traitors.

Spartans raiding a village for food were attacked by villagers. The Spartan Commander plotted what he claimed was the least bloody way to resolve this.

After a mercenary took drachmae but failed to kill a Commander, a Spartan Commander reluctantly had to hire another mercenary.

After eliminating the Monger, Kassandra’s reputation caused her to be sought by a Commander looking to make an attack on food-stealing bandits.

After the exile of Pausanias, the disgraced King of Sparta opposed by Kassandra, opportunistic Athenians and bandits began attacking.

A Spartan Commander was torn between his desire to defend a spy and his need to deliver information to his superiors.

Spartans preferred an open battle on level ground. When ambushed from the trees by Daughters of Artemis, an inexperienced Commander panicked.

Despite their pride and belief that they were unbeatable in even combat, Spartan Commanders sometimes sought advantage by attacking supplies and boats before engaging.

An Athenian spy was willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure victory for Athens - even so far as committing treason against his Commander.

An Athenian soldier with a new baby at home considered desertion but was afraid to send a message home because of the dangers on the path.

An Athenian soldier, ordered by his Commander to hold his post, was unable to go to the aid of villagers under attack from raiders.

A cautious Athenian Commander, despite having won a skirmish, worried that the Spartans were restocking and employing mercenaries for a counterattack.

While surrounded by Spartans, an Athenian Commander despaired that the Spartan commander he was up against was too smart an opponent to beat.

Though he was by all accounts a minor talent, an Athenian soldier who fancied himself a poet had his writing stolen by bandits.

An Athenian soldier was concerned about frequent disappearances on a nearby road but unable to leave his post due to frequent raider attacks.

As the result of a rather spirited disagreement over military spending, a politician began calling for an Athenian Commander's head

A young Athenian soldier in love was called to the front and so was unable to give his betrothed a gift of fine jewelry.

A Spartan soldier wanted to establish a camp, but was under threat from both beasts and bandits and so was prevented from controlling the area.

Spartan soldiers were angered by the loss of weapons after the sinking of ships just offshore. Sharks prevented divers from easily retrieving the weapons.

Following a skirmish with raiders, a Spartan soldier feared that his brother had been taken captive and so wanted to find him.

A Spartan soldier complained of spies near his camp. He claimed he would have killed the spies if he was not also plagued by beasts in the area.

A Spartan, frustrated by Athenian strength near his detachment, targeted the weapons of the Athenians in an effort to weaken them.

Spartan deserters fled the battlefield, taking a crate of supplies with them. The soldiers left behind faced an attack and could not pursue the deserters.

Spartans relied on herbalists to provide them with poultices for the wounded, but thieves would rob the wounded or steal supplies if they were unguarded.

Spartan soldiers were confident in winning battles on even terms. As a result, they hated spies for making engagements less straightforward.

Seemingly mad, a beggar claimed that there were incredible riches hidden in a cave, guarded by lions.

Desperate to keep his last drachma safe from thieves, one beggar hid the coin under his tongue. Yet, thieves still managed to rob the man.

Supposedly blessed with divine sight, one beggar claimed to know a cave where a great truth could be found.

Angered by the drachmae some of the rich donated to the Followers of Ares, a beggar sought to get his hands on some of the drachmae.

The streets were often hostile and cruel. One beggar, fearing the competition of another, wondered how he would make enough drachmae to survive.

It can be said that an honest man will often starve while a brigand eats his fill. So it was with one beggar, who coveted bandits’ plentiful food supplies.

In times of war, bandits will steal everything - even items of little worth. Such was the case of one beggar, who found even his meagre possessions targeted.

A starving man is ruled by his stomach. One beggar, driven to desperation by his hunger, hoped to feast on goat meat instead of radish leaves.

One beggar, who was cheated while gambling - or so he claimed - desperately desired a way to get revenge, or drachmae.

