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Bandit Sword

  • It's so rusty, you can be sure this sword has changed bandit hands many times over.


  • The Greek militia are devotees of this short sword.


  • Double-edged and solid, this straight sword strikes true.


  • This sword is as traditional and Greek as it gets.

Black Makhaira

  • The blade is black as night, with moonlight reflected on its single edge.

Hoplite Sword

  • With the amount of hoplites that need arming, these swords are low-cost and easy to find.

Ceremonial Sword

  • Some believe the value of the sword dictates which gods are attracted to bless worshippers during a sacrifice.

?Ancient Xiphos

  • It has survived the test of time and can endure even more.

Wooden Sword

  • At a glance, it's simple - because it is.


  • A kopis like this one is most used by Spartan soldiers.

Rusted Battle Sword

  • Considering blood rusts metal, it's clear this decaying sword has seen a lot of it.

Worship Sword

  • In this day and age, a priest can't go unarmed. That's why this sword doubles as a tool of worship and death.

Heavy Sword

  • This flat, double-edged blade has significant weight.

?Ornate Xiphos

  • The textured grip of this Xiphos ensures its user can successfully yank it out of a stiff body.


  • Best to forget thrusting with this single-edged sword and cut instead.

Sacrifice Blade

  • In their most bloody and solemn sacrifices, members of the Cult choose this blade.

Curved Sword

  • This exotic-looking sword was not crafted here, but comes from somewhere in the south.

War Sword

  • Simply looking at this weapon is to know its potential for brutality.

Ritual Blade

  • The inscriptions on the blade point to its use in long-forgotten rituals.

Butcher's Blade

  • Though tempting for other uses, its main application is to slaughter animals.

Rough Sword

  • With its unrefined and jagged edge, this sword could have been made by an inexperienced crafter.

Executioner's Blade

  • This bloody blade surely has a past.

Gilded Battle Sword

  • Golden and gilded, this sword would make a pretty offering to the gods.

Ancient Battle Sword

  • It's from a bygone time, but this sword has some swing in it yet.

?Royal Xiphos

  • This xiphos is fit for a Spartan king.

Short Sword

  • A close-combat fighter would favor this stout accomplice.

?Oriental Sword

  • This peculiar sword isn't often seen outside of eastern territories.

Obsidian Sword

  • As slick as tar, this sharp, pointed blade will slip into the body like it's been greased.

?Taxiarque's Sword

  • This sword was once used to rule over a regiment of obedient soldiers.

Kora Sword

  • It's rare you see a sword like this one in the Greek world, as it originates from the Far East.


  • Originating from Egypt, this sword is shaped like a sickle and can be used to both slice and bludgeon its target.


  • This sickle sword is indeed modeled after the sword of Perseus, but it's not the original.

Bronze Khopesh

  • As it's reinforced with a bronze alloy, this khopesh is built to last.

?Gilded Khopesh

  • This golden-trimmed khopesh is often seen hanging from the belt of merchants in the Black Market.

Ceremonial Khopesh

  • The golden serpent that snakes its way down the blade is symbolic of rebirth.

?Long Khopesh

  • A longer, more curved khopesh, but a khopesh nonetheless.

?Ancient Khopesh

  • There's no precise mark to tell how old this blade is, but as long as it still works...

Carved Khopesh

  • The intricate, inlayed symbols in the metal must mean something to someone.

Sickle Blade

  • With so many dangerous edges, it's hard to determine which point to focus on.

Barbed Blade

  • Like lightning, this jagged edge strikes unpredictably and nearly without a sound.

?Ritual Khopesh

  • Its blunter edge points to the possibility this khopesh has been used ceremonially rather than offensively.

?The Scorpion

  • Careful not to get stung.

?Rough Khopesh

  • Though damaged, this khopesh is still sharp enough to kill.

?Hero's Sword

  • Every good odyssey begins with a hero and a sword.

Sword of Damokles

  • This is the very sword from the story of Damokles. It taught him a lesson in wishing for ultimate fortune.

Gorgoneion Xiphos

  • Listen and hear the lost voices of the ones the Gorgon turned to stone echo in the blade.

Nikolaos's Sword

  • The Wolf of Sparta needed a sword that could lead hundreds, inspire thousands, and punish the ones that defied him.

Pandora's Kopis

  • Pandora's existence came to be when each god gave her a unique gift. This kopis was one of them.

Harpe of Perseus

  • Legend says that as the Medusa's serpentine head fell, Perseus lifted his harpe to the skies in victory.

Prometheus's Sika

  • Legend says this blade was forged in Prometheus’s benevolent flame. If true, the sika is truly a gift from the gods.

Xiphos of Dionysos

  • As "the god who comes," some believe Dionysos will appear with this xiphos in hand to protect those in his cult.

Xiphos of Peleus

  • This sword is fabled to have accompanied Peleus, father of Achilles, in all of his bloody battles.

?Silver Khopesh

  • This sickle-sword is adorned with silver alloy.

Heitor's Harpe

  • Harpe is an old, trusty sword that belonged to old, trusty Heitor.

Duris's Sword

  • It's an old but reliable weapon - quite like Duris himself.

Heavy Blunts

Bludgeon Mace

  • It's slow, but reliable. Let's hope your foe is just as lethargic.

Heavy Mace

  • It can turn skulls into a fine powder.

Morning Star

  • The spikes add a little extra something.


  • Hit hard enough, and it can break through anything.

Ornate Mace

  • Because it's so heavy with gold, this mace is more likely to be impervious to damage.

Ritual Mace

  • This mace has conducted rituals in the dark chambers of cloaked mystics.

Giant Mace

  • A mace like this is as hard-hitting as it is hard to swing.

Kolossos Mace

  • They say bigger is always better. Prove them right.

Wooden Mace

  • This solid wooden reckoning is not to be underestimated.

Ceremonial Mace

  • This mace is used mostly in religious custom, but don't get on the bad side of this studded destroyer.


  • Despite its name, it's not wise to use this on a meal you're preparing.

Atlantean Mace

  • Charged with an ancient energy, its wielder can feel a vibration.

Bone Mace

  • The gnarled bones of those long-dead make up this mace.

Polyphemos Cyclops Bludgeon

  • They say only the immortal can survive a blow from this barbaric bludgeon.

Hammer of Hephaistos

  • Contained in this hammer are powerful flames from a blacksmith's forge.

Hammer of Jason

  • The story of Jason and his Argonauts is carved on the head of this enormous hammer.

Herakles's Mace

  • This mace should accompany you just in case you have to endure the Twelve Labors.

Typhon's Mace

  • This terrifying mace is a fitting tribute to arguably the most feared creature in all legend.

Mace of the High Sea

  • "It was Captain's favorite, but he's long dead. He'd be happy knowing it was still bashing people in."

Argos Priest Mace

  • Temple raiders should take heed of a priest armed with this weapon.

