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Perikles, Father of Democracy

  • Representative of Attika
  • "After his parents' ostracism, Perikles triumphantly returned to Athens, rose to power, and rebuilt the city from the ashes of the Persian invasion, proving the strength of democracy in the process. Athens owed much of what it became to this man."


  • Oligarch of Naxos Island
  • "Little was known about the woman named Myrrine prior to her arrical in Korinth. Whispers of her brief but ruthless career as a smuggler under Xenia, the Pirate Queen, came and went. However, Phoenix was known across the world as the cunning and fearless leader of Naxos."

Silanos of Paros

  • Oligarch of Paros Island
  • "Silanos rose to power in Paros swiftly, with just the right balance of naval skill and wealthy supporters. He was feared at sea and held at arm's length on dry land. Few faced his fleet and survived."

Skylax the Fair

  • King of Abantis Islands
  • "Skylax the Fair was revered. Because he was a generous leader, his people happily marched to battle in his name, though attacking his enemies never interested him. His power and his vast wealth seemed to be enough to keep him satisfied."

The Two Kings of Sparta

  • Kings of Lakonia
  • "The two houses that ruled Sparta both claimed to be descended from Herakles. They made political decisions together, the theory being that they'd keep each other honest."

Lagos the Archon

  • Representative of Peloponnesian League (Arkadia)
  • "Arkadia's citizens were never so prosperous, nor their fields so bountiful, than when Lagos the Archon led them. Even though that was true, there were some who said the Archon sold his soul to Demeter herself."

Archidamos the Peaceful

  • "King of Lakonia*
  • "Archidamos might have been best known for the 30 years' peace with Athens he was a part of. Then again, they also named the first part of the Peloponnesian was the "Archidamian War" after him."

Kleon the Everyman

  • "Kleon was one of the most commanding voices in Athens. Whenever he spoke, the people listened. The world was his podium, and his calls for change against the Athenian elite were a rallying cry for the downtrodden."

Podarkes the Cruel

  • King of Silver Islands
  • "The Delians suffered under the control of a man known as Podarkes, who made an art of deception and torture. In these, he was the world's greatest artist."

Kodros the Bull

  • King of Delian League
  • "To be happy, the masses needed only to be fed and entertained. This was a principle Kodros the Bull fully understood. He promoted all forms of entertainment, but favored prize fighting the most. He believed it kept the citizens distracted, dull, and bloodthirsty."

Iobates the Stoic

  • Lemnos
  • Life under {FULLNAME}'s rule was uniquely oppressive. The people lived in constant fear, as he openly and regularly contracted mercenaries as private aides, relying on them more than his nation’s army.

Leaders, RNG

Bringer of Demons


  • Athenian

{NAME}, Bringer of Demons was known as a non-believer. Stories say he spent one terrifying night in the fabled "Petrified Forest" and was met by Medusa. Forever changed, he never doubted the gods' existence again.

{NAME}, Bringer of Fates

{FULLNAME} claimed he never killed, but simply fulfilled the wishes of the Fates. It seems very coincidental, though, that the Fates would always wish his enemies a long, torturous death.


{FULLNAME} was raised by priests after his mother died during childbirth and his father died in battle. {NAME} devoted his life to piety, hoping to honor their memory with every action he took.

{NAME} the Drunken Bard

According to {FULLNAME}, there could be no love or life or alliance, without first having wine. It’s said he blessed his friends as Dionysos might - with a drunken song and a satisfying hangover.

{NAME} the Ferocious

{NAME} the Ferocious was raised with was as a deadly reality. After the horrors of the Persian invasion, he saw it as his duty to lead in the Peloponnesian one.

{NAME} the Grave Digger

People claimed {FULLNAME} could be seen dragging bodies into graves well into the night. With care, he rested coins in each of their mouths, closed their eyes, and covered the bodies with dirt.

{NAME} the Great Protector

There was no better ally than {FULLNAME} when it came to protecting those he loved. To fear him was to fear his allies in equal measure, for where they went, he protected them.


If the best way to get friends was to buy them, this opportunist preferred to have enemies. {FULLNAME} grew up poor and with friends. He'd rather be rich and lonely. Nobody had a problem with that.

{NAME}, Guardian of Demeter

{NAME} guarded the golden fields as they were harvested and the olive trees as they were plucked. He considered himself a broker of peace and bounty, and he was rewarded with great wealth.

{NAME} the Heartless

There were never any friends in the world of The Heartless. There was only fodder… those he could throw at the spears of his enemies until the battle was won.

{NAME} the Hippogriff

{FULLNAME} was noble. Proud. Strong. Fierce. And, like the hippogriff, was many things at once. He could be deceitful, cunning, a skilled liar - whatever it took to get what he wanted.

{NAME} the Hollow

{FULLNAME} never found any joy in life aside from his rather unflinching ruthlessness. No matter how gruesome the battle or how large the loss, his hollow expression remained unchanged.

{NAME} the Hydra's Head

{FULLNAME} often carried the heads of those who died by his blade. He called the heads his generals and together, they were the Hydra. Still, they let him lead...

{NAME}, Protector of Dryads

{FULLNAME} once protected a small village from a large fire, stopping it before it could reach the forest. The rumor spread that dryads were within and ultimately gifted him with a godly power.

Silver Tongue

A lover of art in a family of warriors, {FULLNAME} was always thought weak until he played his family members against one another. Soon enough, only he was left, along with his family's fortune.

{NAME}, Son of Kings

After living a life of poverty, {NAME} told a simple lie in an influential ear, and was known shortly after as the Son of Kings. He was respected and adored, but clearly nobody stopped to ask why.

{NAME} the Wit's Edge

{FULLNAME} carried a sword, though no blade was as sharp as his tongue. To him peace was the product of a strong alliance. And an alliance was the product of an enemy {NAME} had shamed.

Mercenary attributes

Canine Trainer

  • Travels the world with a dog companion

Night Hunter

  • Travels the world with a wolf companion

Fangs Chewer

  • Travels the world with a lynx companion

Forest Thunder

  • Travels the world with a bear companion

Plains Traveler

  • Travels the world with a lion companion

Wild Bringer

  • Travels the world with a leopard companion


  • Uses Fire Attacks


  • Enters a rage state when close to death


  • Will never flinch when receiving damage


  • Can drain stamina with certain attacks.


  • Takes less damage from Assassinations


  • Takes less damage from Melee Attacks


  • Takes less damage from Fire

Shell Skin

  • Takes less damage from Ranged Attacks


  • Takes more damage from Poison

Death From Above

  • Takes more damage from Ranged Attacks

Heart Condition

  • Takes more damage from Assassinations


  • Takes more damage from Fire

Soft Flesh

  • Takes more damage from Melee Attacks


  • Takes less damage from Poison


  • Boosts morale of nearby allies


  • Some attacks can inflict bleeding

Mercenaries, non-RNG

Talos the Stone Fist

Heart Condition

  • Takes more damage from Assassinations

Death From Above

  • Takes more damage from Ranged Attacks

Originating from {BIRTHPLACE}, Talos the Stone Fist had a name to be taken literally. As big as a boulder, he was known to pound his enemies' heads into the rock faces of many Kephallonia mountains.

Hyrkanos the Cunning

Shell Skin

  • less Ranged Attack


  • more Fire

Hyrkanos was a mercenary working for Athens with a mission to sabotage Spartan war efforts in Megaris. He was a master at manipulating others to do his bidding so he could remain elusive.

Stentor the Fallen

The adopted son of Nikolaos, Stentor always tried to impress his father and make him proud. After he tried to kill his sibling and failed, he left the Spartan army in disgrace. His life ruined, he pursued a life as a mercenary so he could one day seek his revenge. -Available only if Nikolaos doesn't intervene, and Stentor spared in the conclusion of The Conqueror

Sosipatros the Archon's Servant

Sosipatros did what many other mercenaries tried to do: work for the most powerful man in the region. With Lagos as his employer, Sosipatros never had a shortage of contracts to complete.

Exekias the Legend

In our time, one misthios was feared above all. Forever present, forever undefeated, age would not dull his edge nor rust his hammer's head. Behind Exekias the legend was a trail of desolation and the eerie silence of death.

Kassandra the Eagle Bearer

The legends around the mighty Eagle-Bearer from Kephallonia were many. Some said that she was a descendant of Spartan royalty. Others, that she was a goddess.

Gaia the Fist

Gaia the Fist was infamous for running at his intended target, ignoring any projectile weapons. He claimed he liked to see the look of despair in people's eyes as he charged, only gaining speed, until he reached them and ended their life.

Theos the Stargazer

Theos always looked for answers to difficult questions. What will come to pass? Who is in the right? How can all benefit? He said the solution was to look to the gods. Nobody else was worth asking.

Agis of the North

Agis of the North was committed to pitting Athens and Sparta against each other so that his first love, Byzantion, could rise in the wake of their destruction.

Exadios the Backbreaker

Exadios took marks twice her size with the fearlessness of a charging bull. She left a trail of broken bodies in her wake.

The False Leonidas

This older mercenary claimed to be the Great Leonidas resurrected, but no one fell for this trap. Well, almost no one. Some impressionable fools gave him contracts solely because they believed him. Of course, when he succeeded, it only confirmed what they thought.

Hirpes the Sordid

If something is best for the people, does it matter what has to be done? Hirpes the Sordid said it didn't. Of course, those he cheated or betrayed came to disagree upon learning of his deeds.

Atos the Beast Caller

Atos the Beast Caller wrote countless letters to his mother. It's said he tried sending one home to Syrakousai each night. After a while, he stopped sending the letters altogether. He wasn't sure they ever reached her, and since he was always on the move, he never received one back.

Aias the Clean

While many mercenaries cared not for how they looked or smelled, Aias felt he could prove mercenaries deserved as much respect or adoration as a polemarch. Always presentable, Aias did gain fans for a time… until they saw him do his work up close.

Proktos the Moon King

Proktos the Moon King was a priest of Artemis until bandits ruined his temple. A lone survivor, he became embroiled in a lunar cult and pledged to bring suffering to all who would harm his beloved goddess.