While dockers in the port were protected from pirate attacks, their livelihoods were threatened by ships being sunk and raided once they left port.

Dockers, it is said, were always well informed about shipwrecks. One particular wreck carried a sword that a docker wanted to the bottom of the sea.

While dockers inevitably knew where valuables could be salvaged from shipwrecks, actually retrieving the sunken booty often meant dealing with sharks.

A docker with merchant connections was able to secure a better deal for an olive farmer. The merchant who had made the old deal was angry to lose business.

Dockers mixed with all sorts of people in the ports. One dockworker overheard ruffians planning an attack on an artist and wanted to help the victim.

When Spartans took a port, they laid claim to everything in it. One dockworker refused to give up a cloak his mother had made for him and was killed.

Spartan weapons were valuable on the secondary market. Dockers inevitably had contacts in these markets and looked for the swords of Commanders.

Athenian guards claiming they were “inspecting” goods used their power to rob dockworkers of valuable cargo.

A dockworker hatched a plan to smuggle rare vintage wine to a politician under the cover of supplies being “destroyed” by mercenaries.

Help needed for an errand of love!

Sensitive family matter needs to be settled quietly. Warriors only.

A physician, frustrated by his patients suffering from hunger, plotted against bandits who were stealing food.

A healer wrote messages to rich and powerful figures demanding that they pay for health care for poorer citizens. There are no records of return messages.

Diseased animals spread sickness to many who had no other food. Records survive of a healer trying to cull the animals and obtain other food sources.

A healer in the business of selling what he considered to be protective blessings to soldiers was unable to make deliveries due to bandits on the roads.

A physician who traded in love philters risked losing business when his messenger broke an ankle on the road and was unable to make a delivery to a Spartan Commander.

A physician devoted to caring for both spirit and body requested help removing a curse by removing the person who placed the curse.

A healer taken hostage and forced to treat wounded soldiers plotted his escape. The practice of taking hostages was unfortunately common.

Even healers engaged in political life during the war. A physician worried that the new leadership disapproved of him and sought to win favor.

A physician engaged in experimental cures was frustrated when his patients refused to pay him for treatment.

A physician was targeted by thieves for the supposed healing gemstones he carried.

With bandages and medicine hoarded by soldiers, a healer struggled to obtain and deliver supplies to his patients.

A physician renowned for his compassion became the target of Spartan attacks after tending to Athenian soldiers.

A physician sending the sick on walks in the woods was shocked that beasts were attacking his patients. It is regrettable that he did not enjoy walks himself.

A healer, overwhelmed at losing patients, sought to eliminate military supplies and boats, hoping this would cause soldiers to abandon the area.

Neutrality was not always a luxury afforded to physicians in the war, as one became an Athenian target after treating wounded Spartans.

A physician took an unusual interest in weaponry after developing a concern for his safety on roads infested by beasts and bandits.

An overwhelmed physician waited for help from a traveling healer. However, even healers were not safe from bandit and soldier attacks on the road.

While physicians rarely employed mercenaries, a story of one who sought medicines held by Athenian soldiers suggests that there were exceptions.

A physician during the plague was horrified to learn of Spartans coating their arrows in the blood of the sick and took measures to combat this sickening practice.

A hunter despaired of hunting a lion, believing it to be a divine creature and not wanting to anger the gods. Yet, the beast was carrying off children.

A hunter, facing starvation after being banned from hunting, attempted to enlist help from those who had influence with lawmakers.

A hunter, concerned with soldiers over-hunting his area, looked for ways to prevent the soldiers from depleting the game the locals relied on.

A hunter who made extra money guiding rich men on hare hunts was concerned about the presence of a feral wolf.

A dispute over traps and territory led one hunter to take revenge on another trapper.

A hunter, who claimed his family had hunted an area for generations, was upset by another trapper in the area.

A hunter requested help in hunting wolves. Wolf pelts were a valued commodity, and so sought-after that hunters sometimes struggled to meet demand.