Heavy Silence

  • This weapon is real conversation ender.

Plunder Mace

  • To the victor of the fight go all the spoils.

Self-Defense Mace

  • This mace makes saving your own hide easy.

Archer's Mace

  • Sometimes a bow just doesn't cut it.

Messenian Mace

  • Since the Messenians have revolted many times in their history, they like to be armed at all times.

Mace of Atlantis

  • Though the existence of Atlantis is still a secret for the ages, the raw power of this mace is known.

Mace of the Sphinx

  • Although it's covered in mysterious runes no one can read, the mace's symbols seem familiar.



  • A pilum is an all-around performer and favorite amongst soldiers.

Spartan Javelin

  • A weapon as old as Sparta's histories, the javelin is a fixture in their armies for its ease of use and accuracy.


  • This light throwing spear is used for both Olympic sport and the battlefield.

Hoplite Javelin

  • This javelin is used by hoplite soldiers in the phalanx.

Battle Spear

  • The victim penetrated by this spear will know its thrower had style.

Hunting Spear

  • A spear like this is useful for closing in on unsuspecting prey.

Reinforced Javelin

  • A steady companion, this javelin has been strengthened with metal for an enhanced grip.

War Spear

  • This spear is a common sight during wartime for its versatility and flexibility.

Ornate Spear

  • Just because something is elegant doesn't mean it isn't deadly.

Heavy Spear

  • With the size of its hefty blade, it's no wonder it takes a strong hand to wield this spear.

Handcrafted Spear

  • It's on the more rustic side of design, woven with leather straps around the shaft.

Golden Spear

  • Bought and sold for a fair amount of drachmae, this spear is for rich buyers only.

Cultist Spear

  • Terrifyingly, this spear is decorated with the bones and painted with the blood of rebels who defy the Cult of Kosmos.


  • This trident is both an effective weapon and a good skewer for roasting fish over a fire.

Crude Spear

  • Though its tip is made of stone, its jagged edge has a wicked stab.

Achilles's Spear

  • There is no point of weakness for the warrior who enters the fight with this spear of legend.

Athena's Spear

  • May Athena ever bless the bearer of this spear.

Falx of Olympos

  • High atop Mount Olympos, in the Pantheon, is the meeting place of gods. It is a holy place.

Griffin's Scythe

  • A weapon as legendary as its namesake, the Griffin's Scythe is as sharp and terrible as the beast's talons.

Hades's Bident

  • Legend says this was wrenched out of Hades's own hands from the underworld.

Hermes's Kerukeion

  • Apollo gifted Hermes his kerukeion as an act of friendship. It has come to represent peace ever since.

Poseidon's Trident

  • This mighty trident is coveted by sailors, as it's said it can control the seas.

Spear of Kephalos

  • A spear like this one could only be the stuff of legend. A gift from the gods, it should never miss its target.

Skoura's Spear

  • This spear was feared in the Persian War, as it drew the blood of countless invaders.

Heavy Bladed

Crude Axe

  • It may look clumsy, but this axe can do whatever you want it to do.

Stone Axe

  • A sharp stone on a stick can accomplish a surprising number of tasks.

Broad Axe

  • This hearty axe has in the past been used to chop wood - and chop off heads.

Berserk Axe

  • It's no surprise from the look of this axe that it can cut through foes with ease.

Ornate Axe

  • It's almost too beautiful to use. But not quite.


  • This is traditionally a farmer's tool, but its shape implies something far more threatening.

Ceremonial Scythe

  • This type of scythe is kept from the fields for use in rituals and sacrifices.

Harvest Scythe

  • Normally, this scythe is used to reap crops of grain. Don't get any other ideas.

Gilded Scythe

  • A scythe as richly decorated as this one should be properly cleaned after every use.

Ancient Axe

  • Rugged with age, this durable axe has proven its worth.

Spiked Axe

  • Stab and cut. Two wounds, one axe.

War Scythe

  • Use this when you wish to harvest bodies instead of grain.


  • With twice the blades, this weapon has twice the power.

Battle Axe

  • The skull on the blade of this axe is representative of the corpse this weapon leaves behind.

Golden Axe

  • Priests have purified and blessed the head of this axe, for its tasks are those of the gods.

Hardened Scythe

  • The process used to harden the blade of this axe can only be done by the most competent and bloodthirsty crafter.

Ceremonial Axe

  • Adorned with ritualistic iconography, this is not so much a battle axe, but a conductor of ceremonies.

Elysian Axe

  • The Elysian Fields are paradise only the greatest of heroes ever reach. May this axe help you in your journey there.

Minotaur's Labrys

  • This double-sided battle axe will wreak havoc on whoever receives its blow.


Hunting Knife

  • For up-close-and-personal hunting, this knife is a good companion.

Swift Dagger

  • For fast maneuvers, use this small, discreet blade.

Rogue Dagger

  • This is the kind of dagger one uses to take your purse, and then your life.

Combat Blade

  • When a war has gone on too long and needs to end, this blade makes its appearance.

Skinning Knife

  • Stab, slice, cut, repeat.

Ornate Dagger

  • This weapon is often carried by fancy folk.

Assassin's Dagger

  • Noiseless assassinations were the main objective when this blade was crafted.

Expert's Blade

  • Only a professional could craft a weapon like this.

Atlantean Blade

  • It's true that some who use this blade feel surges of mystical power.

Hyrkanos's Dagger

  • This dagger has the certain signs of Megarian craftsmanship.


Shepherd's Cane

  • This cane keeps both sheep and enemies in line.

Rough Staff

  • You may get a splinter or two, but it's worth it.

Wooden Staff

  • It just looks like a sturdy walking stick, but it has additional potential.

Greek Staff

  • Like the average Greek, this staff is practical and blunt.

Heavy Staff

  • It may be unwieldy, but trust in its power.

Battle Staff

  • This weapon is fine-tuned to perform well in wartime.

Ceremonial Staff

  • Not just for an old priest to lean on - this staff can be trusted.

Gilded Staff

  • This staff is expertly forged and a sight to behold.

Ornate Staff

  • Its carvings are intricate, and its power is true.

Rusty Staff

  • Apparently, this staff is sturdy enough to resist growing weak over time.

Royal Staff

  • Royalty is not always exempt from fighting the good fight.

Snake Staff

  • Beware the snakes in the grass.


Reflex Bow

  • It's a standard bow, with a woven grip for comfort.

Toxarchos Reflex Bow

  • Reserved for leaders who have proven themselves, this bow is richly textured and made for accuracy.

Greek Reflex Bow

  • Though quite common, this bow is favored for a reason.

Bandit Bow

  • It's as unrefined as the bandits that use it.

Ornate Bow

  • Bronze decorates the curved, dexterous limbs of this bow.

Hunter's Bow

  • Neither animal nor enemy will stand a chance against this bow.

Serpent Bow

  • Once hit with an arrow from this bow, the victim can feel venom tingling in their veins.

