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Over the course of 1868 Assassins Jacob and Evie Frye collected a number of souvenirs to commemorate their activities liberating London from Crawford Starrick's British Rite of the Templar Order. The souvenirs were put on display in various cars of Bertha, their train hideout.


Image Name Description Location
Secret Take a closer look Front of the first car
Crucifix. Pocket watch. Red rose. Tokens of three key Templars we removed from the London boroughs. Front of the first car
Kenway's black flag Used by Edward Kenway as he liberated the Caribbean from Templar control in the 18th century. Left wall of first car
Assayer's scales Taken from the offices of Phillip Twopenny, where he weighed his ill-gotten gains. Left wall of first car
Medical case and supplies Dr. Elliotson's personal medical case. No longer will these tools be used for evil. Left wall of first car
Secret Service medals Presented in secret by Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and Empress of India. Right wall of first car
Carriage clock An ornate carriage clock from one of Pearl Attaway's carriages. Right wall of first car
Crow Rook, Maxwell Roth's once beloved crow, after a visit to the taxidermist's. Front of second car
Toy train After the Gatling gun debacle, Nigel presented us this present. Left wall of second car
First edition of Oliver Twist A kind gift from Charles Dickens. Left wall of second car
Model of Disraeli's coach Given to Jacob as a reminder of the evening that he accompanied Mary Anne Disraeli through London. Left wall of second car
Buckingham Palace model Starrick kept the palace on his office desk as symbol of his ultimate goal. Right wall of second car
Train coupling locking pins Each one represents growth and success of the gang. Right wall of second car
Bookie's blackboard The bookie's blackboard from the final race. Front of third car
ACS - IWMA emblem
International Working Men's Association emblem A gift from Karl Marx. Front of third car
ACS gang armbands
Bloodied gang armbands To commemorate the brave brothers and sisters lost in the expansion of the gang. May their sacrifice never be forgotten. Front of third car
ACS boxing gloves
Leather boxing gloves Given out of respect by the organizer of London's underground fight club. Front of third car
Model of Big Ben A token of thanks for help given to the Free Press Association. Front of fourth car
Alexander Graham Bell's Bunsen burner Modified version of Robert Bunsen's scientific burning apparatus. Front of fourth car
Barge attack painting A token of our adventure to "liberate" items that would have served Starrick's nefarious purposes. Front of fourth car
Telegram machine Aleck uses this for urgent communications. This truly is the information age. Front of fourth car
Bowl of wooden decorative fruit A gift from Aleck after we saved him from murder most foul. Clearly a bit of a joke based on his trigger words. Front of fourth car
Darwin's sketches and field notes A gift from Charles Darwin from one of his excursions to the Galapagos Islands. Back of fourth car
Voltaic grenade prototype The very first, unsuccessful, prototype of Alexander Graham Bell's voltaic grenade.
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