A hunter was imprisoned by bandits for supposedly poaching on their land. The hunter appealed for help.

A hunter, worried about bear attacks in his hunting grounds, had difficulty tracking the bear and looked for help.

Having been threatened by the Followers of Ares to stop his research, a scientist feared for his life and for his missing cousin.

Startled by the unexpected theft of his poisons, a scientist was desperate to retrieve them as he worried they would be sold.

A scientist feared that new methods proposed by the Followers of Ares would invoke the wrath of the gods. He wanted the Followers stopped before it was too late.

A scientist’s life work was stolen by the Followers of Ares, and the poor man was understandably desperate to have it returned.

A scientist believed that unusual practices by the Followers of Ares caused a bout of bad weather, and wanted them stopped before it got worse.

A scientist was angry that he was being outsold, as other apothecaries got their supplies from a foreign merchant.

A scientist predicted an imminent earthquake, but no one would heed his warnings. He needed a way to deliver the news that would make people take notice.

After creating a potion he claimed cured any illness, a scientist feared being attacked by bandits and soldiers who wanted the elixir for themselves.

A scientist feared his knowledge of the stars would be lost in the turmoil of war, and hoped to preserve his work by sending it to a friend.

Having studied Athenian war tactics, a scientist - considered by many to be anxious - feared that Spartan spies were going to steal his hard-won research.

Knowing that the Spartans had little regard for scientific study, one scientist feared that the Spartan Commander would make him a slave.

The death of a statesman led to a loss of funds for a local scientist. Understandably, he grew eager for more drachmae.

A scientist, eager to study, was upset that the war left no funding for his research.

After receiving instructions to prepare poisons, a scientist worried he would not get his drachmae as no soldiers came to collect their order.

A hopeful scientist was looking for work, and (perhaps foolishly) wanted the military to know what kind of services he offered.

Fascinated by the stars, a scientist was upset that his rare mechanism to measure cosmic distances was stolen by bandits.

An account exists of a frustrated scientist, who grew tired of the bandits and soldiers who kept killing the local animals he was attempting to study.

Eager to study the human body, a sly scientist thought that the soldiers and bandits of the area would make ideal specimens - if they were dead.

After wrongly believing he was selling poison for arrow tips - or so he said - a scientist was desperate to stop soldiers from poisoning the local water supply.

A priestess was concerned when a ship of military supplies sank despite her omens of safe passage. The shark-infested waters the ship sank in made retrieving the supplies daunting.

A priestess told of how a misthios had stolen altar offerings for a bandit camp. Angered by the theft, she claimed to prefer the offerings be destroyed.

There exists an account of one absent-minded priest so eager for war that he left without his sword. A priestess then feared for his safety, as he traveled unarmed.

One priestess, out of sympathy, started giving temple offerings to those in need. Yet, giving food dedicated to the gods was an impiety, and so soldiers came for her head.

A priestess, overjoyed to learn that the Athenian leader had died, was eager to find those who could drive the rest of the Athenians away.

Athenian soldiers found Spartans in a temple, hidden by a priestess. The soldiers vowed the priestess would be punished.

A priestess, angered that Spartans were marching through holy lands, sought a way to bring the wrath of the gods upon them.

A priestess who, by her claim, wanted to attend to injured soldiers and make sacrifices to the gods was troubled by bandits.

A priestess who claimed to be the fifth of her family line to guard her temple sought help when bandits stole sacred offerings.

The heavy armor of the Spartans made mobile fighting and chasing bandits difficult. Commanders sought out mercenaries to help fight this new type of enemy.

A Spartan Commander with unknown ailments wished to communicate his problems to healers in secret.

A Spartan Commander suspected his camp had been infiltrated by a spy after battle plans and very personal letters went missing.

A Spartan Commander opened his tent to a strange woman, and thus opened his unit to danger when the woman made off with battle plans.