Kephalon the Thinker

Kephalon the Thinker worked by honoring Skythia's traditional mercantile life, but after a bloody skirmish with armed bandits, he discovered this temperament was more suited for war.

Sergas the Lynx Man

Sergas was a charismatic bounty hunter who purred like his pet lynx. When possible, he liked to soothe his prey by purring in their ears before the final blow. He called this a beautiful death... Grr...

Phelikles the Generous

It appears Phelikles enjoyed distributing his hard-earned drachmae to those who didn’t have any. Some said it was because he wanted everyone to know he was rich. Others felt he was just helping those who couldn’t afford his kind of life. No matter the case, most believe his coin went to good use.

The Mighty Xanotos

No one knows where Xanotos came from, but legends said he was from a cult in a country far, far away. Only one thing was for sure - he loved the color yellow.

Shahin the Persian

Shahin first decided to journey through the lands to spy on war tactics. He found the land beautiful and decided to buy a house and settle down, but the ongoing war pulled him into the mercenary life to profit from the conflict.

Mercenaries, RNG

the Devastator

{NAME} the Devastator's past involved desecrating temples, statues, and what she saw as pathetic cultural achievements. To her, no greater city had been built than Alexandria, and no greater person forged than an Alexandrian.

the Dragon-Skinned

It's said {NAME} the Dragon-Skinned was stabbed, lit aflame, and shot repeatedly with arrows, but never failed to laugh it off. Like a proud parent, she carried her scars and would happily spend all night regaling anyone who would listen with the stories of how she got them.

the Escapist

{NAME} the Escapist was an escaped helot turned mercenary after leading a riots in Messenia against the Spartans. He was a spirited warrior who would have preferred dying on the battlefield to getting caught.

the Glorious

Driven by his hubris, {NAME} wanted future generations to tell the tales of his feats, and his legend to be remembered like the great Achilles. It's unlikely anyone else will write about him though, and unfortunately this is all there is to write.

the Laughing Crow

At a young age, {NAME} the Laughing Crow vowed she would leave Samothrake and never return. It's said she hated her home so much, she commanded her ship to avoid even the sight of the island.

{NAME} the Shark-Toothed

{NAME} the Shark-Toothed honed her strength working in the marble pits of Thasos. The muscles she used to cut stone were the very same ones she uses to cut down her enemies.

the Snake-Haired

Because of the dark ringlets coiled upon his head and eyes that glowed of amber, {NAME} the Snake-Haired left his victims with the impression that they were seeing Chrysaor's face as they died. The chance that any of these descriptions of {NAME} is true is highly unlikely, but they are the only ones that exist.

{NAME} the Thunderclap

Living near to the neighboring island of Delos, {NAME} the Thunderclap found a friend there. They trained together, became strong together, and occasionally cooperated for mutual profit. That is, until one of them turned on the other. Stories are still unclear on who began the betrayal.

the Vulgar

{NAME} the Vulgar was a poet in her own right. Those who met her blade were treated to a cacophony of slurs and oddities right before they died.



From the small coastal town of Pagai, {FULLNAME} knew her way around a ship - and how to work a crew - better than most sailors, though for far deadlier purposes.


His mother told {FULLNAME} stories of Theseus in Skyros almost every night. {FULLNAME} grew to have an irrational fear of cliffs and high places, lest he be thrown to his death.

{NAME} the Capricious


{FULLNAME} claimed he was raised on the battlefield and that the first thing he held was a spear. Like most people who make their identity about one thing, {NAME} was never seen as more than a warrior.

{NAME} the Grave Thief

Most mercenaries gained their wealth from completing contracts, but in rare cases, it’s said some like {NAME} took a different route. People claimed they often saw {NAME} late at night, digging into the earth where a body was buried earlier in the day. He grew far wealthier during times of war.

{NAME}, Servant of Hephaistos

The world is a smith's fire, and {NAME} was a blade forged in it. Other leaders were simply crops for him to cleave, leaving their riches for him to reap. In time, his riches were reaped as well.

{NAME}, Student of Hermes

{FULLNAME} was a merchant first and a warrior second. He measured life in profits. Those who knew him said he made decisions solely on how much a person was worth. He must have viewed himself highly.

{NAME}, King of the Vagabonds

A paradox, perhaps: the King of Vagabonds was at once reviled by the social, political, and religious elite around him, yet he kept his power purely by being beloved by the commoners he protected.

{NAME} the Tamer

When {FULLNAME} stopped fearing the gods, he lost all fear of everything else. He went from taming the world's wildest animals to its wildest armies, killing those who refused to follow his lead.

{NAME} the Sun Chaser

There are no bounds for an ambitious leader, and there were no ambitious leaders like the pious {FULLNAME}. He intended to unite all the temples under his banner. He failed.

{NAME} the Great Sorcerer

A curse from a witch can be a vexing thing, indeed. A curse from {FULLNAME} was always fatal. Armies crumbled and leaders fell from the fear that {NAME} instilled in them.

{NAME} the Master Logician

{NAME} the Sharp-Witted

{NAME} the Peaceful

{NAME} the Bronze Statue

{NAME} always loved to look at majestic statues, especially in Athens. It’s said he turned his passion into an obsession when he poured hot bronze over his body. Apparently, he said it gave him a reason to wear armor and a helmet that made him look like his favorite pieces of art.

{NAME} the Woodsman

As far as gossip went, {NAME} was just a hermit that lived in the woods. Yet other stories arose that said he was a woodsman who went crazy when there was no longer any demand for his wood. Regardless of the truth, it’s likely he wasn’t someone you’d want to spend a lot of time around.

{NAME}, Son of Medea

Wise {NAME}

{NAME} was always more placid than his fellow comrades. Always thinking about the future, he once made a plan to conquer the world as a whole, corrupting anyone in his way. It was unclear for some time if he failed, or if his master plan was still ongoing.

{NAME} the Butcher

How does a helot become a general?

{NAME} the Griffin

{NAME}, Harvester of Wheat

{NAME} the Elder

Grumpy {NAME}

Many said {FULLNAME} was a child who never grew up. When {NAME} wanted something, he wanted it right away, and was willing to kill for it. Like most people, he ultimately realized that he couldn’t get everything he wanted, no matter how much blood he shed.

{NAME} the Rusty Bull

{NAME} was always attracted to the fierce beasts near his home. He claimed there was something about their shape, their horns, and their ferocity that he couldn’t ignore. He fell in love with them, and decided to be a mercenary known by their name. He even had armor made to show his adoration.

{NAME} the Compulsive

{NAME}, Servant of the Furies

{NAME} the Blessed

{Thaomas?} the Beast

Most people said {NAME} was a beast due to his speed, his reflexes, and the power he delivered with his mace. It’s said he could dodge most attacks, and nobody ever landed a hit on him. Based on how he died, that obviously changed at some point.

{NAME} the Businessman

{NAME} started as a mercenary with good intentions, only wanting to spend his coin to help his poor family. Unfortunately, the richer he became, the less he gave to his family. It’s said he ended up running a weapon business, helping both sides of the war at the same time.

{NAME}, Son of Athena

{NAME}, Bringer of Crows

{FULLNAME} was taught battles don’t end until none are left standing. Many claimed they saw {NAME} release his crows at battle’s end. He would watch as they found their dinner amongst his former enemies.

{NAME} the Ogre

{FULLNAME} led his band of warriors for years, leaving a trail of smashed skulls as his signature. None could fathom a reason for his brutal attacks, but all knew to fear them.

{NAME} the Fire Bringer

{FULLNAME} was known to end his battles by setting fire to the battlefield. It’s said he always started with the first enemy he killed that day. How he found that initial body, nobody knows.

{NAME}, Sailor on the Blood Sea

No port was ever safe when {FULLNAME} sailed past. Even his crewmembers feared for the lives of the people they met during their travels. Many port towns said a red sea followed {NAME} in his wake.

{NAME} the Fearless

{FULLNAME}'s army always pushed forward as if it had experienced death once before and no longer feared it. The truth is they were simply more afraid of {NAME}.

{NAME} the Bear-Clawed

{FULLNAME} claimed he and his troops were reported dead after an ambush. As the story goes, he emerged from the forest wearing the heads and claws of the bears he had slaughtered barehanded.

{NAME}, Servant of Ares

{FULLNAME} was almost sacrificed to Ares at birth. He claimed Ares spared his life and demanded repayment through the deaths of his enemies. {NAME} was always happy to oblige such a request.

{NAME}, Servant of Athena

Carrying an olive branch everywhere he went, {FULLNAME} prayed the goddess would bring him wisdom in war. For a while, it worked. Few were as wise in the agora or as feared on the battlefield as he.

{NAME} the Sage

{FULLNAME} spent much time on the battlefield - long enough to know the battlefield was no place to spend a life. He hardly spoke, but when he did, all heeded his counsel.

{NAME}, Protector of Truth

Many suspected {NAME} told his associates to spread word of his title. Those who debated the truthfulness of it felt the weight of his army. Perhaps we should all create names for ourselves.

{NAME} the Guided Javelin

{NAME} earned his title defending the city walls. It was there he learned how to impale his enemies from a distance, and the value of a strong defense. Unfortunately, this didn’t work in the agora.

{NAME}, Bringer of Hypnos

In the late hours, by the light of fire, {FULLNAME} entertained generals, politicians, and philosophers, extracting information, aid, or their last breath. It was always a gamble for those invited.

{NAME} the Devious Snake

{FULLNAME} believed there was no reason for a plan if it was known to anyone else. He plotted in secret like a hungry snake… unpredictable and carefully watching for the perfect moment to strike.

{NAME} the Living Riddle

A former student of Sokrates, {FULLNAME} often left audiences enthralled while leaving his enemies confused. Many claimed the confusion wasn’t because {NAME} was smart, but quite the opposite.

{NAME} the Great Deceiver

Some politicians relied on truth to garner respect. Others, like {NAME}, chose a different path. Called one of the greatest liars of his time, he gained trust solely due to how convincing he was.

