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" Spazzy, Tazza, Wozzi, Sizza, and Fouzi!."
― Raynes, Blaidd, War's, Sima's and mine nicknames

Hey, my name is Dan and I moved from America to Israel, im 15 years old and love Assassins creed, I love helping this wiki cause it helps me alot. My Ps3 user name is DanMan737 add me so we can vs in brotherhood!! XD. Hebrew is my second language though I still need to practice. Most of the time I could be I could be very humorous but I can be mature when I feel like I need to be.

Quotes that i look up too

"The bravest man is not the one with no fear, but the one's who conquers them"

"Fear and respect are both very similar to one anouther, yet they're completly different things"

"Live your life"

"Love is a a mixture of heaven and hell"

"What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger"

"Sometimes you have to be far away from people to get closer to them"


  • User:Master Sima Yi Talk to him alot outside the wiki, very cool and funny guy.
  • User:ThiefAC Really friendly and funny guy, especaily with his inside jokes and is always willing to give a hand.
  • User:D. Cello Great dude and deffination of a leader.
  • User:War ClownAwesome dude, works really hard in this wiki and is a great guy.
  • User:Campbell430 Worked his way up to his current status by doing alot of work, great to have him along.
  • User:Assassin-Rayne Very cool and talented guy. You would be smart not to mess with him. XD
  • User:AssassinRome Very friendly guy who keeps the community a better place :D
  • User:Subject AMDR Does a great job on the Memory Project and helps alot! Good job :)
  • User:Subject 16* Didn't get to talk with him too much but I highly respect his work and dedication, great job dude
  • User:Vatsa1708 Very friendly and kind hearted guy who puts alot of effort to make this wiki better :)
  • User:Elchzard Very cool and chilled guy, and have alot of things in commen.

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