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Unseeing Eyes was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


On the road to Balagrae, Bayek stumbles upon a blind man. Babbling, Galenos begs Bayek to restore his sight which has been stolen by a mythical beast.


While on the road to Balagrae, Bayek heard an old man cry for help.

  • Galenos: Spare a moment for a poor old sot?
    Will none of you help me? A manticore stole my eyes!

Bayek approached the man, and addressed him.

  • Bayek: What is this madness, old man? Your eyes have been ravaged?
  • Galenos: Yes, a manticore devoured them!
  • Bayek: A mythical beast stole your sight?
  • Galenos: With the face of a woman and the body of a lion.
  • Bayek: That is one ferocious lion.
  • Galenos: Quick! Before she returns. Take me to my friend Theramenes at the clinic. He will know what to do.
  • Bayek: Madness is your bedfellow. But I can't leave you here to be eaten by beasts.

Bayek brought Galenos to the clinic, the man rambling along the way.

  • Galenos: I only went berry picking.
  • Bayek: There are many wild animals about, do you not have a bow?
  • Galenos: A bow against a manticore?
  • Bayek: My bow has killed a thousand beasts.
  • Galenos: Argg! Are you the griffin? Spiriting me off!
  • Bayek: Be still Galenos, it is me Bayek, your savior.
  • Galenos: Are we near. Near the clinic, Bayek?
  • Bayek: I hope so.

Bayek reached the clinic and placed Galenos on a mat. He spoke to a healer.

  • Bayek: Are you the healer Theramenes?
  • Theramenes: Yes, yes. Is that Galenos? By the Fates, what happened to him?
  • Bayek: I found him by the road, crying that the Manticore took his eyes.
  • Theramenes: And his wits along with them.
    I have honey and euphrasia... but the temple purloined my more exotic supplies.
  • Bayek: I've brought him this far, so what do you need?
  • Theramenes: You'll help? Wonder of wonders. I will give you a list.

Theramenes gave the list to Bayek, who left to look for the ingredients while Theramenes saw to Galenos. The healer required ibex horns, as well as snake venom.

  • Bayek: Let's see what Theramenes can do with these.

He returned to Theramenes, and gave him the ingredients.

  • Bayek: How is our patient?
  • Theramenes: A babbling fool. We'll get no sense from him til I can relieve his pain. Silphium extract will do it.
  • Bayek: That Roman weed?
  • Theramenes: Silphium is our weed and because of the Romans it's almost extinct. They process it at the depot north of here.
  • Bayek: Which is heavily guarded I bet?
  • Theramenes: Should be no problem for one as resourceful as you. Haha.

Bayek sought out the depot north of the clinic. He infiltrated the place and recovered the silphium extract.

  • Bayek: I should return this wonder cure to Theramenes.

Bayek returned to Theramenes, and gave him the extract.

  • Theramenes: You are a marvel. I will bring our friend back to his senses, not that he had that many to begin with.
  • Bayek: If I stumble across a manticore stalking the woods of Balagrae, I will bring you its head.
  • Theramenes: Now that I would welcome my boy, they say that its venomous sting will paralyze a man instantly. I could have some use for that!
    Medicinally speaking of course!
  • Bayek: Of course. Farewell, Theramenes.
  • Galenos: Farewell Bayek! And watch out for manticores!


Bayek brought Galenos to safety in Theramenes' clinic. He helped the healer recover ingredients and silphium needed for Galenos' recovery.


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