{NAME} the Agora

If {FULLNAME} was known for one thing, it was the moment in the agora when he yelled “I am the assembly!” Surprisingly, this went well for him, but great things always come to an electrifying end.

{NAME} the Cold-Hearted

There is one story of {FULLNAME} that has lasted longer than any other about him. As he received his punishment of lashings in front of a crowd, it’s said his laugher drowned out the noise of the entire crowd until the only sound was him. Pain, to him, was fun. So he inflicted it on others.

{NAME} the Moon King

{FULLNAME} was a priest of Artemis until bandits ruined his temple. A lone survivor, he became embroiled in a lunar cult and pledged to bring suffering to all who would harm his beloved goddess.

{NAME}, Son of Aphrodite

Loyalty, trust, and honor were fool's errands to {NAME}. He believed the gods were glorious because they were beautiful, and because they were self-serving, which {NAME} understood all too well.

{NAME} the Black Lion

Stories claim {FULLNAME} was captured by the enemy, but he broke his chains with brute force and walked free. It was only ever a rumor, of course… one the Black Lion never tried to quell.

{NAME} the Weeping Terror

Some assumed {FULLNAME} was broken by tragedy or a lost love. It’s said he never cried for anything in the past, but for the horrible things he was about to do. If true, perhaps he felt some remorse.

{NAME}, Worshipper of Hera

Just as Hera became queen of Mount Olympos, {FULLNAME} rose to power turning careful bonds into strong alliances. Those bonds were rarely tested, for his temper often turned to deadly wrath.

{NAME} the Bare-Chested

In a contest of confidence, it’s likely {FULLNAME} would have won. Enemies and allies both claim he would walk into battle bare-chested, daring anyone to take him on. Idiocy can take many forms.

{NAME}, Leader of the Lonely

Caring for orphans and the lost children of infighting and war, {FULLNAME} ultimately gained their support when they grew up. With their help, {NAME} was able to do whatever he wished without reproach.

{NAME} the Centaur's Servant

A protector of forests, horses, and occasionally allies, {FULLNAME} suffered at any loss of life. As those who inflicted his suffering knew too well, he always returned the favor.

{NAME} the Symposiarch

Life could be cruel, unless one knew {FULLNAME}. In his company, every day of life became a reason to celebrate, until even celebrating became a reason to celebrate. The people suffered for this.

{NAME}, Bearer of the Silver Crown

For {FULLNAME}, the crown he wore symbolized hope - to one day find its rightful wearer, who would bring unity and honor where once there was only cruelty. He clearly had no faith in himself.

{NAME}, Slayer of Midas

{FULLNAME} believed the rich should have given their wealth away freely. For those who didn’t, {NAME} made it his goal to destroy them, not stopping until they died or had a sudden change of heart.

{NAME} the Dutiful Drunkard

If there was enough wine for everyone, then {FULLNAME} saw no reason not to drink his share, and to do so quickly. He believed every task worth doing was worth doing drunk, or not at all.

{NAME} the Thieving Snake

To {NAME}, battles were like treasures. But, unlike battles, treasures could be stolen. Instead of building his wealth through normal means, {NAME} attempted to steal from those who had more.

{NAME}, Ruler of the Pits

A miner until he led a rebellion against the taskmasters of the pits, {NAME} used those same pits to supplement his wealth. He didn’t fear a rebellion against himself, but he should have.

{NAME} the Fighter

{FULLNAME} once ran a fighting ring. Bettors and fighters being what they were, it ended poorly. Still, he emerged from the mess with a small fortune, which he used to start his life as a politician.

{NAME} the Gilded Shark

{FULLNAME} believed he saw the world clearer than anyone. He believed happiness had to be preceded with riches. Instead of struggling and saving, he took the easy route: he killed for it.

{NAME}, Admiral of Coins

No dream was too grand for {FULLNAME}. He dreamed the sea was gold, the mist was gold, and the sun was gold. Unlike others who tried to create wealth, {NAME} waited and waited. Nothing happened.

{NAME} the Trophy King

{FULLNAME} decorated himself with Egyptian jewelry, his home with pottery from Athens, and drank only the finest wine. It was all his and his alone… until the people took it from him.

{NAME}, Son of Sirens

It’s said {NAME} was born to sirens, though he claims his mother was a pirate queen who died mysteriously at sea. {NAME} inherited his mother's riches, her fleet, and her crew - a bounty worth killing for. Many claimed they heard the songs of sirens when chasing after him.

{NAME} the Fearless Shark

A lowly rower, {FULLNAME} was once taken hostage aboard a pirate ship. He was found days later, soaked in blood. When asked what happened, he merely claimed it was Poseidon who saved him that day.

{NAME} the Sophist

Once drunk, {FULLNAME} would argue for ages that the gods were not real... unless those he argued with believed they were. Then they were real, but reality was not. No matter what they believed.

{NAME} the Philanthropist

Many leaders ultimately did wrong, but {NAME} proved that some had the greater good in mind. No matter how much it took, he gave to others freely and without asking for anything in return.

{NAME} the Profane

Framed for murder, {FULLNAME} uncovered the true killer, dragged him to the village temple, and "sacrificed" his fingers on the altar until he confessed. He was later exiled on charges of blasphemy.

{NAME} the Wing-Footed

{FULLNAME} was a former Olympian who was constantly told how blessed by the gods he was. {NAME} didn’t agree. He always said that the gods didn’t bless great men, but only cursed fools.

{NAME}, Warrior of Zeus

{FULLNAME} believed he needed no strength so long as he had faith. He fought for the glory of Zeus who he claimed guided his sword, his command, and his destiny.

{NAME}, Champion of Ares

It’s said {FULLNAME} would pick up boulders with ease and throw them onto unsuspecting enemies below. His strength was unrivaled and his fearlessness made him an easy choice to lead.

{NAME}, Bringer of Hades

People believed {FULLNAME} got his nickname from stocking Hades with souls. Others thought it was the suffering he brought upon his enemies before he killed them. Either way, he was feared.

{NAME} the Bloodlust Warrior

{FULLNAME} and his army saw blood. Witnesses say {NAME} drank blood from his enemies before every battle, and that he would act possessed until the battle was won, replenishing his stock.

{NAME}, Servant of the Moon

{FULLNAME} fastened a token to his armor for each of the three moon goddesses. Many said his obsession with the moon drove him mad, causing him to kill and plunder with reckless abandon at twilight.

{NAME}, Omen Bringer

It's said {FULLNAME} fletched his arrows with the feathers of crows. His blatant disregard for the omens of the gods surrounded him with a cloud of lethal bad luck that affected everyone around him.

{NAME} the God Speaker

There are plenty of accounts claiming {FULLNAME} often mumbled gibberish to himself. He claimed he could hear the gods and he was speaking back to them, but the words he spoke made no sense.


Born to a family of generals and warriors in {BIRTHPLACE}, {FULLNAME} had his destiny laid out before him. Ruthless and merciless, he was an unstoppable force. At least for a little while.


{FULLNAME} was raised with war as a deadly reality. After the horrors of the Persian invasion, he saw it as his duty to lead in the Peloponnesian one.


{FULLNAME} fought his way through the black market fight clubs of his youth, until he became the master of the fight clubs. That ferocity taught him to enslave or murder every opponent he found.


{FULLNAME} was never one for conversation and preferred delivering arguments with the sharp edge of a blade, the point of a spear, or the knuckle of a fist. Over time, nobody argued with him at all.

Silver Tongue

{NAME} committed to being a war profiteer when his dream of becoming a famed potter failed. Upon being faced with the realities of war, he pushed to take the path of least violence wherever possible.

Silver Tongue

{FULLNAME} grew up as an advocate for peace after he saw his relatives suffer in the Greco-Persian war. He always believed the best defense was having a strong ally. His defense was incredibly weak.

Silver Tongue

{FULLNAME} was born into a soldier’s family and learned to solve problems through violence. After their inevitable deaths, he became partial to the alternative, and was well known for his words.

Silver Tongue

His village was razed when he was a child, destroying the family farmlands in {BIRTHPLACE}. {FULLNAME} quickly came to believe that diplomacy was the only solution, and others followed suit.


A lover of art, {FULLNAME} would have killed for a sculpture by Phidias. While he never did get one, he tried filling his home with other goods few could afford. He was happy for a time.


Assuming wealth to be the only true symbol of power, {FULLNAME} spent the better part of his life taking everything in sight, even if it meant killing for what he wanted.


{FULLNAME} grew up in a strict household and was never allowed to have more than he earned. Once he escaped the tight hold of his mother, he "earned" more than he could ever need.


Some believe wealth must be taken if it is so desired. {FULLNAME} believed the cost of wealth was often its weight in blood. The world gave nothing to him for free, so {NAME} chose to take it.


Born to impious parents who were exiled from their home for speaking against the gods, {FULLNAME} chose godliness in the hopes of one day earning the right to return home. His plan worked.


{FULLNAME} was known as a non-believer. Stories say he spent one terrifying night in the fabled “Petrified Forest” and was met by Medusa. Forever changed, he never doubted the gods' existence again.


Raised on stories of Herakles and Achilles, {FULLNAME} resolved to live up to the heroes through piousness. He succeeded for a time, until he realized his quest for glory was flawed.


When his grandfather died, {FULLNAME} watched as his mother dealt with unrelenting grief. In time, that grief was healed through prayer to the gods. Ever since that day, he gratefully served the gods.


{FULLNAME} always looked forward to the Pythian Games. Not as a competitor, but as a gambler - he made his fortune carefully placing bets on the athletes.


{FULLNAME} committed to pitting Athens and Sparta against each other so that his first love, Byzantion, could rise in the wake of their destruction.


A hired sword from distant Assos, {FULLNAME} cared less about the money she earned and more about finding the next victim for her blade. Killing was far from a job for her, but instead, a purpose.


Born on a small boat off the coast of Aigosthena, {FULLNAME} was far more comfortable on the seas and near Poseidon. He was always a drifter, stopping on land only when completely necessary.


{FULLNAME} believed the world would fall to the great Persian Empire. She thought if she could cause enough chaos in Persepolis, everyone else could do the rest.


