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aka Roselma Edemesia de Santana da Silva

  • I live in Brazil.
  • I was born on November 22
  • My occupation is Digital Arts Student
  • I am Female
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About me

I´'m a simple studant of digital arts that as only way to amuse myself is by playing games. I'm ususally take my time trying to understand the physics and life of the world and universe; trying to comprehend simple things of life.

In most of my free time I train digital painting and 3D modeling.


 I´m very known for being a very nervous but also patient person; usually going mad by any simple thing that annoys me. But when I´m calm I can be very friendly, always talking too much, and trying to evade confusion. I´m also stunbborn and half arrogant, having different ideas from others around me, like giving no importance for life.


Due to the tight way I was raised I developed several phiscologic and temperamental problems, in which the most visible are:

Stress: I discovered I have stress problem since I was 9 years old, caused by the way my father raised me and my brother. This is the cause of my very agressive manner, always mentioning of buying a gun to literally murder the ones that annoys me.

Depression: It is not confirmed, but I noticed some years ago that I have a small amount of depression when once my mother said things I thought stupid and I answered: "You know what? Stead of buying a gun to kill those I don´t like, I should stead buy a gun and just shoot my own head! I would solve all the problems!"

Lack of emotion: I have problems in considering people of 'friends', in truth, I have no friends. I also have no consideration for others, even with my parents. Somehow I never get to say words like "grandparents" or "love" or anything related to that. Sometimes I laugh at others' dooms.

Things I like

  •  I like terrors movies, for the make me laugh.
  • I´m a fan of Assassin´s Creed.
  • I´m a fan of Soul Calibur.
  • I'm a fan of Half-life.
  • Drawing
  • Painting with photoshop
  • 3D modeling.
  • Animations.
  • Florence.
  • Heavy metal music.
  • Eletro musics.
  • Game soundtracks.
  • Dragons, snakes, lizards.
  • Spiders.
  • Eagles.

Things I don´t like

  • Gossip.
  • Final Fantasy.
  • Pink color.
  • Poneys.
  • Buying clothes.
  • Funk players(Brazilian funk)
  • Brazilian music.
  • Brazil
  • Romance movies.

External sites

I can also be found in Deviantart: Where I spend most of the time I have online, there you can find the digital works I do.

My favorite pages

Ezio Auditore da Firenze

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