Recurve Bow

  • Its rigid shape makes this arrow a straight shooter.

Heavy Bow

  • Expect this bow to pierce through even the toughest of armor.

Improved Hunter Bow

  • This was crafted and approved by Drucilla, the expert bowyer of Kephallonia.

Achilles's Bow

  • This bow, once wielded by Achilles himself, is notoriously deadly when shooting targets from great heights.

Artemis's Bow

  • None can touch Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt. But with this bow, you come as close as you can get.

Eros's Bow

  • Sometimes love hurts.

Hades's Bow

  • This powerful bow seethes with a dark and otherworldly energy. Its exposed body is searing hot.

Herakles's Bow

  • Every arrow shot from this bow strikes with the force of a demigod. It pierces shields, armor, and flesh with ease.

Paris's Bow

  • Paris of Troy is the supposed crafter of this bow. Despite its beauty, this weapon is deadly and dependable.

Fanged Bow

  • Draw the bowstring and listen for the hiss. Its quick arrows are coated with mysterious poison.

Head Gear

Illyrian Helmet

  • Ancient and mysterious, this helmet has traveled from the Far West to find its place here.

Hoplite Helmet

  • Death comes for every hoplite, but at least with this helmet it won't be by a blow to the skull.

Athenian Polemarch Helmet

  • An Athenian polemarch under any other helmet is just a man... a significantly shorter man.

Spartan Soldier's Helmet

  • A Spartan soldier's head is a prize target in battle, but it's a hard prize to collect under this helmet.

Athenian Pilos Helmet

  • It's said the cone shape of the helmet helps channel prayers to the gods.


  • Simple cloth that protects from harsh winds or unwanted attention.

Chalkidian Helmet

  • By far the most popular helmet for bandits... But who did they steal these from?

Korinthian Helmet

  • Spartan militia have avoided many broken heads under this simple helmet.

Spartan Polemarch Helmet

  • A Spartan polemarch would sooner die than part with this helmet.

Athenian Helmet

  • If one might want to blend into an Athenian crowd, this helmet would help.

Athenian Champion Helmet

  • This helmet is a reminder of Sparta's stunning victory in Megaris.

Helmet of the Oracle

  • The Oracle speaks only the truth you want to hear.

Inventor's Helmet

  • It might be wishful thinking that wearing this helmet makes the wearer smarter.

Paros Helmet

  • Soldiers from Paros are given this helmet to wear in their ranks.

Admiral's Helmet

  • This decorated helmet is proof of one's victories across the seas.

Helot Helmet

  • The Spartans feared their own helots, but did give some a fighting chance with this helmet.

Bandit Lord Helmet

  • The bandit who owned this won't be terrorizing Messenia anymore.

Theseus's Helmet

  • Oh, what remarkable stories were told about the hero who fought the Minotaur in this helmet.

Wolfslayer's Helmet

  • Never stray from your pack.

Plundered Helmet

  • It's a good helmet, despite being found in dubious circumstances.

Regal Helmet

  • The royal guards of Argos wear this helmet as part of their uniform.

Commander's Helmet

  • A commander shouldn't be caught dead without a helmet - but with one, they stand a chance.

Torso Gear

Athenian Linothorax

  • Athenians value speed over protection in battle, as this armor demonstrates.

Athenian Breastplate

  • This armor is sturdy, light, and able to withstand most bow attacks.

Light Athenian Armor

  • The Athenian army doles out this leather armor for its light soldiers.

Heavy Athenian Breastplate

  • Though more weighty, this breastplate's metal is thick and hard to damage.

?Bandit Rags

  • N/A

?Spartan Cloak

  • They say the crimson hides the blood... but whose blood is it?

Spartan Breastplate

  • Crafted by helots, this bronze armor is as beautiful as it is useful.

Heavy Spartan Breastplate

  • To understand the true beauty of this, one need only see it glistening in blood.

Mercenary Breastplate

  • It's likely a mercenary bought this breastplate after a hefty contract.

Greek Tunic

  • No tunic is more versatile than this, being a favorite of commoners and upper class alike.

Greek Linothorax

  • More than just sturdy straps and a reinforced waist, this was blessed by priests of Apollo.

Dark Steel Chestplate

  • Do not look into the darkness of this metal - those who do have been driven mad by what they've seen.

Bare-Chested and Oiled

  • This Spartan ritual makes the solider more noble and more terrible.

Bare Chested

  • Stay out of the rain or you'll catch cold.

Misthios Tunic

  • A tunic this simple is ideal for everyday wear.

Aristaios's Breasplate

  • This armor shows no sign of damage, it seems Aristaios was not fighting very often.

Restored Mycenaean Armor

  • Armor of this quality belonged to no one less than a king.

Arkadia's Mark

  • Sturdy and reliable, this recalls Arkadia, the breadbasket of the Peloponnese.

Silver Breastplate

  • Silvery and bright, this armor is especially well crafted.

Attika Breastplate

  • Attika is the home of the city state of Athens, where this breastplate was forged.

Cursed Linothorax

  • "It may be cursed, but it helps arrows miss... Most of the time."

Tracker's Armor

  • If hunting were an Olympic competition, its wearer would be champion.

Captain's Chest

  • This shouldn't be confused with the other captain's chest, which is still buried.

Wolfslayer's Breastplate

  • It's said Zeus transformed King Lykaon of Arkadia into a wolf for his horrific deeds.

Lesbos Breastplate

  • This unique armor came from the lush, sunny lands of Lesbos.

Crafted Bear Fur Armor

  • If bearskin's good enough for the creature, it's plenty good for a soldier.

Megaris Tunic

  • Though its nation fought Athens and Sparta in the Peloponnesian War, this tunic's quality is contested by no one.

Hunter's Tunic

  • "Give a man meat and feed him for a day. Teach him to hunt, and feed him forever."

Cult Assassin Armor

  • An agent of the Cult of Kosmos stays alive as long as they kill who they're ordered to.

False Hero Armor

  • Anyone can pretend to be a hero, but few are up to the task.

Sapphire Linothorax

  • Sadly, the name only refers to its color - not its value.

Veteran Breastplate

  • This breastplate has seen wars waged, strategies made, and lives end.

Heitor's Breastplate

  • This sturdy breastplate was forged by an old friend.

Leg Gear

Athenian Buskins

  • This leather footwear was made in Athens and started quite the trend.

Athenian Sandals

  • Simple leather sandals like these can be found all across the Greek world.

Athenian Greaves

  • These well-crafted greaves will guarantee safe shins.

Athenian Shoes

  • A pair of sturdy leather footwear that can be bought for a reasonable price.

Heavy Athenian Greaves

  • They're heavier than average, but offer increased protection for a soldier's legs.

Bandit Sandals

  • A pair of simple leather sandals worn by bandits and outlaws. They're chosen for their durability and ease of repair.