With Persia in a time of relative peace, jobs for mercenaries were few and far between for {FULLNAME} in Tyros. Here, however, were ample opportunities.


{FULLNAME} worked by honoring Skythia's traditional mercantile life, but after a bloody skirmish with armed bandits, he discovered his temperament was more suited for war.


Tired of the peaceful confines of island life on Samos, {FULLNAME} took a job as a rower on a trireme. She soon found, though, that her rowing arms could be put to far more profitable and deadly uses as a mercenary.


{FULLNAME} was apprenticed to an abusive and incompetent potter in Korinth. It’s said he ran away and was taken in by a group of mercenaries, but not before exacting revenge.


Originally from Lakonia, {FULLNAME} often told people long stories about his life in Thebes to hide his past crimes.


A severe problem with authority led to {FULLNAME} being kicked out of Megara's military. He ended up finding the freedom of a mercenary’s life to be his calling.


{FULLNAME} could hardly stand the weaklings he found outside Sparta. When he fought, he fought to teach fortitude to a population he viewed as engorged, indulgent, and expendable.


{FULLNAME} began his ruthless career by working in the family business. Early in life, he was tasked with defending ships along the local trade routes of Melos. It paid well, but he came to learn that taking the ships down himself was far more lucrative.


{FULLNAME} organized a militia to rid Plataia of a bandit problem, but quickly found she could kill in greater numbers when working alone and undetected.


From a wealthy family in Memphis, {FULLNAME} entered mercenary life for the two reasons most mercenaries did: it paid well, and killing was fun.


{FULLNAME} claimed he never saw any city as perfect as Athens. He was known to talk for hours about every detail of the people, food, and government if anyone let him - or got him drunk enough.


Growing up in Thermopylai, {FULLNAME}, like many others, was regaled with stories of Leonidas. She, too, wanted to become a great warrior, but on her terms - not in a legend’s shadow.

Magna Grecia

{FULLNAME} spent much of her time at the docks in Magna Grecia, often being told by captains to get out of the way and let the men work. She vowed she would one day have a crew of her own following any order she shouted. She kept her promise.


Living near to the neighboring island of Delos, {FULLNAME} found a friend there. They trained together, became strong together, and occasionally cooperated for mutual profit. That is, until one of them turned on the other. Stories are still unclear on who began the betrayal.


At a young age, {FULLNAME} vowed she would leave Samothrake and never return. It’s said she hated her home so much, she commanded her ship to avoid even the sight of the island.


Growing up, {FULLNAME} made the yearly trek to the peaks of Mount Olympos to leave offerings for the gods. In exchange, it’s said they blessed her with great strength.


{FULLNAME} carried the regret of leaving Croton behind. If there was a future for him, it was there. He always fought to win, but ultimately he fought to win the right to return home.


{FULLNAME} imagined that with victory would come spoils. He decided there was no greater place than Carthage, and no greater spoils than what was freely offered there.


{FULLNAME} carried the memories of Kurnos with her. The wild nights that turned dark, turned bloody. Then one night that caused her to flee, to hide, and to kill to survive. And survive she did.


{FULLNAME} liked to sneak from her home in Pylos to the Temple of Zeus, where she spoke to the statues like they were friends. Some said the temple spirits followed her and blessed her.


{FULLNAME} hadn’t seen a horse until leaving Dekelia as an adult, and barely ever learned to ride one. She could direct a fleet of ships without opening her eyes - she saw no reason to entrust her travel to a beast.


{FULLNAME} grew strong as a quarryman in the marble pit of Thasos. There, he led a revolt. He became a mercenary following the successful revolt, but vowed to return to Thasos to burn it to the ground. He never did.


All his life {FULLNAME} longed to perform at the theater in Argos. However, there wasn’t a soul who would cast him. After exacting revenge on all those who had rejected his performances, he found a new passion as a mercenary.


{FULLNAME}’s past involved desecrating temples, statues, and what she saw as pathetic cultural achievements. To her, no greater city had been built than Alexandria, and no greater person forged than an Alexandrian.


Growing up in Massalia, {FULLNAME} saw no extremes like those in Athens. Gluttony and poverty. Freedom and servitude. If she was meant to be inspired, she was - to wipe Athenians off the map.


{FULLNAME} carried a small, tightly-stoppered bottle of sand from Krete. She said if she had her homeland with her everywhere she went, nothing could stop her.


{FULLNAME} promised himself that he’d return to his home in Persia before he died. It’s said he had nightmares where he could no longer remember the name of the town he was from. Unfortunately his nightmares became reality, and he never made it back.


{FULLNAME} made a name for herself after allegedly killing every bear on the hills outside Trachis. She made her fortune selling all the pelts for a high price. Few dared haggle.


{FULLNAME} left his home in Tegea, as well his two daughters and his son. He trusted them to keep the family farm running until he could return with enough drachmae to give them a brighter future.


{FULLNAME} wrote countless letters to his mother. It’s said he tried sending one home to Syrakousai each night. After a while, he stopped sending the letters altogether. He wasn’t sure they ever reached her, and since he was always on the move, he never received one back.


If there was one thing {FULLNAME} didn’t miss about her homeland of Thrake, it was the cold nights on the steppes. Any day that required her to wear warm clothes was a terrible day for her.


From a family of wealthy traders in Knossos, {FULLNAME} sailed in triremes and conquered the captains on them her entire life.


Originally part of a war band on the plains of Skythia, {FULLNAME} traveled far from home to see the world. It’s said she left a bloody trail behind her, but only ever looked forward.


Living in a place that rivaled Athens in wealth, {FULLNAME} was known for often flashing his good fortune, claiming his wealth alone would make Korinth the richest polis.


{FULLNAME} would have slaughtered every soldier in the world if it meant he could taste a home-cooked Theban dinner one more time. He claimed the so called “delicacies” found elsewhere had no place in his stomach.

Magna Grecia

There’s one story that {FULLNAME}'s seasickness was so severe on the trip from Magna Grecia to the Peloponnese that he never voluntarily made the trip back home. It’s believed he made the trip just once more, but after making sure he was passed out drunk.


Much like the battle between Herakles and the invincible Giants on Mykonos, {FULLNAME} preferred to lure her enemies close before attacking with all her strength.


With hands scarred from quarrying stone on Samothrake's mountains, {FULLNAME} preferred to pay others to do even the most menial of physical tasks so he didn’t have to. He claimed he did more than most would ever do, so he deserved the break.


{FULLNAME} honed her strength working in the marble pits of Thasos. The muscles she used to cut stone were the very same ones she uses to cut down her enemies.

{NAME} the Tedious

Legend has it men have died listening to {FULLNAME} drone on for too long. Some say victims starved to death, others that they were killed by the gods out of pity. Whether they were aware of what they were doing and how they were viewed, who can say for sure?

{NAME} the Joyful

It’s simply a fact that some enjoy killing much more than others. It’s said that {FULLNAME}’s face would contort in pure contentment every time she drew her blade across her target’s throat, or watched as people tried escaping from a town she lit on fire.

{NAME} the Toothless

{FULLNAME} was a resourceful misthios who had the bad habit of chewing on her drachmae when she earned it. Some say she was once cheated out of payment when the coins she was given were fake. Others claim she simply liked the taste.

{NAME} the Fury of the Waters

{FULLNAME} made a name for herself by turning Poseidon’s seas red whenever she set sail. It’s said she had no care for the ships she sailed, and she would happily ruin her own in combat if it meant taking the enemy’s ship as a prize.

{NAME} of the Chaos Void

Nobody knew where {FULLNAME} came from. Some believe from Hades. Others said Hades sent her into a realm beyond the gods, where she sat with nothing but her own pain and anger to churn in. All just stories, of course, but even so, there exists no information on her prior to adulthood.

{NAME} the Wolf Rider

If you asked {FULLNAME} where she lived, she’d tell you far into the woods where few traveled. Many claimed they saw her crawling into a wolf den at night, where she was protected by her pack. There have been tales of others who had an eerie connection to animals, but no proof.

{NAME} the Messenger

Some took their devotion to the gods a bit too far sometimes. There are countless reports that {FULLNAME} would carve strange poems into the skin of her enemies on behalf of them. Any who saw just one of those bodies did not wish to relive the moment by thinking of it any longer.

{NAME} the Destroyer of Plains

Once, to protect her leader from encroaching armies, {FULLNAME} set fields and crops ablaze. When the enemy came to attack, neither man nor horse could pass the engulfing fire. Of course, although the fire stopped the enemy, it also destroyed a vast amount of food the people desperately needed.

{NAME} of Tartaros

What is known of {FULLNAME} is mythical at best. Some say her hair turned to fire when she killed. With molten cores for eyes, she was a killer, certainly, and much more to many people. She also believed in never letting witnesses live, so the true question is how stories of her came to be.

{NAME} the Keto

Obsessed with drowning her victims, {FULLNAME} was a servant of the sea. Those who knew her claimed she couldn’t resist the sound of an underwater scream.

{NAME} the Bringer of Rain

Legend says {FULLNAME} once drew so much blood on a single battlefield, it ascended to the sky and turned the clouds red. The sun couldn’t break, and the crops drank the red rain. Clearly, a story, but an intriguing one at least.

{NAME} of the Horseless

Kicked off a horse as a child, {FULLNAME} preferred to travel as fast as her own feet could take her. It’s said she was swift enough to challenge even Hermes in a race, although there are no reports of him ever taking her up on the offer.

{NAME} the Great Cat

{FULLNAME} liked to stalk her prey deep in the mountains. Her footfalls were silent in the snow, and the trail of blood caking her footprints was the only sign she was there. It’s said she couldn’t feel the cold, and she would often hide underneath the snow for hours until worthy prey walked past.

{NAME} the Dragon-Skinned

It’s said {FULLNAME} was stabbed, lit aflame, and shot repeatedly with arrows, but never failed to laugh it off. Like a proud parent, she carried her scars and would happily spend all night regaling anyone who would listen with the stories of how she got them.