A death in Spartan command caused some Spartans to desert or turn bandit. Shocked by this disgrace to Spartan values, a Commander tried to regain order.

Seeing Kassandra, a Spartan decided to confront the misthios, eager to know if she was the one who killed the Wolf.

After Kassandra helped the Spartans win Megaris, a Commander was eager to strike against the Athenians, yet a certain Athenian commander barred his triumph.

The death of a leader gave a quarry supervisor the chance to cheat his customers while the magistrates were busy. A merchant worked to stop him.

Traveling between cities to sell his wares made a merchant vulnerable to wolf attacks. After narrowly surviving one such attack, he sought protection.

A Commander used his position to extort a merchant wishing to hide the profits he was making from magistrates. The merchant sought to remove the commander.

A merchant who had repeatedly fallen victim to theft wanted to strike back against thieves, even going so far as to hire a mercenary.

Occasionally, bandits would allow merchants to pass safely through their territory or even stay in their camp for a small fee. One merchant was not so lucky.

Competition for market space was so fierce that a merchant decided to take action against the boat of a rival merchant whose produce would arrive first.

As for the regions which lie between cities, none could pass with absolute safety. A merchant who had despaired of wolves was also beset by bandits.

All the lands of witches, it was said, were impure and prowled by wolves. Thus, it was that a merchant wishing to sell mandrake to the witches was afraid to enter their lands.

A merchant was angry that Kassandra had not done more against the Cyclops’s men, as, beaten by her, they went on to kidnap the merchant’s wife.

After Kassandra’s failure at the port of Korinth, a traveling merchant feared to go there as his route was now blocked by pirates.

Although Kassandra’s sacrifice did not save Eteokles, a merchant hoped she could help in other ways, as Eteokles’s farm had been taken over by bandits.

An Athenian soldier, having infiltrated a Spartan camp, obtained battle plans for a minor Spartan offensive and wanted to get them to his Commander.

A wounded Athenian soldier revealed the predictably gruesome results of his partner encountering a bear. He was understandably concerned about other nearby bears.

An Athenian, recorded as having been a fairly mediocre soldier, looked to the song of wolves for inspiration in order to become an equally mediocre poet.

A blood feud between two minor Athenian families - no sources survive documenting the squabble - caused a soldier distress, as he was unable to leave his post.

A low-ranking Athenian soldier, recognizing his limitations and mortality, wrote a letter to his lover inflating his own importance to the Athenian offensive.

An eccentric Athenian soldier wandering on a beach had a jealous and possessive love of the sea. He expressed an interest in seeing enemy boats sunk.

An Athenian soldier tasked with collecting the bodies of the fallen was horrified to observe both wolves and cannibals feasting in the aftermath of battle.

An Athenian soldier was displeased with the food in his camp and despaired of the fact that nearby there were better-provisioned Spartans and raiders.

A low-ranking Athenian conceived of an oversimplified plan to solve both his hunger and his defensive position by killing bandits and taking their food.

An Athenian soldier, disturbed at learning that his beloved was being courted by a poet, considered various subtle solutions to the problem.

Having witnessed his brother's death, an Athenian wished to send the man’s cloak to his widow, but found himself unable to face her and her children.

A clandestine, small-scale mutiny against an aggressive Commander was contemplated by Athenian soldiers.

An embattled Athenian unit considered the need for reinforcements against a Spartan attack. An Athenian soldier, under duress from constant Spartan pressure, looked for divine help against his enemies.

After the death of Perikles, an Athenian Commander seized the opportunity to plan assaults on the Spartan forces.

Not noted as a strategist, an Athenian Commander focused on the soup the Spartans ate. His targets were the ingredients and the mercenaries delivering them.

An Athenian Commander received information on a Spartan advance, but had to stay in position and so could not move to attack the Spartans.

An Athenian Commander believed that a spy trailing his unit had cost the lives of several Athenian soldiers.