Bandit Buskins

  • These shoes are crude and thoroughly worn. They've clearly spent a lot of time out in the wild.

Spartan Buskins

  • Favoring function over form, these are a basic leather footwear made in Sparta.

Spartan Greaves

  • Hailing from Sparta, these greaves allow a hoplite great range of mobility during combat.

Heavy Spartan Greaves

  • These greaves are incredibly durable. A nation of warriors, Sparta makes armor ranked among the best in the Greek world.

Mercenary Boots

  • A mercenary goes nowhere in the wrong boots.

Greek Buskins

  • The buskin is the standard footwear of choice for the common Greek.

Greek Sandals

  • The sandal is the footwear of choice for long summer days.

Dark Steel Greaves

  • These greaves are part of a set worn by the Cult of Kosmos. They're dark plated and very sturdy.

Patched Bandit Greaves

  • These greaves have been patched together with numerous parts of different leather, albeit poorly.


  • Hopefully you won't be tracking footsteps left by this type of shoe - everyone wears them.

Astra's Boots

  • Those light boots are probably part of why Astra was such a swift fighter.

Boar Slayer's Greaves

  • The boar used to make these greaves must have been really big.

Arkadian Guard Boots

  • Boots like these are worn by Lagos's personal guard.

Crafted Hide Boots

  • These sturdy leather boots are made from thick and durable animal hide.

Attika Sandals

  • Sandals like these are made all across Attika. They're very popular in Athens.

Journey shoes

  • Shoes like these are made for walking long distances.

Boeotian Greaves

  • Boeotia is the land of heroes, and these greaves are fit for any champion.

Stalker Boots

  • Someone made these with the specific intention of not being heard.

Pirate Boots

  • These boots can be found all across the island of Keos and also at the bottom of the ocean.

Kythera Greaves

  • The small island of Kythera has always had an eye for fashion.

?Regal Greaves

  • These ornate greaves are richly decorated for Spartan armor.

Lesbos Sandals

  • Sandals such as these are commonly made on the island of Lesbos.

Heitor's Buskins

  • Old friends may not be who you remember them to be, but their armor looks the same.

Racing Greaves

  • Surprisingly light, these greaves are ideal for those who want to go fast.

Boots of Courage

  • These boots will fill you with the confidence to stand your ground against any opponent.

Greaves of the Arena

  • Their last user lost…

Theseus's Greaves

  • The legendary greaves of the mythical King and founder-hero of Athens.

Waist Gear

Athenian Pteruges

  • Those poor boys fighting at the front of the Athenian phalanx need to be quick and nimble. These help.

Athenian Tassets

  • The reinforced leather protects the wearer from basic attacks.

Athenian Waistband

  • As appropriate at a symposium as a battlefield, this armor both protects and impresses.

?Bandit Loincloth

  • Wearing a loincloth is a step above base nudity... but only a small step.

?Bandit Trousers

  • May the Ferryman greet whoever these were stolen from.

Spartan Pteruges

  • The red cloth marks the wearer as unmistakably Spartan.

Spartan Waistband

  • Only Spartan heroes and royalty wore this fine waistband.

Mercenary Belt

  • The last thing a mercenary needs to worry about is keeping their outfit held up.

Greek Belt

  • Finely crafted, certainly, though it does little more than cover what needs covering.

Greek Tassets

  • Hardened leather make these tassets a formidable addition to any armor.

Dark Steel Waistband

  • From the earth, looking up, this is the last thing many dying victims have seen.

Patched Bandit Waistband

  • A crafty bandit wove these together from stolen parts.

Leather Tassets

  • The small straps of leather are woven together to better protect the waist.

Misthios's Belt

  • Be immediately recognized as a misthios in this garb.

Nesaia's Belt

  • Nesaia kept this belt as a trophy from one of her previous challengers.

Theseus's Belt

  • Theseus wore this during the time he founded the city-state of Athens.

Arkadian Belt

  • This waistband was uniquely crafted on the plains of Arkadia.

Kidnapper's Belt

  • Consider the theft of this belt justice for another unanswered crime.

Herbalist Sash

  • Here's an easy way to carry around herbs and tonics.

Argolis Belt

  • This was originally crafted for Argive royalty and passed down through generations.

Cursed Belt

  • An inscription: "With this belt, you'll probably never get sick." Probably?

Korinthian Belt

  • The finest leather in the land went into the crafting of this comely piece.

Smuggled Belt

  • The origin of this belt is unknown - but it was definitely stolen.

Bandit Chief Belt

  • One story goes that a bandit chief crafted this belt from the skin of the previous chief.

Medicinal Sash

  • All of its pockets and pouches are meant to hold medicinal properties and supplies.

Megarian Belt

  • Just as Megaris is considered the center of the Greek world, this belt is the center of one's attire.

Belt of Ares

  • As part of a greater whole, this simple piece would strike fear in those who lay eyes on it.

Belt of Fortitude

  • Some believe this belt was worn by Sisyphos when rolling his rock eternally uphill.

Kytheran belt

  • The sacred priestesses of Kythera blessed this belt in a secret ritual.

Arm Gear

Athenian Bracers

  • There's an elegance in life's simpler things - like these leather bracers.

Heavy Athenian Bracers

  • Walking through the streets wearing these sends one clear message - someone is looking for a fight.

Athenian Gauntlets

  • As the best things are, these are crafted to be ornate and to land with a satisfying thud.

Athenian Vambraces

  • Both strong and light, these impressive braces are worn by Athens's greatest champions.

Bandit Bracers

  • Someone inexperienced crafted these crude bracers from animal hide.

Heavy Bandit Bracers

  • There are better ways to protect oneself, but these will help... slightly.

Spartan Bracers

  • For Spartans who prefer their hands remain attached to their wrists, these do the trick.

Spartan Vambraces

  • Clearly stolen from some unfortunate traveler ages ago, these were impressive, once.

Spartan Gauntlets

  • Pity the poor fool on the receiving end of a punch from these gauntlets.

Mercenary Gloves

  • Busy hands need hard-working gloves.

Drakon's Bracers

  • Big bracers for a big guy.

Perikles's Bracers

  • Only the best bracers are good enough for the wise leader of Athens.

Inventor's Gloves

  • As an inventor goes through the process of trial and error, these gloves will protect from mishaps.

Healer's Bracers

  • These prevent any direct contact with illness and keep disease at bay.

Thug's Bracers

  • Though verging on almost too simple, something is better than nothing. They'll do their job.

Cultist Armguards

  • The touch of the Cult reaches far and wide in the Greek world.

Killer Bracers

  • What differentiates a common mercenary from a killer? Those gloves are a start.

Purple Bracers

  • Leather bracers lined with a rich, purple fabric for those with delicate skin.

Captain's Gauntlets

  • Many captains in Greece wear these gloves. Offering limited protection, they’re favored more as a symbol of authority.