{NAME} the Maniac

{NAME} the Fumbling

{NAME}, Captain of the Harpies

{NAME} the Tortured

{NAME} the Cyclops Slayer

{NAME} the Wrathful

{NAME} the Rock-Armed

{NAME} the Arrow Proof

{NAME} the Venom Drinker

{NAME} the Mad

{NAME} the Rabid

{NAME} the Warrior

{NAME} the Voracious

{NAME} the Brutal

{NAME} the Huntress

Abandoned in the woods as a child in {BIRTHPLACE}, {FULLNAME} found herself to be a fantastic hunter. Over the years, she grew these skills until she became a mercenary. Her favored attack was to patiently wait for the right moment to hit her prey, no matter how long it took.

{NAME} the Sensible

Commonly called "the Sensible,” {NAME} was a fierce mercenary feared by many. He had two passions: head-hunting and killing. Strangely enough, some of his friends claimed he was also very passionate about flower grooming.

{NAME} the Murderous

{NAME} the Deranged

{NAME} the Abrasive

{NAME} the Brave

{NAME} the Ravager

{NAME} the Delusive Baker

It’s said {FULLNAME} was known for making delicious bread, but the war made resources hard to find, forcing him to raise prices. As customers dwindled, he knew he had to change his recipe. It’s said the final bite may have had a vague almond flavor, the last thing buyers ever tasted.

{NAME} the "Nice"

{NAME} used to be a nice man who got fed up being rejected by every woman. It’s said he decided to go on a never-ending quest to kill all men he thought were more handsome or stronger than him. Someone should have given him the advice to work on himself to become more desirable.

{NAME} the Mad

{FULLNAME} lost everything: his family, his house, and his favorite amphora of wine. Drinking and killing were his only desires, and nothing else mattered to him. A sad life…

{NAME} the Immortal

{FULLNAME} believed he was protected by the gods. He claimed to be immortal, for the sole reason that he had never been killed before. If that’s true, then we all may be immortal as well.

Seeker {NAME}

{NAME} was a simple man who only desired to find the one who could take an axe to the face and not die. Although he must have died very disappointed, perhaps he wanted nothing more than to come face-to-face with a god.

{NAME} the Flower

{NAME} was an easily-angered man who reveled in the chaos of battle, but troops called him "the Flower" to his back because he had been known to cry. It’s said he once overheard a single man making fun of him. He responded by killing the man and creating a garden using his bones as flowers.

Despicable {NAME}

{NAME} was known for being rude towards priestesses, having bad breath, not removing his sandals when entering someone's home, and cutting in line to see the Pythia. No one liked him, but all were afraid to tell him the truth lest they become his next victim.

{NAME}, Agent of Dionysos

{NAME} was once a drunk who spent his entire pay in the local tavern after a long day fishing. He never stopped being a drunk, but he found that killing a man or two instead of waiting for a fish meant much less time outside the tavern.

{NAME} the Bone Hitter

The legends say the Bone Hitter acquired his weapon from an evil goddess who cursed it with an ancient power that made its owner stronger after each kill. {NAME} believed this without doubt, and he did grow stronger, though it was most likely due to all the training and fighting he did.

{NAME} the Blood Rose

After her parents were killed by someone they trusted in {BIRTHPLACE}, {NAME} began to trust only in betrayals. Her own moves couldn’t be trusted as she often used her charm to strike at an unpredictable moment.

{NAME}, Terror of Makedonia

{NAME}, Scourge of Megara

{NAME} of the Steel Rain

{NAME} the Hunter's Pride

{NAME}, Killer of Chiron

{NAME}, Bringer of Storms

{NAME} the Abhorrent

{NAME} the Barbarous

{NAME} the Berserker

{NAME} the Misshapen

{NAME} the Vacuous

{NAME} the Shy

{NAME} the Dreamer

As a girl in {BIRTHPLACE}, she just wanted to see the world, believing that, somewhere, there was a place worth living for. In order to fund her travels to find this place, {NAME} became a mercenary. She claimed she would give up the life once she found what she was looking for, but she never did.

{NAME} of the Monsters

{NAME}, Bringer of Death

{NAME} the Bumbling

{NAME} the Grotesque

{NAME} the Monstrous

{NAME} the Nasty

{NAME}, Fist of Steel

{NAME} the Hulking

{NAME} the Immense

{NAME} the Miscreant

{NAME} the Oak

{NAME} the Enlightened Fisherman

{FULLNAME} was a man with a keen eye for business. Early on, he decided to switch from fishing to killing, though it’s said he liked using a net to catch his prey before killing it.

{NAME} the Heretic

{FULLNAME} was a leader of a band of outcast blasphemers. {NAME} was known for ridiculing the ancient ways and preaching his own radical ideas. His immense wealth supported his cause, which was apparent by the amount of coin pouches he dropped for less fortunate people to find.

{NAME} the Deal Breaker

When some of his sponsors saw his deceased targets alive and healthy in a different town under a different name, but with missing limbs, they gave {NAME} his title for his outstanding ability to not confirm kills.

{NAME} the Efficient

Some said {NAME} once killed three men with one arrow. This legend made him an envied archer, although it’s said that anytime someone asked him to prove his skill, he suddenly had to go do something.

{NAME} the Quarreler

{NAME}, Groundshaker

{NAME} the Strong-Armed

{NAME} the Bad-Tempered

{NAME}, Son of Pasiphae

{NAME} the Unrelenting

{NAME}, Son of Tityos

{NAME}, Admiral of Charon

{NAME} the Human Fish

{NAME} the Wing-Footed

{NAME} of the Golden Giggles

{NAME} the Keledone

{NAME} the Great Admiral

{NAME} the Great Thinker

{NAME} the Strategist

{NAME} the Omniscient

{NAME} the Mischievous

{NAME} the Thinker

{NAME} the Old Youngling

Losing his hair at a very young age, {NAME} grew tired of others laughing at the "Old Youngling." Even though he tried killing everyone who made fun of him, his nickname kept following him wherever he went.

{NAME} the Strategist

{NAME} used to be a Spartan tactician, but lost his title after pulling his platoon out of a losing battle. Disgraced, he turned to the life of a mercenary where nobody could judge him, and hopefully wouldn’t recognize him either.

{NAME} the Charming

There are plenty of claims that {FULLNAME} had a very handsome face. Based on how many kills I’ve been able to attribute to him, it seems there was a ruthless killer behind that mask.

{NAME} the Logician

{NAME} the Vindicated

{NAME} the Resolute

{NAME} the Charmer

{NAME}, Son of Apollo

{NAME} the Shrewd

{NAME} the Quizzical

{NAME}, Master of the Hippokampos

{NAME} the Devious

{NAME}, the Well-Mannered

{NAME} the Tongue

{NAME} the Fighting Fox

{NAME} the Harmonious

{NAME} the Insidious

{NAME} the Judicial

{NAME} the Elegant

{NAME} the Brain

Thoughtful {NAME}

{NAME} wanted to write an epic poem about gods and heroes waging war, but the ongoing conflict made him reconsider his priorities. He said he would write the poem after the war was over, but like many writers, he put off the idea until it was too late.

{NAME} the Bricklayer

People said {FULLNAME} was once a builder who helped with the construction of the Parthenon. It’s believed he made a big mistake that caused the death of many workers. Exiled from the city, he came back to Athens many years later with another name.

{NAME} the Belladonna

Despite her floral name, {NAME} was merciless. A former herbalist, she used to coat her blade with a deadly poison from a poisonous flower.

{NAME} the Crazy Lover

{FULLNAME} dedicated his life to fighting in order to find his true love on the battlefield. He believed he would one day come across a warrior who would catch his eye, and he theirs. Many of his men claimed they often had to save him when one who caught his eye did not share the same feelings.

{NAME}, Promise Keeper

{NAME} found himself engaged while drunk. While most would have simply backed out, {FULLNAME} stuck to his word and came to love and earn love from his wife. It was said his mercenary work wasn’t solely for himself, but so he could give his new wife everything she deserved.

{NAME} the Weak

{NAME} decided to become a mercenary only because his wife forced him to do so. He often said it was for love, but those close to him said it was likely because he feared his wife. Perhaps she should have become the mercenary instead.

{NAME} the Greased Camel

{NAME}, One-Handed

{NAME}, Friend of Owls

{NAME} the Nimble

{NAME} the Cat

{NAME} the Adept

{NAME} the Charming

{NAME} the Bard

{NAME}, Destroyer of Kings

{NAME} the Flame-Haired

{NAME} the Monumental

{NAME} the Feisty

{NAME} the Beast Caller

{NAME} the Maniacal

{NAME} of the North

{NAME} the One-Eyed

{NAME} the Thrilling

{NAME}, Son of Triton

{NAME}, Lover of Euterpe

{NAME}, Lover of Kleio

{NAME} the Bold

{NAME} the Fool

It’s said {NAME} never wanted to kill anyone, which was a fairly big problem to have as a mercenary. He still needed to complete his contracts, which often did end in killing. Some said he liked to close his eyes when dealing the final blow. Some said he actually paid others to finish off his mark.

{NAME} of Antandre

{NAME} the Bastard

{NAME} the Coward

{NAME}, Scourge of the Lands

{NAME} the Glistening

{NAME} the Incandescent

{NAME} the Illustrious

{NAME} the Extravagant

{NAME}, Son of Zeus

{NAME}, Follower of Dionysos

{NAME} the Greedy

{NAME} the Wealthy

{NAME} the Opportunist

{NAME} the Lavish

{NAME} the Epicure

{NAME} the Seraphim

{NAME} the Divided

Taken by the call of duty, {FULLNAME} went to war as a misthios. It’s said he did so for honor, choosing that over the love of his family. Over time, it’s believed he found nothing glorious about war, and dreamed only of returning to his family. Unfortunately, he never found them again.

{NAME}, Follower of Poseidon

{NAME} the Metal-Skinned

{NAME} the Sharp-Eyed

{NAME} the Feeble

{NAME} the Parsimonious

{NAME} the Vivacious

{NAME} the Satyr

{NAME} the Gallant

{NAME} the Sun Caller

{NAME} the Cross-Eyed

{NAME} the Eager

{NAME} the Powerful

{NAME} the Invincible

{NAME} was the greatest warrior among all greatest warriors… in his mind. He claimed he could defeat hundreds of opponents and that no blade had ever harmed him. Upon investigating, there’s no evidence he ever went to battle, let alone was a skilled fighter.