An Athenian Commander, troubled by the theft of supplies by bandits, wondered how to stop the thieves without provoking the local citizens.

An Athenian Commander, torn between family and duty, plotted how to rescue his son from Spartan forces without compromising his unit.

An Athenian Commander struggled with desertion in his unit - a not uncommon problem in the Athenian army during the period.

A Commander of Athenian troops, troubled by the theft of a “lucky” coin, feared a loss of morale would result.

An Athenian Commander of questionable skill allowed his men to believe that the death of the “Wolf of Sparta” was to blame for their problem with wolves.

An Athenian Commander sought herbal medicine for his men only to discover that bandits had raided the herbalist’s supplies.

An Athenian Commander prepared his unit to engage Spartan troops, but found his transport to the attack site blocked by pirates.

An Athenian Commander plotted revenge against a Spartan commander who had desecrated a shrine and built up another in its place.

An Athenian Commander, bitter about being cheated by a merchant, considered ways to take revenge without being punished for attacking civilians.

Constant wear on weapons was a concern for Athenian Commanders, so a commander wrote a letter to a Blacksmith asking for supplies.

Animal attacks claimed many Athenian lives. One Athenian Commander was particularly concerned about lion attacks on his scouts.

After victory in a skirmish, Athenian Commanders would often treat their men to feasts. Drunkenness occasionally caused a lack of preparation for these meals.

A curious story survives of an Athenian Commander needing to hire a second mercenary to track down the first mercenary he had hired to steal Spartan plans.

Doctors influenced by Hippokrates sometimes helped soldiers without asking for payment. One Athenian Commander insisted on rewarding such a doctor, however.

Despite an overwhelming Spartan presence, an Athenian spy refused to give up his ambitious plans to sabotage the Spartan advance.

Afraid to compromise his position, an Athenian spy wondered how best to help a friend who had been captured by Spartans.

An Athenian spy had a plan - a clever one, by his own account - to scare some Spartan soldiers with the howls of dying wolves.

Athenian soldiers began deserting their posts in droves. One Athenian spy planned to stop them, and believed a Spartan spy was encouraging them to leave.

While undercover as a porter, an Athenian spy discovered how best to take strike against a Spartan Commander he had grown to hate.

An Athenian spy believed he would soon be killed by a Spartan Commander, yet his primary concern was to deliver information to his Athenian superiors.

Afraid to compromise his cover, an Athenian spy wondered how he could use his knowledge of Spartan forces and supplies to best effect.

Impressed by Kassandra’s ability to sink a fleet of ships, an Athenian spy let her know of a Spartan Commander who would decide where the ships moved next.

Afraid to compromise his position, an Athenian spy wondered how to help a woman, who by his own claim was innocent and who had been captured by the Spartans.

An Athenian spy rewrote Spartan war songs with dirty lyrics in an attempt to hurt Spartan morale. He needed help getting the lyrics past the Spartans and to his Commander.

An story exists concerning a daring Athenian spy who discovered that the Spartans were transporting their military supplies using merchant boats.

An Athenian spy planned to eliminate a Spartan Commander using the commander's sweet tooth against him.

An Athenian spy planned to poison Spartans, but the bandits who were to provide him with hemlock did not deliver what they had promised.

An Athenian spy was concerned about the dark sway he felt a local witch had over the spy's Commander.

Athenian ships were due to arrive in dangerous waters. An Athenian spy known to be anxious feared his fellow soldiers would not survive a pirate attack.

Spartan soldiers were deserting their posts, but an Athenian spy feared that they would return and strengthen the phalanx.

Anxious to end her prophecies of their doom, the Spartans captured a witch. So claimed an Athenian spy, who hoped to continue lowering Spartan morale.

Posing as a farmer, it is said an Athenian spy planned to bribe new local politicians to gain their sympathies for Athens.

On learning that Athenian forces were running low on food, Spartan soldiers decided to target the Athenians' supplies to weaken them.