Priestess Gloves

  • A priestess should hope not to need these gloves, but they're durable just in case.

Dark Gauntlets

  • The metal lining these gloves seems to almost absorb light just to destroy it.

Pylos Armguards

  • Defeats are just as important to remember as victories. This memento from the Battle of Pylos will aid that goal.

Comfortable Bracers

  • These bracers fit like a glove.

Gauntlets of Strength

  • These gauntlets go to the winner of the traditional Trial of Strength.


  • Normal Arrow

"A plain wooden arrow that is cheap but versatile." (Requires: 1 wood)

  • Paralyzing Arrow

"With its rounded tip, the Paralyzing arrow deals more damage, and can also knock out a target." (Requires: 2 wood, 1 leather)

  • Poison Arrow

"Soaked in venom, the Poison Arrow will intoxicate and weaken its target." (Requires: 3 wood, 3 leathers)

  • Fire Arrow

"A small linen cloth around the tip allows the arrow to be lit on fire, burning targets on impact." (Requires: 3 wood, 3 iron)

  • Explosive Arrow

"A sulfur mixture near the Explosive Arrow’s tip results in a devastating impact." (Requires: 5 wood, 2 iron, 2 leathers)

  • Death Arrow

"Death Arrows move faster, penetrate deeper, and deal more damage." (Requires: 6 wood, 3 iron, 3 leathers)




  • Used to by items in shops, the drachma coin is stamped with the Eagle of Zeus and is commonly found on bandits.

Orichalcum Ore

Soft Leather

  • Used to engrave armor, Soft Leather is primarily earned by hunting predator animals or recovered from dismantled gear.

Iron Metal

  • Used to engrave weapons, Iron Metal can be mined in caves, looted from soldiers and bandits, or recovered from dismantled gear.

Olive Wood

  • Used to upgrade the Adrestia, Olive Wood can be salvaged from sinking ships and certain wild trees or recovered from dismantled gear.

Ancient Tablets

  • Ancient Tablets contain lost engineering wisdom and are found scattered throughout the world in ancient ruins. This wisdom can be used to upgrade the Adrestia.

Obsidian Glass

Precious Gems

  • Used to engrave gear, Precious gems are carried by Mercenaries and earned by completing Bounties.

Quest Items

Looted Offerings

  • Trusting worshippers offered these valuables to Hermes only for bandits to steal them.

Kephallonian Lumber

  • This sample of the lumber of shipment is harvested from only the best Kephallonian trees.

Spear of Kephalos

  • With this spear in hand, the wielder must choose their target wisely. According to the legend, Kephalos was gifted this spear by the gods. Its unique power? It'll never miss its mark.

Prokris' Necklace

  • Their mythic relationship was complicated to say the least, but Kephalos did bestow the beautiful gift of this necklace upon his wife, Prokris.

Obsidian Eye

  • The Cyclops always took a liking to the finer things in life. What then, was as extravagant as an obsidian eye?

Penelope's Shroud

  • To delay her suitors, Penelope would tell them she’d make her choice when she finished weaving her shroud. But when night came, she would undo each day's labor.

Talisman of Artemis

  • A talisman dedicate to Artemis, goddess of the hunt.

Brother's Riches

  • It's rather lucky the pompous brothers brought their riches to Kephallonia - lucky for you that is.

Obsidian Eye Fragment

  • Slightly scuffed and really stinky.


  • Just as Kassandra's constant companion was Phoibe, Chara never left Phoibe's side. Phoibe gave Chara, a wooden eagle carved by her father, to Kassandra to keep her company.

Barnabas's Shipment

  • Though Barnabas wasn’t known to have sticky fingers, he couldn’t help but nick this crate of good wine.

Stentor's Seal

  • This prestigious seal bestowed by Stentor proves that its owner is a trusted agent of the Spartan army.

Wax Tablet

  • This wax tablet contains vital information regarding Spartan battle plans and troop movements in Megaris.

The Wolf's Helmet

  • tba

Elpenor's Note

  • Krethos: You were right about the Kephallonian peasant girl. She led me right to the misthios. Near the ancient ruins of Kranioi. You did good work tracking them down. Now, to get them both to trust me… Did I ever tell you I was a fan of theater? As for you, find your payment in Phokis. Signed, Elpenor

Elpenor's Ship Manifest

  • 600 Athenian swords, 900 Spartan spears

Papyrus to Elpenor

  • Elpenor, in regards to your search for the woman. If anyone would know her whereabouts, it would be that crazy priestess at the Asklepios Sanctuary. I'd go myself but she terrifies me. Yours, Antonide

Real Ostraka

  • These ostraka are the real votes for Anaxagoras's ostracism.

Fake Ostraka

  • Perikles's contact provided these ostraka to rig the vote at Anaxagoras's ostracism.


  • Golden Statue
  • Forgotten treasure map
  • Towards a unified messara
  • Cult of Kosmos Ceremonial Outfit

Cultist's Disguise

  • The dark mask's sneer is mysterious and unreadable - just as the Cult of Kosmos intended.

Alkibiades's Package

  • This simple box needs to be delivered to Bardas at the Korinthian Military Fort.

Treasure Tablet

  • Off the east coast of Kythera, on Diakofti Island, your reward awaits.

Letter from Elpenor

  • Make sure you kill the so-called messenger of the gods this time. I await news of your success in the cave behind the Snake Ruins in the Valley of the Snake. - Elpenor

Orders to Kill the Defector

  • Honor to the one who finds and kills Neokles, the cowardly traitor who has turned his back on the Delian League. Last seen cowering like a filthy rat in the Kynthos Hills on Delos.

Letter from Brasidas

  • I am with your mother. Meet us on the cliff near Tegea. - B.

Letter from Lagos

  • Dearest family, I will never forgive myself for the pain the Cult has caused us. Believe me when I say I will make this right. Stay strong. All my love, Lagos
  • scytale
  • Blueprint for the chimera's breath
  • Secret missive
  • farewell letter

Arena Invitation

  • Warrior, the Pephka Arena is the most competitive arena in all the Greek world. As the last living Hero of the Arena, I’m seeking the best fighters to compete on the most spectacular of stages for honor, pleasure, and drachmae. Your reputation precedes you - few have slain as prolifically, or as poetically, as you. Should you be interested, find me in Pirate Point, or my associate Maion in Pephka's Warrior’s Rest. - Skoura, Hero of the Pephka Arena

Arena Invitation

  • Brave warriors are invited to compete on the most spectacular stage for honor, pleasure, and drachmae. Want to fight in the Pephka Arena? Find me in Pirate Point, or my associate Maion in Pephka's Warrior’s Rest. - Skoura, Hero of the Pephka Arena
  • stele piece in orchomenos city
  • Circe's list of trophies
  • Obsidian Eye Fragment
  • a mysterious letter
  • themistokles on kephallonia
  • ambusher's note
  • mixture
  • a mysterious letter
  • Themistokles on Athens

Cultist Letters

  • Letters found in a Cultist gathering
  • Kassandra found Cultist correspondence in their secret gathering. It contained Clues she could use to bring about their early demise.
  • Themistokles on the Akrokorinth
  • Themistokles on Arkadia
  • Themistokles on Mount Taygetos

Kalydonian Boar Pelt

  • This is the pelt of the legendary Kalydonian Boar.