{NAME}, King of Snakes

{NAME} the Long-Limbed

{NAME} the Juvenile

{NAME} of the Mines

{NAME} the Jingling

{NAME} the Fickle

{NAME} of the Sea

{NAME} the Great Lynx

{NAME} the Manic

{NAME} of the Depths

{NAME}, Master of Sharks

{NAME} of the East

{NAME} the Erupting

{NAME} the Oaf

{NAME}, Father of Hippalektryon

{NAME}, Son of Nesoi

{NAME} the Cedar

{FULLNAME} got her nickname from her former profession. She cut down her enemies with as much sympathy as she offered the trees she felled as a woodcutter.

{NAME} the Flint

{FULLNAME} enjoyed playing with fire. She channeled her destructive impulses into mercenary work. Businesses, ships, rivals… none could escape her flames. There are stories that if you were captured by {NAME}, there was a good chance your final moments would be very hot.

{NAME} the Bow Blocker

The nimble {NAME} was once picked for the Heraia Games. Since then, she found that mercenary work was far more profitable.

{NAME} the Eye Gouger

{NAME} carried out her work with remarkable cruelty and with no patience for pleas of mercy. Those who got away from her alive were never the same. It’s not known whether she let them go or they escaped, but most believe it was the former. What better way to sow fear than to show your handiwork?

{NAME}, Daughter of Nyx

Few claimed to have seen {NAME} at work. She arrived as silently as nightfall and left no trace of her passage. You’d think these would be common traits among mercenaries, but you’d be surprised.

{NAME}, Wife of Hypnos

Hemlock, nightshade, and snake venom were apparently all ingredients in {NAME}'s special drink. Those who wouldn’t drink what she offered them received her blade instead.

{NAME} the Swift Paw

No one was sure if {FULLNAME} referred to the woman or to her pet leopard. Both were similarly deadly and neither could resist a challenge. Information has been uncovered that suggests she named the leopard after herself.

{NAME} the Howling Terror

{FULLNAME} and her wolf amassed a tally of victims that would impress even Thanatos. Some said he had a special hall set aside for both of them.

{NAME} the Sea Witch

Thalassa herself blessed {NAME} with her fury. A former pirate, {NAME} carried out contracts on land and at sea. When she tired of one, she often would head to the other, preferring to stay on the move than stay in one place where people could find her.

{NAME} the Gifted

{NAME} the Protogeneia

{NAME} the Stone Heart

As an infant in {BIRTHPLACE}, {NAME} was the sole survivor of a bandit raid on her village. Her rescuers said she neither cried nor laughed. Since that day, there wasn’t a person who claimed to ever see her do either.

{NAME} the Snake's Fang

No one saw {FULLNAME} before she attacked. She struck swiftly and disappeared before her rival's head had hit the ground.

{NAME} the Marble Fist

{NAME}'s beauty made her a favorite subject of sculptors in Athens. After dealing with artists for so long, she discovered she could make more drachmae with her fists.

{NAME} the Wrath of Persephone

{NAME} called herself Hades's beloved and believed she'd earn his favor by slitting throats. She delivered hundreds of subjects to his underworld kingdom, always claiming it was all for him.

{NAME} the Ebon Serpent

{FULLNAME} was not the most successful mercenary, often getting entangled in schemes she couldn’t control. She attempted to strike out on her own and change her fate, but she ultimately succumbed to what the gods truly had in store for her.

{NAME} the Mad Mistress

When {NAME} chose a target, it may have been for drachmae or glory. It may also have been because they refused to pay tribute to her goat-headed guide, Pan. Whatever the reason, she never hesitated to strike them down and allow her pet to feed on their corpse.

{NAME} the Angler

{FULLNAME}'s patience was renowned. She would wait all day and night to catch her foe unaware. In one story, it’s said she hid in shallow water all night - only the smallest part of her face visible above the waves. It was that night and many others like it that she got her kill.

{NAME} the Backbreaker

{NAME} took marks twice her size with the fearlessness of a charging bull. She left a trail of broken bodies in her wake.

{NAME} the Wreath of Roses

Foes often smelled {NAME}'s sweet perfume before they saw her. She dispatched enemies neatly and with a smile.

{NAME} the Questioner

Growing up in {BIRTHPLACE}, {FULLNAME} learned quickly that information was king. In her life as a mercenary, it’s said she preferred to ask questions, only making direct statements in combat. Often, she used the information she had gained about her enemy from others in order to ruin their focus.

{NAME} the Northerner

No one was exactly sure where {NAME} came from, as no proof exists. People claimed it must have been somewhere cold because nobody as harsh as her could have lived somewhere nice. The only affection she ever showed was to her pet lynx.

{NAME}, Rider of Eagles

{NAME}, Son of the Arachne

{NAME}, Master of Orion

{Petarios?} the Scarred

{NAME} was once a feared mercenary, but he one day took a job that backfired on him, leaving him greatly burned. Since that day, {NAME} avoided any job related to burning things.

{Daniil?} the Tactician

Few knew why {NAME} was so calm before a battle, but some believed it was because he had already won in his mind. Unfortunately for him, that didn’t always translate to the actual fight.

{Vinktes?} the Insolent

“Bitter” and “ferocious” were the two words that described {NAME} the best. Rumors said he killed his brother without hesitation in exchange for few drachmae. Whoever stood in his way had to be prepared and well trained, lest they end up like his own family.

{Kalaria?} the Soul Taker

Raised by her uncle after her parents died, {NAME} learned to endure pain and became a well-known misthios. They said her victims could feel her sadness before they died. She claimed taking their souls was the only way to comfort her broken one.

{NAME} the All-Knowing One

{NAME} the Escapist

{FULLNAME} was an escaped helot turned mercenary after leading riots in Messenia against the Spartans. He was a spirited warrior who would have preferred dying on the battlefield to getting caught.

{NAME} the Arkadian Monster

{NAME} got his nickname for smashing his targets' heads with his huge mace... as well as smashing anybody else in his way.

{NAME} the Hoplite Killer

Once her husband was killed in war, {NAME} abandoned her former life to hunt down those she deemed necessary for his demise. More than anyone else, she hated hoplites and what they stood for.

{NAME}, Chimera Rider

{NAME} the Glorious

Driven by his hubris, {NAME} wanted future generations to tell the tales of his feats, and his legend to be remembered like the great Achilles. It's unlikely anyone else will write about him though, and unfortunately this is all there is to write.

{NAME} the Faith-Touched

{NAME} the Ocean Walker

Tiberios the Ruthless

Horzales the Mighty Serpent

Florintides the Bull Slayer

Stefamos the Dog Watcher

Gabryllos the Prophet

Daniskos the Hot Headed

Garetion the Immovable

Zevaphyrinos the Crafty

Festos the Iron Slip

{NAME}, Son of Hera

{NAME}, Son of Demeter

{NAME}, Sent by Poseidon

{NAME}, Sent by Aphrodite

{NAME}, Messenger of Hades

{NAME}, Messenger of Athena

{NAME}, Follower of Artemisia

{NAME}, Bringer of Hades

{NAME} the Great Warlock

{NAME}, Son of Kings

{NAME} the Fanatical

{NAME} the Celestial Paramour

All her life, {FULLNAME} lived to perfect the art of flirtation. However, her divine charms paired with a deep disinterest in commitment led to an occasional tavern fight between jealous suitors. Out of necessity, honing her dexterity with weapons became her second passion.

{NAME} the Beautiful

Many told {FULLNAME} that she was too pretty to be a warrior. That a woman who looked like her would be better off finding a rich husband and living a life of luxury. It’s said she always responded with a smile as she drove her sword straight through their stomach and out their back.

{NAME} the Repulsive

{FULLNAME} was born so deeply ugly that not even her parents could bear to look at her. When she was a young girl, the other children ran away screaming at her approach. She vowed to one day give all who belittled her a true reason to scream. She kept that promise.

{NAME} the Sustainer of Empusa

According to legend, {FULLNAME} pledged herself long ago to a fearsome monster in exchange for a favor from Hekate herself. No one knew what the favor was, but everyone knew the cost. {FULLNAME} spent her days seducing young men and bringing their bloody corpses to sustain the shapeshifting monster.

{NAME} the Furious

Visited by infernal goddesses in the night as a girl, {FULLNAME} was possessed by a deep inexplicable rage her entire life. It was only through becoming a deadly mercenary that she finally found an outlet for the flames within her. If you ask me, she simply made up an excuse for her anger.

{NAME} the Drunkard

It’s said {FULLNAME} could drink Dionysos himself under the table. Known for her love of festivals and celebration, she was the life of every party. Those who got her angry after a few bottles of wine learned quickly that she was also able to throw a punch with ungodly force.

{NAME} the Flesh-Eater

{FULLNAME}’s title was about as clear cut as it could get. Simply and delicately put, she feasted on the corpses of her victims for dinner and saved their eyeballs for dessert. Or so the stories go…

{NAME} the Cackler

The last sound {FULLNAME}’s victims heard before they died was her laughter. Those who watched from a distance said her laugh was soft at first: small giggles, slowly rising in loudness before they burst into a maddening howl.

Fair-Weathered {NAME}

Though skilled in a fight, {FULLNAME}’s true talent had always been knowing when to run. She could hold her own in a battle of blades, but once things heated up, she would often disappear.

{NAME} the Dancer

Everyone knows that in a swordfight, the first person to misstep takes a hit. {FULLNAME} never missed her step.

{NAME} the Redeemer

Early in her career as a debt collector, {FULLNAME} realized that loan borrowers and debt payers were rarely one and the same. That is, until she began to play a more forceful hand.

{NAME} the Deaf

Because she was born without her hearing, there were many attempts on {FULLNAME}’s life by those who thought she didn’t deserve to live. She grew up knowing that, at any moment, a killer may sneak up on her from behind, so she learned to stab from the front before they ever got the chance.

