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All interested in joining one of the groups, write your name and a one liner in the respective "Subscriptions" section of the group you would like to join.

Subscriptions should be like this (so we can read it better):

#Username - One line explanation why you want to join.

All appliances will be considered. Editors who are accepted will be contacted in their talkpages for further information before entrance, while all others (names) will be crossed here on this page.


  • The Custodi (meaning "The Guardians"): A group to combate vandals, formatting messing, and if the system continues, badge abuse. They'll monitore the pages and report all tresspassers in a special page. If the guys a vandal, he gets blocked. If the guy's an badge abuser, we talk to him. If he abuses the points again, he gets punished. The Custodi are the "sword and shield" of the wiki.


  1. Thief talk Wiki Policy! - I'm almost always on the lookout for vandals and medal abusers, I've dealt with them quite a few times before and will be happy to help other Custodi. Heh, yeah and like A.J, every now and then i'll refresh the 'My Home' page to see if there's any vandalism. :)
  2. Ulyenov Project Determination - I am a borderline-obsessive grammar and spelling nagger, and have a long history on a few non-wikia wikis of making a hobby of vandal-hunting.
  3. A.J. two - I stalk the Recent Changes, so I see what edits are made, and by whom. I can watch for anything mysterious (like a certain user making a million edits to the timeline page within five minutes) and report it back to the admins.
    -=-This "certain user" is a admin, and he is focusing on fixing the mess other users made for gaining badges ¬¬
  4. Nukey Fallout Sign Sparky (Radio) I always like to help the protection of all wiki's, its become a habit of un-doing bad edits or vandalism to pages. I think i should now sign up for the Custodi, I would be more than happy to sort out those nasty abusers and vandals (peacefully of course). Oh and yes, I will refresh the my home page more often.
  5. Hey i think i could be a custodi because i hate vandals as much as anyone else, how can they take plessure in writing perverted stuff in all of our hard work? its just not right and unfair, of course the decision is up to you.DanMan7308 20:59, August 1, 2010 (UTC)DanMan7308
  6. LikeAnEagle - I'll try to fix spelling, grammar, typos, or report any suspicious activity. Personal knowledge ranges only in the mobile versions of AC and AC II, so nitpicking texts is all I can contribute for the rest of the Wiki. LikeAnEagle 05:35, September 2, 2010 (UTC)
  7. MegaHyperNova I'm good at multitasking so i can help with both designs and authority ^_^


  • The Progettisti (meaning "The Designers"): A group of users focused on design and illustration. They would be our fashion squad, the guys in charge of pictures and templates. Preferably people with ways of capturing good images from games and people with experience with image editors and template inner-workings.


  1. Lucan07 I take good pictures(in my opinion at least) but i have no idea about Templates so I wouldnt be able to do any Template stuff but I can get lots of pictures.
  2. MegaHyperNova: Well i suppose if lucan is doing the pictures then i must do the templates i suppose, its not a problem though i'm good with templates ^_^


  • The Rafiqs: These users would be our researchers and informants. There are people who keep a close eye on the net for nes and thinks relatng to the AC series. This users would focus on information gathering and distribution, mainly through observation of known (and unknown) channels and news updating. The eyes and ears of the wiki.


  1. Hewkii9 - I was the first one to find real news on AC:B, and was one of the very first to do so for the comic series.
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