Kallisto the Bear's Pelt

  • This is the pelt of the legendary Kallisto the Bear.

Nemean Lion's Pelt

  • This is the pelt of the legendary Nemean Lion.

Erymanthian Boar's Pelt

  • This is the pelt of the legendary Erymanthian Boar.

Lykaon Wolf Pelt

  • This is the pelt of the legendary Lykaon Wolf.

The Hind of Keryneia's Pelt

  • This is the pelt of the legendary Hind of Keryneia.

Kretan Bull Pelt

  • This is the pelt of the legendary Kretan Bull.

Krokottas Hyena Pelt

  • This is the pelt of the legendary Krokottas Hyena.

Head of the Lykaon Wolf

  • The decapitated head of the Lykaon Wolf was a fearsome trophy indeed. If the legends are true, it was once mortal and rested atop the shoulders of a cruel king, who was cursed by Zeus and transformed into a bloodthirsty beast.

Minoan Artifact

  • An ancient Artifact of the Minoan people. This rare object will be worth a lot of drachmae to the right people.

Minoan Chest Key

  • A key said to unlock the treasure chest of the Minoan King that used to live on Keos.

Spartan Baby Blanket

  • Old and worn, this is the very cloth Myrrine used to carry her injured baby.
  • stolen wares
  • ancient wax tablet

Ancient Tablet

  • While continuing my research on the Minoan ruins, I found writing that spoke of a doorway. After some translation, it appeared that the reflective mirrors I found are part of a mechanism. <\n>I aligned the mirrors, and when I went back into the ruins, I found a path that led deeper underground. At the very bottom of the cave I found an entrance to somewhere else. Tomorrow, I shall open the door and see what's inside.

Wooden Doll

  • The wooden doll carved by young Kyra for her pater, engraved with the letter "P". Little Kyra couldn't have known that “P” was also for Podarkes, the man who killed her mother for delivering the doll.

A Papyrus from Podarkes

  • Dianthe, I pay you very well to shut your mouth and stay away. Visit my house again, and I will send you both to Hades. - Podarkes


  • Harpe is an incredibly crafted and distinct blade. No one's exactly sure how Heitor ended it up with it originally as his story seems to change with each telling.
  • dagger

Token of Strength

  • This Token is acquired by completing the Pre-Trial of Strength in Lato, proving one’s worthiness to fight the great Minotaur.

Token of Accuracy

  • This Token is acquired by completing the Pre-Trial of Accuracy in Lato, proving one's worthiness to fight the great Minotaur.

Token of Endurance

  • This Token is acquired by completing the Pre-Trial of Endurance in Lato, proving one's worthiness to fight the great Minotaur.

Minotaur Hoof Elixir

  • This elixir, made entirely of ground-up Minotaur hoof, is completely guaranteed to cure any problem. But wait, there's more...

The Shiniest Armor in All of Pephka

  • This is very fancy armor that commands respect.


  • This is an ancient axe that Theseus definitely saw and touched. Twice.

Spartan Royal Edict

  • The mortal who carries this edict acts on behalf of King Archidamos of Sparta. May their shield defend Sparta’s interests, and may their blade run through her enemies.
  • mint
  • hoe

Pindar’s Poem for the Champion Diagoras

  • A poem that recalls the exploits of the Olympic Champion, Diagoras.

Anonymous Love Letter

  • I have always longed for you, though your eyes do not speak the same language as my heart. Your devotion is an aspiration, and how I wish to comfort you, though I know it will never be - My sweet, sweet K.

Medicinal Herbs

  • A bunch of herbs that Hippokrates requires in order to treat Pentheus. They smell very strange.

Sphinx Medallion Fragment

  • A piece of a strange circular medallion depicting the legendary Sphinx. The metal is unusual, as is the design. This Fragment seems to be only half of the complete medallion.

Sphinx Medallion Fragment

  • A piece of a strange circular medallion depicting the legendary Sphinx. The metal is unusual, as is the design. This Fragment seems to be only half of the complete medallion.

Complete Sphinx Medallion

  • As golden as the glinting light off the Sphinx's wings, this medallion has not lost its shine.

Prize of the Sphinx

  • An ancient Artifact taken from the remains of the Sphinx. The feather glows with barely contained power.


  • A strange, oily liquid that has a pungent aroma with hints of garlic and herbs.

Banquet Supply List

  • This is a grocery list addressed to Priam of assorted foods that were at the banquet.
  • ring

Cultist Proof

  • This letter proves that Pausanias is part of the Cult.
  • root of kyklaminos
  • big petasos
  • owl's Feather
  • foundry of hephaistos tomb key
  • letter addressed to a misthios
  • Darius's notes
  • Hylas's notes
  • thank you, malaka!
  • letter from the bandit leader
  • note to a friend
  • order relic note
  • note from the watcher
  • thanks again, malaka?!
  • sword hilt

Markos's Bottle of Wine

  • Produced in his own vineyard, Markos swears this is one of his finest wines. Whether or not that's true is the real question.

Markos's Wine

  • This wine was said to be made from the most lush crop of grapes Markos had ever seen... but that's not saying much.
  • find me
  • warning letter
  • Thank you, misthios
  • reply from the tempest
  • military orders
  • order manifesto
  • Engineer's code book
  • Engineer's code book
  • open bounty on the eagle bearer
  • engineer's code book
  • engineer's code book
  • mercenary correspondence

Bloody Sapphires

  • This satchel contains the treasury sapphires - but covered in blood.

Amyris's Note

  • Agreement in full. Treasury sapphires to be sold at no discount. Meet at Desphina Fort for the sale. - Amyris
  • letter to the smugglers


  • Hippokrates says this medicinal drink should reduce fever. Perikles needs it desperately.
  • wine society invitation
  • lead on the order's commander
  • Darius's notes on the Cult
  • mysterious letter
  • a new beginning
  • after the Storm
  • chronicles of the ancients
  • note about a prisoner
  • directions to aiantides's treasure
  • "on sight, song, and sail"
  • letter from a suitor
  • tomb map
  • sealed papyrus
  • persephone's sanctuary key
  • letter from Persephone's sanctuary
  • locksmith's journal
  • piece of a torn recipe
  • Rebel's last words
  • piece of a torn recipe
  • memento from a lost soul
  • last resort
  • aconite
  • piece of a torn recipe
  • letter regarding leonidas
  • letter from one spy to another
  • note to Aphrodite
  • Perseus's note
  • diary of orphedice, entry 4
  • the poisoner's note
  • Swordfish's note
  • epiktetos's note
  • astra's letter to deianeira
  • ornate dagger
  • a note from Charon
  • Agamemnon's note
  • diary of orphedice, entry 1
  • diary of orphedice, entry 2
  • diary of orphedice, entry 3
  • diary of eurypheus, entry 2
  • diary of eurypheus, entry 1
  • diary of eurypheus, entry 3
  • diary of eurypheus, entry 4

Protect yourselves

  • The armor that’s come into your possession...

adamant shipment record

  • enclosed is the Last adamant ingot...

scrap of bloodied cloth

  • This scrap of cloth...

key fragment

  • Engraved with Isu symbols...

letter from the "eagle bearer"

  • Alponos is a ripe grape...