{NAME} the Cursed

Long ago, {FULLNAME} sold what many claimed to be the most effective love philters in the world. Her spells were so sought after, she quickly rose to wealth and affluence. But upon reaching the upper tiers of society filled with politicians and economists, she found curses to be far more useful.

{NAME} the Devoted

{NAME} was known across the lands for her deep and unmovable loyalty. Not to friends or family, of course, but to her marks. Once the Devoted was given a target, she never rested until they were dead.

{NAME}, Lover of Hades

{FULLNAME} killed in great numbers and asked for nothing in return. She wasn’t pledged to Sparta or Athens and wasn’t tied down to mercenary contracts. No one knows for sure how she chose her victims. Some said she had bound herself to Hades and spent her days collecting souls for him.

{NAME} the Speckled

Dropped in hot water as baby in {BIRTHPLACE}, {FULLNAME} had a rough start in life. Though her skin was mottled, she was known as one of the most feared mercenaries. Some said they even saw her walk through flames without flinching.

Screaming {NAME}

Not known for subtlety in her attacks, {FULLNAME} launched herself at her foes and howled with all her strength. Everyone saw her coming, but few got away.

{NAME} the Enduring

If you can name a hardship, {FULLNAME} dealt with it. Poverty, grief, war, torture. She saw it all and endured it endlessly. Years of pain were stored inside her, begging to be released on her enemies.

{NAME} the Hopeless

Legend has it that {FULLNAME} fell in love with a swan, believing it to be Zeus in disguise. She spent years praying that one day Zeus would reveal himself, but that day never came. When the swan died, {FULLNAME} was possessed with a despair that scorched her soul raw.

{NAME} the Scorned Muse

Said to be a tenth muse fallen from the grace of Zeus, {FULLNAME}’s face was almost always contorted with a latent rage. Anyone who dared to cross her saw it unleashed.

{NAME} the Siren

I’ve found stories of a woman who sang for drachmae at the side of a road. It’s said anyone who stopped to listen was quickly gutted and robbed. Once people heard the stories, she would move to a new road where fresh, unsuspecting victims were. The people say {FULLNAME} was this woman.

{NAME} the Absurd

Few were as raucous or as funny as {FULLNAME}. Thought to be capable of making Zeus himself crack a smile, she never left a room without leaving all its occupants in tears. It’s said while they were laughing, she would find her mark and poison their cup.

{NAME} the Wealthy

{FULLNAME} grew up in a beautiful home in {BIRTHPLACE} as daughter to a statesman. She was provided with everything she could ever ask for. Her head start in life left her one of the most cunning mercenaries in the world.

{NAME} the Clay-Fingered

{FULLNAME} created what many said were the most beautiful sculptures in {BIRTHPLACE}. Her work was lifelike and haunting, and little did anyone know that she preserved the corpses of her victims in the clay. It was the only way to perfectly capture their faces of fear.

Greasy {NAME}

There were few better connected than {FULLNAME}. She didn’t waste time communing with the upper echelons of society, but honed in on collecting contacts among the poorest within the cities. With enough friends in low places, she had eyes everywhere.

{NAME} the Colossus

Her nickname just about says it all. There were few taller, braver, or stronger than {FULLNAME}. Many tried to contest her strength. None succeeded.

{NAME}, Mother of Spiders

As a young girl in {BIRTHPLACE}, {FULLNAME} spent 3 days trapped in a well. Alone save for a few spiders, she outgrew her fear. She escaped the well, and became what her early misfortune had designed her to be. It’s said she killed using a poison brewed from the venom of her eight-legged friends.

{NAME} the Dead Wedded

After a fire, {NAME}’s husband became a shell of his former self. He sought only vengeance for the death of his children. {FULLNAME}, however, moved on from her grief and found joy in life’s simple pleasures. Like the air of the open road - or the sound of her enemies’ screams as she killed them.

{NAME} the Crow

A scavenger at heart, it’s not hard to guess how {FULLNAME} got her nickname. She made her wealth not by jumping into a fight, but by circling it from a distance until the killing blow had been struck. With the threat removed, she materialized to rob the body before it could even begin to grow cold.

{NAME} the Lyrist

{FULLNAME} was known for her music ever since she learned to play in {BIRTHPLACE}. Entertaining affluent politicians at festivals, she learned to play people with almost as much skill as she played the lyre.

{NAME} the Vulgar

{FULLNAME} was a poet in her own right. Those who met her blade were treated to a cacophony of slurs and oddities right before they died.

{NAME} the Impervious

Some said {FULLNAME} was immune to arrows. There was never an explanation for how she could somehow walk through fire, and how she never tired in a battle. It almost seems like she created stories to spread fear or to prevent her enemies from attacking her in certain ways.

{NAME}, Son of Hermes

{NAME}, Commander of the Wind

{NAME} the Hellfire

{NAME}, Son of Gryphons

{NAME}, Son of Furies

{NAME}, Son of the Hydra

{NAME} the Lion Born

Feral and vicious, many said {NAME} was raised by lions. They claim she exhibited strange tendencies, especially relating to where she slept and how she ate. A lover of raw meat, her mouth was often dyed red with the blood of the animals she killed.

{NAME} the Poison Drinker

After many years of slowly exposing herself to toxins, {FULLNAME}’s favorite party trick was to drink poison and live. It’s said those who didn’t watch their drink around her would be found dead later on, empty cup nearby.

{NAME}, Son of Arachne

{NAME}, Son of Chiron

{NAME}, Son of Arai

{NAME} the Exalted

{NAME} the Magician

{NAME} the Warlock

{NAME}, Hades Spawn

{NAME}, Servant of Hades

{NAME}, King of the Witches

{NAME} the Hermit

{NAME} the Gorgon

{NAME} the Fearful

{NAME} the Manic

{FULLNAME} was never known to be rational. A sip of wine not to his taste or a summer breeze just a little too chill... No one knew what would set him off next. Over time, it’s said that people stopped talking to him altogether.

{NAME} the Brash

Growing up in {BIRTHPLACE}, {FULLNAME} found it difficult to express himself through words. A mace got his point across much faster.

{NAME} the Tormented

Legend says {FULLNAME} was a family man until tragedy struck one fateful night. He alone survived the bandit attack on his village. From that night on, he imbued each strike of his blade with grief.

{NAME}, Friend of Hades

Whispers told of a man who visited Hades bearing gifts and lived to tell the tale. When he returned, he brought back a certain fire in his eyes that seemed to flow through his weapon. {FULLNAME} was that man.

Three-Thumbed {NAME}

Contrary to popular belief, {FULLNAME} wasn’t born with his third thumb. Rather, he lost the tip of his index finger in a bar fight, and thus his third thumb was made. He claimed he could wield a sword better that way.

{NAME} the Bloody Drizzle

Few knew what drove {FULLNAME} to go where he went or why he killed who he killed. He seemed to merely happen upon a new city filled with fresh marks. But all knew to fear him.

{NAME} the Bloodthirsty

At a young age, {FULLNAME} garnered attention within his village in {BIRTHPLACE} for maiming and killing small animals in obscene numbers. As he grew older, he moved onto larger, more fearsome targets. His thirst for blood was said to never be satisfied.

{NAME} the Snake-Haired

Because of the dark ringlets coiled upon his head and eyes that glowed of amber, {FULLNAME} left his victims with the impression they were seeing Chrysaor’s face as they died. The chance that any of these descriptions of {NAME} is true is highly unlikely, but they are the only ones that exist.

{NAME} the Sphinx

It’s said {FULLNAME} could never resist a good riddle. So much so that he was known to let his targets off if they could stump him with one.

{NAME} the Parched

{FULLNAME} was known for drinking entire towns dry of their wine. Most of the time, he was a harmless drunkard. Most of the time.

Three-Faced {NAME}

For most of us, there is the face we hide for ourselves and the face we show to the world. For {FULLNAME}, there was said to be a third face: the one he showed to his victims right before they met his blade.

Red-Bearded {NAME}

Long ago, {FULLNAME} had a beard as black as the night. That was before he became a prolific assassin. It’s said years of bloodshed stained it bright red, but if I had to guess, I’d say it’s just as likely he never had a beard at all.

{NAME}, Servant of Lamia

Legend has it that one night long ago, {FULLNAME} saw Lamia’s face in a dream and fell lovesick. Most believe it was just a myth, but that didn’t stop parents from locking their children inside whenever he came to town.

{NAME}, Cerberus Herder

Stories say {FULLNAME} traveled with a dog so hellish that many believed he borrowed it from Hades himself. Frothing at the mouths and growling maniacally, this hound obeyed {NAME} and only him.

{NAME} the Haunted

One dark night, {FULLNAME} was visited by a phantom that turned his face and hair white as new-fallen snow. Thereafter, he wandered around with a spooked look on his face. Don’t be fooled, though. He swore to never be caught off guard again.

{NAME} the Thespian

{FULLNAME} was known for loving the theater. So much so that when he was a child, his parents believed he was destined to be an actor. However, he found a new way to perform as a mercenary. Killing was an art to him, and he intended to perfect it.

{NAME} the Thrill Seeker

{FULLNAME} could never resist walking the line between life and death. Some said he had been close enough to dying often enough that he grew familiar with the underworld. Some said he learned to no longer fear it.

{NAME} the Poet

{FULLNAME} was as much a killer as he was a wordsmith. He sometimes enacted poetic justice mid-fight, and his victims were treated to sweet-sounding banter as they met his blade.

{NAME} the Painter

{FULLNAME} desperately sought training in the fine arts for most of his life. Rejected by almost every mentor for his lack of talent, he turned his back on his passion and took up mercenary work. He still found time to paint, using his victim’s blood and their bodies as a canvas.

Four-Toed {NAME}

Rumors said {FULLNAME} was hung by his toes for crimes of blurred detail. The crimes were so petty, he was forgotten about and hung until most of his toes fell off. He claimed fewer toes made for quieter footsteps.

