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The first DLC for Assassin's Creed: Revelations has been announced. Named "The Lost Archive", the downloadable content will feature gameplay sequences similar to Desmond's Journey ones, but focused on Subject 16's life. Unfortunaly, Ubisoft's trend of not including (or at least delaying) PC players also makes a appearance this time. Altough I expect it to be avaiable for PC at a later date, I still find the lack of explanation for excluding the PC version disgusting, without even a mention to the why.

On a cheerful note, this week the wiki has surpassed the TWO THOUSAND main article count! (everyone cheers)
It's amazing to see that little 7-page site I found in 2009 become a 2000 pages encyclopedia, a compendium of information so complete and awesome that even AC developers use for reference. A encylopedia better even than Ubisoft's official one. And all of this build by us -- editors and staff.

To celebrate this, User:Nostalgia AC (our newest Istruttore) have made a special commemorative userbox, which can be seen below along with it's code:

This user has helped the wiki achieve 2000 articles and has earned a slice of the Assassin's Poundcake.
AC poundcake


I would also like to make a special mention for our oldest admin and my consigliere, User:Master Sima Yi. My second in command, his amazing writing skills and throughout knowledge of AC canon helped shape this wiki to what it has become today. Leadership and charisma aren't everything a administration needs to be successful -- it also needs efficiency, dedication and professionalism. And Sima helps to make sure the wiki has all three of them. He is the Spock to my Captain Kirk. He is the Guardian of knowledge of this Compendium of information. And he is a good friend of mine. Thank you, Phil.

ACR DLC3 Screen 4

"Now, this looks better without Reapers destroying everything."

Aaand this is all for now, brothers and sisters. Stay tuned for more AC news and sound off on the comments below. =]

Safety and peace, folks.

Cello out.


"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."

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