Pouch of Drachmae Student Writings

  • These writings are about Sokrates's teachings.


  • A rare and valuable material that was highly sought after by Athens, and found on the island of Keos.

Ancient Minoan Map

  • An old map drawn by Minoans, indicating the location of a wealthy palace of old. It also mentions that a key is needed to obtain the treasure contained within.

Gyke's Bracelet

  • It's a rough-looking bracelet, but it's engraved with the names Gyke and Gelon on its interior. It might have once been pretty, but now it’s marked by shark teeth.

Bear Scrotum

  • From the smell, you can tell this is a fresh scrotum from a bear. The medicinal properties of this item are still a topic of some debate amongst medical scholars.

Artist Contract

  • This contract describes the hiring of an artist by the archons to paint propaganda on Naxos.

Coins and Letter

  • While the coins have the symbol of Paros on them, the strange code on the letter can't be deciphered.

Letter from a Spartan Polemarch

  • The man, Heremos, was caught trying to sneak through our lines. After some persuasion, we discovered he was heading to meet a ship and set sail for Mytilene. Perhaps you will be able to loosen his tongue further and gain additional information.

Body Oil

  • This is a wonderfully aromatic oil specially mixed for pankrationists.

Astra's Necklace

  • Taken from the corpse of Astra, this pearly necklace once belonged to Timon's brother. After he was killed, it made a pretty gift for Deianeira's cousin.


  • A charming scent wafts from this rare herb. In some specific cases, it has been known to provoke skin conditions.

Mysterious Object

  • Kassandra happened upon this strange object. It appeared to be a clue to the identity of one worshipping the chaos of the universe.

Chest Key

  • This key should unlock Kleon's chest.

Letter to Kleon

  • Kleon,<\n>Your personal effects have been moved and hidden like you asked.<\n>I'll keep the key safe until further notice, and continue patrolling the Parthenon.<\n>Polemarch Phaelos

Rhexenor's Sword

  • This sword once belonged to the Athenian Polemarch Rhexenor.

Rhexenor's "Little Sword"

  • Rhexenor's manhood. It's not like he would need it anymore.

Key to Olympos

  • Though it may look like an ordinary golden disk, it is allegedly the key to unlocking the gates of Olympos.

Theseus's Helm

  • This is a weathered helm, rumored to have sat on the head of Theseus himself.

Theseus's Breastplate

  • The sizeable dent in its side was supposedly made by the Minotaur.

Theseus's Bracer

  • These bracers bear the scars of wars and the signs of epic battle.

Theseus Boots

  • These greaves supposedly saw battle on the legs of the mighty Theseus.

Arkalochori Axe

  • This old ceremonial axe is used for rituals and sacrifices. As a weapon it won't cut much, but it's considered favorable among gods.

Phaistos Disk

  • This round disk is apparently the key to entering the labyrinth.

Bag of Poisons

  • This bag contains various bottles of poisons. Be careful with it!

Handmaiden's Note

  • "Don't trust the Fates!"

Key to Medusa

  • Stories say this is the key to the dwelling of the Writhing Dread.

Gorgon Slayer

  • This mighty spear was rumored to have slain Medusa.

Chios Bear Skin

  • This bear skin is soft to the touch.

Crafted Bear Skin Armor

  • This armor is soft, fluffy, and rather warm.

Daughters of Artemis Boots

  • These boots are perfect for sneaking up on the unsuspecting.

Daughters of Artemis Chest Piece

  • Although battered, this chest piece has been recently polished.

Daughters of Artemis Headgear

  • This headgear is worn by only the best hunters of the Daughters of Artemis.

The Gorgon Disk

  • This is a round metal object adorned with strange carvings. It feels cold to the touch and a strange energy emanates from it.

Red Flower

  • This is an extremely rare and beautiful flower picked from the peak of Mount Ida.

Handmade Jerkin

  • This armor is worn, but carefully stitched with love.

Fang Bow

  • This is an intimidating bow fashioned from the fangs of predatory animals. Watch where you hold it.

Letter from Lioness Handler

  • Make sure this fine beast reaches the great city of Gortyn unharmed. Should you harm her, you'll be FED TO HER.

Tough Belt

  • This belt is durable and difficult to break.

Bow of the Stalker

  • Light yet powerful. A gift from Zoe, a Daughter of Artemis.

Medical Tools

  • One could easily mistake these tools for a butcher's.


  • This is medicine for the sick, though it smells like it'd do more harm than good

Wolfslayer’s Helmet

  • There are some sharp teeth marks on the surface.

Giant Wolf Skin

  • This skin came from the giant wolf of Lesbos.

Bear Dung Mushroom

  • This mushroom is freshly extracted from bear excrement.


  • These ingredients are for an anti-petrification potion.

Cone Snail Bile

  • This is from the gut of snails. It actually doesn't smell as bad as you'd think.

Stony Spear of Silence

  • This spear is both sharpened to a point and quiet when swung.

Exquisite Art Piece

  • This art piece is typical of the Makedonian style.


  • Day One - Ship runs ashore. Day Two - Locals seem very strange. Day Three - Galarnos taken... I fear I might be next.


  • Now’s the time to strike! Perikles's corrupt friend Metiochos has been oppressing the poor for too long. Take these snakes - you know what you have to do. Metiochos will just be the first. Remember the words of Kleon, and let them inspire us all to greatness.

Leiandros’s Minotaur Helmet

  • This helmet looks like a real Minotaur. Kind of.

Spear of the Bloodsworn

  • This spear was as feared as death in the Persian War, as it drew the blood of countless invaders.

Dead Man's Letter

  • Meet me at the house on the road to Little Egypt. Be careful, guards are looking for you. Don't worry, your wife is safe.

Egyptian Kopesh

  • This is a long, curved blade most popular in Egypt.

Come meet your death

  • Missing your precious gems, misthios? Face me at the courtyard south of the Eastern Bazaar if you want them back. Otherwise, make sure my soldiers and I never see you in Kydonia ever again. - Diokles

Athenian Attire

  • All the fashionable Athenians are wearing it.