{NAME} the Recluse

Few met {FULLNAME}, and those who had only caught a glimpse. This mercenary lived in the shadows of society, striking his targets silently and leaving before anyone knew he was there.

{NAME} the Vigilant

{FULLNAME} knew to watch the skies. Spotting arrows from a mile away started rumors that the gods made him invulnerable to them.

{NAME} the Panicked

Those who underestimated {FULLNAME} didn’t live much longer. He never ran from his fears but charged them head on with a manic energy most learned to fear.

{NAME} the Scorned

{FULLNAME} was known to fight with an anger unmatched by most. Many said there was only one explanation why the fire within him burned so ferociously: love for a woman not returned.

{NAME}, Goat Hunter

{FULLNAME} claimed to have shot Aigipan in the forest many years ago. It’s said the arrow barely grazed Aigipan’s ankle before he escaped. {NAME} never saw him again, but many said he was still haunted by that day.

{NAME} of the Forest Nymph

{NAME} of the Storm Nymph

{NAME}, Son of the Furies

{NAME} the Messenger

{NAME} the Frigid

{FULLNAME} was abandoned in the snow as a baby. Three days she spent alone in the cold until she was found by a woman. Despite {FULLNAME}’s traumatic origins, she became the killer she claimed the gods intended her to be.

{NAME}, Hope Crusher

His entire life, {FULLNAME} had been called pessimistic, but it was through his dark despair that he did so well. By always expecting the worst, he was ready for it.

{NAME} of the Centaur

Ever since his childhood in {BIRTHPLACE}, {FULLNAME} spent about as much time on a horse as on his own feet. It came as no surprise to anyone he faced that he grew to be adept at killing on horseback.

{NAME} the Speechless

Some believed that {FULLNAME} was never able to speak; others said he was so intelligent that he never found anything worth saying. It was believed by some that he did speak, but only when in battle. Whatever the case may have been, it worked in his favor.

{NAME} the Vengeful

One day, the pup {FULLNAME} raised from birth was taken. Whether it was killed or simply stolen, he planned to kill all who might have been responsible. In the end, he did what he set out to do. Unfortunately, he killed some very powerful men with some very powerful allies in the process.

{NAME} the Soulless Walker

{NAME} tended his fields peacefully alongside his beloved wife and children until bandits came and tore that life away from him, leaving him with burned crops and bloodied hands. Stories said his soul burst with sorrow, and he fled to the underworld, leaving his living corpse behind.

{NAME} the Ever-Living

While few have seen Thanatos and returned to tell about it, it’s said {FULLNAME} almost died over fifteen times prior to his actual death. His alleged immunity was seen as a challenge to many, and there were bets between other mercenaries on who would finally kill {NAME}.

{NAME} the Mountain

More mountain than human, {NAME} stood taller than the rest for as long as he could remember. He was able to take blows that would have killed other mercenaries. After each battle, he marked down any new wounds he received and the battle he fought in to receive them.

{NAME} the One-Eyed

When asked how {FULLNAME} lost his eye, the answer was apparently never the same. His mother extracted it with a fork. He was forced to wrestle a pack of dogs. To date, it is still unclear if even he knew the truth. Perhaps he told so many lies about it that he forgot the true answer.

{NAME} the Room Clearer

A life of privilege and study taught {FULLNAME} that he was not the academic type. After killing a room full of pirates and leaving with only a scratch, he found where he excelled.

{NAME} the Giant Slayer

{FULLNAME} was the shortest among his brothers and sisters. Even when he became a mercenary, they called him Giant Slayer as an insult. Until he killed a man twice his size. Then it was a badge of honor.

{NAME} the Glutton

Coming from a life of plenty, {FULLNAME} grew fat. His appetites were insatiable: food, drink, sex - he wanted it all. Those dimwitted enough to refuse his desires always paid, and paid dearly.

{NAME} the Tamed

{FULLNAME} used to brawl with the most dangerous men he could find. But children and grandchildren have a way of softening one's edges. He became genial very quickly after that. Well, mostly.

{NAME} the Ironheart

In his first major battle, {FULLNAME} was struck close to the heart by the iron tip of an arrow. Miraculously, he survived, though a chip of iron remained close to his heart.

{NAME} the Uncommitted

Known for his inability to stick to his word, {FULLNAME} made many enemies. When infiltrating one city state, the winds often changed with him. Inevitably, he soon found himself in another polis completely.

{NAME} the Zealot

{FULLNAME} didn’t worship the gods - he obsessed over them. And those he deemed unworthy of the gods soon found themselves at the end of his blade.

{NAME} the Sightless

Although {FULLNAME} lost his eye during a training accident at a young age, he used this disability to become a renowned archer. He may have been vulnerable in a sword fight, but few got that close.

{NAME}, Lover of Euterpe

{FULLNAME} dedicated every victory to the muse of music and delight, Euterpe. He would play a song on his lute every day in hopes that she would descend from heaven to his bed. Unsurprisingly, {NAME} was never married.

{NAME}, Master of Sharks

{FULLNAME} quietly organized a "trading" venture in the black markets of Korinth. It’s known that he controlled the weapon vendors and had the pick of the lots they acquired.

{NAME} the Tongue-Tied

{FULLNAME} said not a word - on most days. Once referred to by a friend as “the Mute,” he grabbed the man by the throat, spitting, “Y-you dare n-n-not want me to sp-speak." It’s said not a single person called him mute ever again, and nobody dared commenting on how he spoke.

{NAME} the Toad

{FULLNAME} became a mercenary after his mentor was mysteriously killed. {NAME} claimed to seek vengeance for the death, but rumors said he was the murderer, and his mentor was simply his first kill.

{NAME} the Forsaken

{FULLNAME} was a general of an elite band of soldiers. One fateful day, his orders resulted in the deaths of his entire unit, the absolute size of which garnered awe. {NAME} was the only one who walked away alive, and he vowed to never lead a single person again lest he kill them as well.

{NAME} the Impotent

{FULLNAME} came from a family of blacksmiths in {BIRTHPLACE}, though they weren’t particularly good ones. It’s said he carried his family's sword and took great pleasure in stabbing his victims with its rusty tip.

{NAME} the Savage

{FULLNAME} could rip apart anything - an arm from a torso and head from a neck - though he preferred to use his teeth. How he actually went about that, it's best not to find out.

{NAME} the Merry

{FULLNAME} loved his days as a blacksmith in {BIRTHPLACE}, singing through the barrage of fire and iron. He never lost that zeal, and was known for inspiring other mercenaries to enjoy their work as well.

{NAME} the Compulsive

{FULLNAME} was known for having rituals he refused to break lest he get the sinking feeling Hades himself would swallow him whole. Wake up. Shine his blade. Sink his blade into an unsuspecting victim. Shine his blade again. Repeat daily to keep his inner demons at bay.

{NAME}, Bringer of Demons

{NAME}, Keeper of the Gates

{NAME}, Lover of Keres

{NAME}, Slayer of the Daktyloi

{NAME}, Son of Hydros

{NAME}, Son of Phoibe

{NAME} of the Potamoi

{NAME} the Pungent

{NAME} the Abyssal

{NAME} the Copper Spike

{NAME} the Black-Blooded

{NAME}, Hades-Risen

{NAME} the Childish

Growing up in {BIRTHPLACE}, it’s said {NAME} loved pretending to be a mercenary, to the horror of his parents. They pushed him away from such thoughts, but after an assault on his village took their lives, {NAME} set out to prove to their souls that he could be the best mercenary there ever was.

{NAME}, Boiler of Blood

{NAME} the Feather Plucker

{NAME} the Gut Wrencher

{NAME} the Twisted Fool

{NAME} the Olive Branch

{NAME} the Glutton

{NAME} the Sharp-Toothed

{NAME} the Lover

{NAME} the Hairless Beast

{NAME} the Hungry

{NAME}, Iron-Eater

{NAME} the Mangler

{Name} the Spark?

{FULLNAME} was a seasoned mercenary when she was hired to track down a missing person in Phokis. She found her mark near Kirrha in a ruin filled with figures of clay and unfamiliar soldiers. Once freed, her target thanked her with a curved sword, dirty with clay and wrapped in a bundle of rags.

{NAME} the Patricidal

When {NAME} came of age, she hoped her father would choose her to apprentice under him as a blacksmith, but he chose her brother instead. She stole the Griffin's Scythe from her father's shop and blessed it with her father's blood. Thus started her life as a mercenary.

{NAME} the Marksman

{NAME} of {BIRTHPLACE} built her reputation on murder, raining death from above with nearly invisible arrows. Many called her a coward for it, but few dared to, fearing a quick death from the silent sky.

{NAME} the Translucent

When offered enough wine, {FULLNAME} would recount the tale of meeting Medusa. She immediately fled, though not before stealing a circlet as a trophy. She insisted it turned her invisible when worn, which, of course, no one saw.

{NAME} the Resplendent

{FULLNAME} was more than a strong demeanor and commanding, almost regal presence - some began to tell tales that she could withstand heavy blows that would cripple any man. But how?

{NAME} the Lucky Drunk

{NAME} loved two things in life: to drink and to fight. He was never noted as a particularly talented warrior, but somehow always came out victorious. Many said the Fates blessed him. Others say it was something else…

{NAME} the Frenzied

Raised in Chios amongst the Daughters of Artemis, {NAME} abandoned her kin by stealing Hippolyta’s Belt from her elders. What she didn’t know is that it would make her giddy with bloodlust, dooming her to a life of combat.

{NAME} the Flash

Living for the thrill of the hunt, {NAME} of {BIRTHPLACE} swore an oath to Atalanta never to marry if she could gain but a fraction of her speed. Her prayers were answered - her feet becoming a blur while she landed devastating attacks on her opponents.

{NAME} of the Ashen Wake

Many witnessed {FULLNAME} in combat. Few survived. A rumor said that he was far more skilled with his flaming bow than with any sword, but none had gotten close enough - or wanted to - to find out.

{NAME} the Weaver

Pocked complexion. Pale physique. Clouded eyes. Some said {FULLNAME} was a walking corpse, leaving in his wake a trail of quivering, dying hordes of bodies.

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