A Spartan soldier, enraged that his fellow soldiers had deserted, plotted revenge but had to stay and guard a village against beasts.

Lack of supplies threatened the position of a Spartan camp. Of further concern to the Spartan soldiers was that the bandits nearby had a good stock of food.

A Spartan deserter was spotted fleeing to the port. The soldier who saw him guessed that the deserter would attempt to escape by boat.

A story comes down to us of Spartan soldiers engaged with Athenians and who learned that the Athenians would soon have ships of reinforcements arriving.

Spartans complained that bandits leaving out food and the bloody sacrifices performed by Followers of Ares brought many beasts to an area near a Spartan camp.

On learning that a Spartan spy had been captured by Athenians, Spartan soldiers plotted how to rescue him.

A Spartan soldier was ordered to deliver a report to command, but doing so would have left a spy in the hands of the Athenians.

As fear spread into the hearts of Spartans, one soldier was concerned with how his fellow men were deserting their posts and convinced there was a conspiracy.

A Spartan, delighted by the arrival of a misthios, soon shared his desire to clear the nearby camp of Athenians.

A Spartan obsessed with order disliked the Athenian “wilds.” According to his claim, beasts, bandits, and Athenians themselves all lacked discipline.

A Spartan spy discovered Followers of Ares preying on locals. He was unable to act or get a message to his Commander for fear the Followers would escape.

A Spartan spy was assigned to stow away on a ship to Athens. The spy, it is said, was so afraid of water that he took action to sabotage his own mission.

A pirate Captain noted for attacking ships (little is recorded of the sunken ships) was vulnerable when he was spotted drinking in a port tavern.

The krypteia, the so-called Shadows of Sparta, took note of Kassandra’s own shadowy deeds and approached her about work in Athens.

A Spartan spy tracked deserters. Even worse than deserting, he believed, was one who took his shield with him, thus further disgracing his brother soldiers.

A unit of Athenians who considered themselves elite and referred to themselves as “lions” - though their achievements, if any, are poorly recorded - kept a caged lion in their camp.

Spartan spies were often able to locate Athenian camps, boats, and supplies. Alone and behind enemy lines, though, they were not always able to act.

A Spartan spy of few words but considerable bloodlust located Athenian and bandit camps.

After conquering an area, Spartans were resisted by civilians. Spartan spies plotted how to minimize theft without slaughtering them.

Spartan krypteia - elite ambush fighters, to hear them tell it - worked to identify vulnerable Athenian Commanders and camps.

Isolated and vulnerable, Spartan spies were under threat of being discovered not only by Athenians, but also by bandits and Followers of Ares.

A Spartan spy discovered a shipwreck full of sunken Athenian weaponry. The spy had more difficultly in discovering a way to deal with the sharks.

Spartan spies took special pleasure in attacking Athenian Commanders. This strategy was meant to cause panic in the soldiers.

An area of burnt forest took on brief strategic importance when Spartan spies, Athenian spies, and mercenaries all occupied it at the same time.

A Spartan posed as an aide to an Athenian magistrate and got the man accused of crimes and sentenced to death. Despite his mission, the spy pitied the man.

Naval warfare initially proved difficult for soldiers and spies from landlocked Sparta. Enemy ships, pirates, and sharks were all concerns.

After Kassandra killed the Spartan general Stentor, an angry Spartan spy vowed to discover the killer and take revenge.

After Kassandra incited a helot riot, a Spartan spy, angered by this, sought to uncover the mercenary who interfered with the Krypteia.

A healer struggled to obtain supplies to treat civilians. Soldiers, with their weapons and influence, would often hoard supplies, limiting access for others.

A hunter claimed the pelts he was collecting were being stolen, and so he took steps to catch the thieves.

Hunters claimed a merchant was underpaying them for pelts and meat, and began plotting against him. The merchant, it is said, hid from them on his boat.

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