Letter from Kyra

  • Eagle-Bearing Misthios,<\n><\n>Podarkes, cruel leader of Delos Islands, takes money from our pockets and food from our mouths.<\n>All to feed his insatiable thirst for power.<\n><\n>We are a modest but fierce group of rebels who'd pay you handsomely to help us overthrow our vile oppressor. <\n>I pray the winds guide you swiftly to our shores, misthios. Our people are dying.<\n><\n>We established a camp along the northwestern coast and we also have a hideout hidden in Mykonos City, just under the nose of Podarkes.<\n><\n>Kyra

Leonidas's Spear

  • Leonidas used this spear as though it was an extension of his own arm. He held total control.

Tax Record

  • This record contains all the transactions that have occurred in the warehouse.

Shipment Record

  • This record lists the ships that have delivered or shipped items from the warehouse.

Athenian Wine

  • This is considered the finest of Athenian wines. Blessed by Dionysos, it is perfectly paired with bread, cheese, and salted meats.

Heirloom Vase

  • This ornamental vase holds great sentimental value to the family it belongs to, but little value to anyone else.

Thaletas's Helmet

  • This is a battered Spartan helmet that survived the Battle of Thermopylai. It once belonged to Thaletas's grandfather, who did not.

Letter from Thaletas

  • My kings, we reached the shores of Delos Islands. But not without casualties. Mykonos Fort was in sight when Athenians sunk our ship. My grandpater's deeds at Thermopylai live on in memory alone, for his helmet now rests at the bottom of the sea. The men are in high spirits. I will not return until I've claimed these islands for Sparta. - Thaletas

Achilles's Dagger

  • This dagger is primarily used for sacrificial offerings in the name of Achilles.

Customer Record

  • This record contains a list of all the warehouse's customers.

Maia's Mother's Necklace

  • A necklace that belonged to Maia's mother, her only tangible reminder of a lost family.

Simple Javelin

  • This is your run-of-the-mill javelin. Nothing too fancy here.

Family Assets

  • It's a collection of debts, mortgage registries, and precious jewelry.

Personal Olisbos

  • This stone olisbos looks like it's gotten a lot of use.

Tattered Spartan Flag

  • A worn Spartan battle flag sold by a deserter
  • This worn Spartan battle flag was sold by a deserter. A note was found inside.
  • Your meddling has denied me... certain opportunities I had planned. Fortunately, that is going to be easy to resolve.
  • A little gratitude
  • Dear misthios, your actions haven't gone unnoticed by myself and others. Unfortunately, I must leave immediately to attend to other matters. Please take this as a small token of gratitude.

Golden Feather of Ajax

  • A glorious golden feather said to have been woven into oxhide shield carried by towering Ajax, son of Telamon. One tale says it was plucked from the body of Zeus while he was in the form of an eagle, but who knows?

Map to Rumored Feather Location

  • N/A

Triton's Shell of the Tides

  • This mythic shell was gifted to Triton by his father, Poseidon Earth-Shaker. It is said that it could call the tides to its owner like dogs to their master.

Map to Rumored Conch Shell Location

  • N/A

Pan's Flute

  • This is the magical flute of Pan of the Pastures. He named it Syrinx, after the wood nymph who rejected him and changed into river reeds. Pan made the reeds into the pipes for his flute, so in the end she didn’t escape him after all, which is quite sad.

Apollo's Lyre

  • Young Hermes stole oxen from Apollo, then made himself a lyre to play while tending them. When confronted by his brother, Hermes appeased him with music. Entranced, Apollo gladly traded the oxen for the lyre, which he still plays to this day.

Map to Pan's Flute

  • N/A

Map to Apollo's Lyre

  • N/A

Old Coffer

  • This old coffer contains something of incalculable value to the pirate queen Xenia, chief of Keos.

Mandrake Herbs

  • Mandrake herbs can make a powerful medicine. The traditional way of picking them is to circle the plant three times and face west, all while being accompanied by a dancer singing erotic songs. Sadly, few still do this.

Cask of Fine Wine

  • There’s some damage on the container, but the contents are intact and perfect for potion making.

Special Mushrooms

  • These brilliantly colored, succulent, fleshy mushrooms give off a fresh aroma, as if recently picked.


  • These pearls are called radiant jewels of the ocean for a reason.

Shiny Stone

  • Despite being found in the darkest of caves, this stone possesses an iridescent glow.

Medicinal Herbs

  • These medicinal herbs grow in Megaris and should help Odessa's father heal.


  • This mixture should help Odessa's father.

Ambusher's Note

  • Kill Odessa before she can do any more damage to Megaris. Her father's estate will be ours once she's gone.

Odessa's Estate

  • Her estate is necessary for our plan. We may need to take more drastic steps soon.

Odessa's Hired Mercenary

  • We faced an unpleasant encounter recently. Odessa hired Xenokles the Hyena for protection. The mercenary was killed, but he cost me countless men.


  • Ashes to Ashes

Trade Goods


  • The "goo-werry" looks as pretty as it sounds.

Boar Hoof

  • The hoof of a boar.

Boar Tusk

  • Long ivory tusks.

Broken Armguards

  • An unusable pair of broken metal armguards.

Broken Helmet

  • It's barely holding together. It will offer no protection.

Cow Hoof

  • The hoof of a cow.

Chicken Egg

  • The question of "which came first" between the chicken or the egg is a strong debate amongst Greek philosophers.

Damaged Hide

  • Animal skin, weathered and torn. It's unsalvageable.


  • Majestic antlers from a deer.

Fertility Statue

  • An anatomically correct replica. Only the gods know what it's used for.

Donkey Hoof

  • The hoof of a donkey. He-Haw, He-Haw.

Golden Statue

  • A small statue made of solid gold.

Hound Claws

  • The long, sharp claws of a hound.

Hound Skull

  • The skull of a vicious hound.

Ibex Horn

  • Growing in popularity as a sculpting material.

Leopard Fang

  • The fang of a Leopard.

Leopard Fur

  • The exotic, spotted fur of a leopard.

Lion Claw

  • The claw of a lion.

Lion Fang

  • The fang of a lion.

Lion Mane

  • The mane of a mighty lion.

Lynx Claw

  • The claw of a lynx.

Lynx Fang

  • The fang of a lynx.

Fancy Necklace

  • This expensive-looking jewelry will interest any merchant.

Pig's Tail

  • Small curly tail of a pig.

Shiny Ring

  • A ring made of a precious metal.

Rusty Mace

  • A rusty mace, too damaged to use.

Rusty Sword

  • A rusty sword, too damaged to use.

Shark Fin

  • A popular soup ingredient.

Shark Teeth

  • The razor-sharp teeth of a shark.

Sheep hoof

  • The hoof of a sheep.


  • A wooden stick with an oil-soaked rag on the end.

Viper Fang

  • The fang of a poisonous viper.

Wolf Fang

  • The fang of a wolf.

Wolf Fur

  • The pelt of a wolf.
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